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Genshin Impact - Darknight Hero

Darknight Hero's Alibi is a Story Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this Quest and where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest.

Darknight Hero's Alibi Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type Story Quest
Chapter Noctua Chapter: Act I
Location Mondstadt, Mondstadt
Quest Giver Diluc

How to Unlock

Complete the Prologue: Act 3 quest. Once completed you will automatically unlock this quest.

Darknight Hero's Alibi Walkthrough and Rewards

Legend of the Darknight Hero

Recently, rumors about a certain Darknight Hero have been circulating around Mondstadt...

Legend of the Darknight Hero Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Ask Charles about the recent rumors
  • Ask the guards around the city gate for information
  • Ask the preoccupied girl for information
  • Wander Mondstadt at night (18:00) - (06:00)
  • Run around Mondstadt
  • Talk to Diluc
  • Defeat incoming enemies
  • Talk to Huffman


1 Talk to Charles in Angel's Share.
2 Talk to Margaret. She can be found roaming around the plaza.
3 Head to Mondstadt's entrance and talk to Lawrence, on the of the guards.
4 Speaking to Witnesses.png
Talk to Donna. She is located near the Flower Shop.
5 Change the time to evening (18:00-06:00) then go to the designated location.
6 Defeat the enemies to complete the first subquest.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×300 Mora Image Mora ×13850 Adventurer Adventurer's Experience ×6
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4

Darknight Hero's Crisis

Your inquiries were slowly bringing the Darknight Hero's identity to light, but just then, you met the man himself. His true identity is Diluc, owner of the Dawn Winery - and his actions have long since attracted the attention of the Knights of Favonius

Darknight Hero's Crisis Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Talk to Huffman outside the Knights of Favonius headquarters
  • Go to Dawn Winery
  • Tell Diluc about the war declaration
  • Go to the Abyss Order stronghold
  • Talk to Diluc
  • Enter the Abyss Order stronghold
  • Arrive at the depths of the Abyss Order stronghold
  • Interrogate the Abyss Mage and find out their plan
  • Leave the Abyss Order stronghold
  • Plan your next step with Diluc
  • Talk to Huffman about the Knights' situation


1 Talk to Huffman. He's located near the Knights of Favonius headquarters,
2 Head to the Dawn Winery.
3 Travel to and enter the Abyss Order's stronghold.
4 Defeat the Abyss Mage at the end of the domain to finish the second subquest.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×300 Mora Image Mora ×13850 Adventurer Adventurer's Experience ×6
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4

Darknight Hero's Alibi (Quest)

Knight Huffman has informed you that the Abyss Order is plotting against the Darknight Hero. As a precaution, the Knights have decided to monitor the Darknight Hero's actions. You shared this information with Diluc and discussed countermeasures. Having made your preparations, you now lie in wait for both the Knights and the Abyss Order to Act.

Darknight Hero's Alibi (Quest) Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to the Dawn Winery
  • Furnish Diluc with the information
  • Leave Winery
  • Collect Mist Flower Corolla from beside the water
  • Give 4 Mist Flower Corolla to Diluc
  • Talk to Ellin
  • Talk to Diluc
  • Defeat the Slimes
  • Talk to Diluc
  • Go to the tavern
  • wait until night (19:00-6:00)
  • Pose as a customer and talk to Diluc
  • Leave tavern
  • Place the elemental bait near the side gate
  • Talk to Diluc
  • Face the Abyss-Order head on at Mondstadt's gate
  • Defeat the Abyss Order attackers
  • Talk to Diluc
  • Return to the tavern before Huffman


1 Return to the winery and talk to Diluc.
2 Gather some Mist Flowers then give it to Diluc.
3 Fighting Slimes.jpg
Use the sample bait then defeat the slime horde.
4 Head to Angel's Share
5 Talk to Diluc then leave the tavern.
6 Head to the designated area then place the bait.
7 Return to the tavern then talk to Diluc.
8 Confront the Abyss Order.png
Head to the main gate and confront the Abyss Order.
9 Return to the tavern to complete the quest.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×300 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Mora Image Mora ×13850
Teachings of Resistance Image Teachings of Resistance ×5 Adventurer Adventurer's Experience ×6 Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4

Darknight Hero's Alibi Tips & Strategies

Who are the 3 Witnesses to Speak to

You will need to speak to 3 different people in order in Mondstadt after speaking to Charles to continue the quest.

Order Location Name
1st Plaza Margaret
2nd The gate of Mondstadt Lawrence
3rd Flower Shop Donna

Mist Flowers Location


Mist Flower Corolla can be obtained on the beaches west of the Dawn Winery. There's also another location further southwest where you can get this item.

Even according to the game's lore, Slimes needs elemental energy to survive and Mist Flowers are full of them. Search for Ice slimes to net yourself some Mist Flowers!
How to Get Mist Flower Corolla

Required to Complete for Mona's Story Quest

Completing this quest is one of the requirements to be able to play Mona's Story quest.

Mona Quest Guide

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