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This is a ranking of all character stats in Genshin Impact. Check out which characters have the highest and lowest base attack, defense, HP and ascension stats!

Character Stat Ranking (lvl 80)

Character HP ATK DEF
Diluc IMageDiluc 12068 312 729
Keqing IMageKeqing 12182 300 743
Klee IMageKlee 9563 289 572
Tartaglia IMageTartaglia 12182 280 757
Mona IMageMona 9677 267 607
Qiqi IMageQiqi 11499 267 857
Venti IMageVenti 9791 245 622
Zhongli IMageZhongli 13662 234 686
Ganyu IMageGanyu 9108 234 586
Albedo IMageAlbedo 11669 233 773
Xinyan IMageXinyan 10425 232 743
Fischl IMageFischl 8553 228 553
Jean IMageJean 13662 223 715
Razor IMageRazor 11134 218 699
Lisa IMageLisa 8907 216 534
Beidou IMageBeidou 12146 210 603
Xiangling IMageXiangling 10122 210 623
Amber IMageAmber 8806 208 559
Kaeya IMageKaeya 10830 208 737
Chongyun IMageChongyun 10223 208 603
Traveler (Geo) IMageTraveler (Geo) 10122 198 635
Traveler (Anemo) IMageTraveler (Anemo) 10122 198 635
Ningguang IMageNingguang 9110 198 534
Diona IMageDiona 8907 198 559
Xingqiu IMageXingqiu 9514 188 705
Bennett IMageBennett 11539 178 718
Noelle IMageNoelle 11235 178 744
Sucrose IMageSucrose 8604 158 654
Barbara IMageBarbara 9110 149 623

Character Ascension Stats (lvl 80)

5 Star Characters

Character Ascension Stat
Diluc IMageDiluc CRIT Rate +24.2%
Klee IMageKlee Pyro DMG Bonus +21.6%
Mona IMageMona Energy Recharge +32%
Tartaglia IMageTartaglia Hydro DMG Bonus +28.8%
Albedo IMageAlbedo Geo DMG Bonus +28.6%
Traveler (Geo) IMageTraveler (Geo) ATK +24%
Zhongli IMageZhongli Geo DMG Bonus +28.8%
Keqing IMageKeqing CRIT DMG +88.4
Qiqi IMageQiqi Healing Bonus +22.2%
Ganyu IMageGanyu CRIT DMG +78.4%
Traveler (Anemo) IMageTraveler (Anemo) ATK +24%
Jean IMageJean Healing Bonus +24%
Venti IMageVenti Energy Recharge +32%

4 Star Characters

Character Ascension Stat
Amber IMageAmber ATK +24%
Bennett IMageBennett Energy Recharge +26.7%
Xiangling IMageXiangling Elemental Mastery +96
Xinyan IMageXinyan ATK +24%
Barbara IMageBarbara HP +24%
Xingqiu IMageXingqiu ATK +24%
Noelle IMageNoelle DEF +30%
Ningguang IMageNingguang Geo DMG Bonus +24%
Lisa IMageLisa Elemental Mastery +96
Razor IMageRazor Physical DMG +30%
Fischl IMageFischl ATK +24%
Beidou IMageBeidou Electro DMG +24%
Kaeya IMageKaeya Energy Recharge +26.7%
Chongyun IMageChongyun ATK +24%
Diona IMageDiona Cryo DMG Bonus +24%
Sucrose IMageSucrose Anemo DMG Bonus +24%

Character Stat Ranking Notes

Stat Rankings Exclude Ascension Buffs

The HP, ATK, and DEF stats provided in the Stats Ranking table are the raw stats and do not include any buffs provided by Character Ascension stats such as ATK% bonuses.

Ascension Stats at Level 80+

The Ascension Stats provided are the stats attained at level 80 after the final ascension and the character level cap increased to 90.

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