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Beginner Tips and Guides
This page is a page for beginners who are new to Pokemon. Here you will find explanations of game mechanics and other game features. Getting stuck in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Read on to find our tips and guides for beginners!

Getting a Good Start

Starter Pokemon.jpg
Whether you are new to the game or a veteran Pokemon player, you will need some recommendations on how to make decisions at the beginning of the game as most of these will make a huge impact on the entirety of your Pokemon adventure.

Fortunately, you can check the link below for a guide on having a good start!
Things to Know Before Starting Pokemon

How to Adjust Screen Size

Screen Size.jpg
There is no in-game method to adjust the screen size; however, a setting is available through the Nintendo Switch home menu.
How to Adjust Screen Size

Galar Starters

Which Starter Should You Choose?

starter pokemon
The very first question every trainer is faced with when beginning their journey... Fire, water, or grass? While each Pokemon has its strengths and weaknesses, no one can deny that not all starters are equal!
Which Starter Should You Choose

How to Get All 3 Starters

All 3 Starters
Maybe you decided that it was too hard to choose between those three adorable little Pokemon, so now you want them all. Well, you are in luck, as this guide will show you the quickest way to get all three starters in this game.
How to Get All Starters

Change Your Appearance

How to Change Your Appearance

Changing Clothes
Galar is home to tons of Boutiques and Salons, allowing you to change your look and outfit on a whim! Find out how you can become a trend setter in Galar.
How to Change Your Appearance

How to Change Your Uniform

Changing Uniform
A variety of Uniforms are available for your character to wear, and you can even mix and match parts of them to match your outfit! Represent your favorite Pokemon type!
How to Change Your Uniform

Pokemon Battles

Type Effectiveness and Damage Output

Whether you are new or a returning fan to the series, there are likely a couple type affinities that you do not have memorized. If you are still after all these years not sure how to beat Fairy-type Pokemon, see the link below!
Type Effectiveness and Damage Output

Fishing for Pokemon

Fishing is another way of encountering wild Pokemon that might be a perfect addition to your team. Check out the link below for more information about Fishing and what you can get from it!
How to Fish and Battle Water-Type Pokemon

How to Run Away

Wild Pokemon_2
Everybody at some point or another has run away from a fight. There is no shame in it! If you would like to know how to run away, and what factors play into this mechanic, see the link below!
How to Run Away

Building the Best Team

How to Build the Best Team

How to Build the Best Team.png
As your roster of Pokes expands, you are going to have to make some cuts to your team in order to cover your bases. But how can you decide? See the link below to find out!
Building the Best Team

Training Like a Pro!

Training Pokemon.png
Now you have gotten your starter, and you know where its strength lies. But the question moving forward is how to train the best Pokemon possible. Read on to find out how!
Train Pokemon Like a Pro

Catching Legendary Pokemon

At every point in a trainer's journey, they must encounter a Legendary Pokemon, and if they are wise, they will want to capture it. See our guide on legendaries to learn which Pokemon you can obtain and how to get them!
Catching Legendary Pokemon

Your Pokemon

How to Stop Evolutions

How to  Stop Evolution Banner.png
Stopping an evolution of a Pokemon can help them learn moves at a lower level than when evolved.
How to Stop Evolutions

How to Release Pokemon

Release Pokemon
Sometimes you need to let Pokemon go for reasons, like making space for your storage boxes. Just remember that when you release Pokemon, you can not get it back!
How to Release Pokemon

How to Get More PC Boxes

How to get more pc boxes banner.png
Increase the number of PC Boxes for storing your Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
How to Get More PC Boxes

Online Features

How to Add Friends

Add Friend Banner.png
Pokemon Sword and Shield has no friends feature within the game itself, but you can use your Nintendo Switch Profile to add friends, which can be accessed indirectly within Pokemon Sword and Shield's Y-Comm feature.
How to Add Friends

How to Play Ranked Battle

How to Play Ranked Battle.png
Battle in single or double battles with other Trainers all around the world, and make your way to the top. See our guide to learn how to play Ranked Battle!
How to Play Ranked Battle

Rules of Ranked Battle and Legal Pokemon

Online Battle 4.jpg

Not sure of which Pokemon are available to use in Ranked Battle? Want to see if your Gigantamax Pokemon is fair to play? Learn all the detailed rules and legal Pokemon for the current series of Ranked Battle!
Ranked Battle Rules and Eligible Pokemon

How to Get and Use the Y-Comm

How to Use the Y-Comm.png
The Y-Comm is an optional feature that lets you connect with other Trainers locally or online. Learn how to get the Y-Comm to unlock more in-game features.
How to Get and Use the Y-Comm

How to Battle and Trade with Friends

Trade and Battle with Friends.png
The game is more fun with your friends! Learn how to do Link Trades and Link Battles in our guide.
How to Battle and Trade with Friends

Pokemon Camp

Pokemon Camp with Your Friends

Pokemon Camp.jpg
Play with your Pokemon and visit other trainers' camps in this new feature. Bond with your Pokemon and receive EXP points and raise your friendship level with them!
How to Pokemon Camp with Friends

How to Get Toys

Receiving the Fresh Ball.jpg
Collect toys to play with your Pokemon at your camp! Fill up your Curry Dex get them rated by the Camping King, and collect all the toys!
How to Get Toys

How to Make Best Curry

How to Make Best Curry banner.png
Making the best curry will give your Pokemon Exp Points and increase their happiness.
How to Make Best Curry

Useful Information

Get Money (Poke Dollars) Fast!

How to Get Money Fast.png
Held items, Pokemon moves--there are a lot of ways to get money fast! See our guide on tips and tricks and earn those Poke Dollars.
How to Get Money (Poke Dollars) Fast

Things to Do Every Day

Things to Do Every Day.png
Want to take a break from the usual routine? Go around Galar and check out shops and areas that refresh daily.
Things to Do Every Day

Useful Characters and Their Locations

List of Useful Characters Header.png
From free items, to Pokemon trades, to Move Tutors, this guide's got everything you need to meet helpful NPCs around the world of the game!
Useful Characters and Their Locations

Unrepeatable One-time Events

Unrepeatable Events Header.png
Surely you do not want to mess your Pokemon experience by making the wrong decision.

See the list of unrepeatable one-time events in the game Sword and Shield and make the choices that matter!
List of Unrepeatable One-time Events

List of All Mystery Gift Codes

Mystery Gifts Header.png
Do not miss the chance to receive time-limited gifts available in the game.

See our up-to-date list of Mystery Gift Codes.
List of All Mystery Gift Codes

What's New in Sword and Shield

Differences Between Dynamax and Gigantamax

Dynamax and Gigantamax
Don't get confused! Dynamax and Gigantamax are similar, but have their differences. All Pokemon in the Galar region are capable of Dynamaxing, but only a selected few have Gigantamax forms. See the link below to learn more.
Differences Between Dynamax and Gigantamax

Accessing Boxes on the Road

Pokemon Box Link.jpg
For the first time in the series, players can access their Pokemon Box anywhere to instantly switch out their party! Take advantage of this to handle a variety of situations.
Access Pokemon Boxes on the Road

How to Get Sweets

How to Get Sweets.png
Sweets are a new kind of Evolutionary Held Items used to evolve Milcery to Alcremie.

Alcremie has over 50 forms in the game, and the Sweet given to it will determine its head decoration and eye color!
How to Get Sweets

Removed Features

Removed Features
Sword and Shield have new features, but there are also old features in the Pokemon series that aren't present in the game. Read on to learn more.
Removed Features

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