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This is a map of Hulbury, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This page will display information such as obtainable Pokemon from Hulbury, as well as items , and more!

Hulbury - Map and Items


Hulbury - List of TMs

No. Move How to Obtain Price
TM36 Whirlpool Receive for obtaining the 2nd Badge -
TM79 Retaliate Receive from Sonia after defeating Nessa -
TM82 Electroweb On the ground behind the lighthouse -

Hulbury - List of Items

Net Ball Magnet
Shell Bell

Pokemon that Appear on Hulbury

Random Encounter (By Fishing)

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Wishiwashi ImageWishiwashi Pokemon Water Image Common
Chinchou ImageChinchou Pokemon Water Image Pokemon Electric Image Common
Basculin ImageBasculin Pokemon Water Image Uncommon
Arrokuda ImageArrokuda Pokemon Water Image Very Common
Chewtle ImageChewtle Pokemon Water Image Uncommon

Hulbury - Walkthrough Information

Hulbury Walkthrough Chart

Hulbury Objectives
1 Speak with the woman in front of the Pokemon Center
2 Head north (up) toward the Gym
3 Speak with the woman in front of the Gym
4 Continue east and speak with Nessa, who is next to the lighthouse
5 Return to the Gym and challenge Nessa

Nessa's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type Known Moves
Goldeen ImageGoldeen Lv. 22 Water Type ・Horn Attack
・Water Pulse
Arrokuda ImageArrokuda Lv. 23 Water Type ・Aqua Jet
Drednaw ImageDrednaw Lv. 24 Water Type ・Max Strike
・Max Geyser
・Razor Shell

How to Beat Nessa

How to Get the Lucky Egg

A rare Held Item, the Lucky Egg, which increases a Pokemon's EXP gain, can be obtained in Hulbury after completing the Champion Cup.

Finish the Main Story First!

You can only get the Lucky Egg post-game. Finish the main story first to be able to obtain this item from a delivery quest!

Receive as Delivery Job Reward

Receive Lucky Egg.jpg

You can receive the Lucky Egg as a reward after completing the part-time job in the Hulbury Restaurant, where you deliver food in different locations.

Delivery Locations

Hulbury Restaurant Part Time Job Location 1.pngEnlarge The first delivery location is the house next to Hulbury Station where an old lady resides.
Hulbury Restaurant Part Time Job Location 2.pngEnlarge The second location is the house near the staircase left of Hulbury Stadium.
Hulbury Restaurant Part Time Job Location 3.pngEnlarge The third location is the stall with a green roof in the bazaar.

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