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This is a map of Route 5, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information about Pokemon obtainable in Route 5, items available, and more!

Route 5 - Map and Items

Route 5Enlarge

Route 5 - List of TMs

No. Move How to Obtain Price
TM31 Attract On the ground -

Route 5 - List of Items

Heal Ball Rotom Bike
Shed Shell Chilan Berry
Persim Berry Chesto Berry
Cheri Berry X Sp. Atk

Pokemon that Appear on Route 5

Random Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Swirlix ImageSwirlix Pokemon Fairy Image Uncommon
Espurr ImageEspurr Pokemon Psychic Image Common
Lombre ImageLombre Pokemon Water Image Pokemon Grass Image Common
Magikarp ImageMagikarp Pokemon Water Image Very Common
Goldeen ImageGoldeen Pokemon Water Image Uncommon
Nuzleaf ImageNuzleaf Pokemon Grass Image Pokemon Dark Image Common
Nincada ImageNincada Pokemon Bug Image Pokemon Ground Image rare
Spritzee ImageSpritzee Pokemon Fairy Image Uncommon
Dewpider ImageDewpider Pokemon Water Image Pokemon Bug Image Rare
Applin ImageApplin Pokemon Grass Image Pokemon Dragon Image Uncommon
Chewtle ImageChewtle Pokemon Water Image Common
Skwovet ImageSkwovet Pokemon Normal Image Very Common
Orbeetle ImageOrbeetle Pokemon Bug Image Pokemon Psychic Image Common
Dottler ImageDottler Pokemon Bug Image Pokemon Psychic Image

Visible Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Stufful ImageStufful Pokemon Normal Image Pokemon Fighting Image Common
Slurpuff ImageSlurpuff Pokemon Fairy Image Common
Swirlix ImageSwirlix Pokemon Fairy Image Common
Drifloon ImageDrifloon Pokemon Ghost Image Pokemon Flying Image Rare
Wobbuffet ImageWobbuffet Pokemon Psychic Image Uncommon
Galarian FarfetchGalarian Farfetch'd Pokemon Fighting Image Rare
Minccino ImageMinccino Pokemon Normal Image Uncommon
Spritzee ImageSpritzee Pokemon Fairy Image Common

Route 5 - Walkthrough Information

Getting to the 2nd Gym (Part 2)

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