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This is a map of Route 6, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This page will display information such as obtainable Pokemon from Route 6, as well as items , and more!

Route 6 - Map and Items

Route 6Enlarge

Route 6 - List of TMs

No. Move How to Obtain Price
TM15 Dig On the ground -
TM30 Steel Wing On the ground -

Route 6 - List of Items

Light Clay Ultra Ball
Sitrus Berry Persim Berry
Leppa Berry Rawst Berry

Pokemon that Appear on Route 6

Random Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Hippopotas ImageHippopotas Ground Image Uncommon
Duskull ImageDuskull Ghost Image Uncommon
Magikarp ImageMagikarp Water Image Very Common
Goldeen ImageGoldeen Water Image Uncommon
Hawlucha ImageHawlucha Fighting Image Flying Image Rare
Torkoal ImageTorkoal Fire Image Uncommon
Skorupi ImageSkorupi Poison Image Bug Image Uncommon
Heatmor ImageHeatmor Fire Image Rare
Durant ImageDurant Bug Image Steel Image Common
Silicobra ImageSilicobra Ground Image Common
Greedent ImageGreedent Normal Image Very Common

Visible Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Axew ImageAxew Dragon Image Rare
Trapinch ImageTrapinch Ground Image Rare
Dugtrio ImageDugtrio Ground Image Common
Maractus ImageMaractus Grass Image Uncommon
Helioptile ImageHelioptile Electric Image Normal Image Common
Galarian Yamask ImageGalarian Yamask Ground Image Ghost Image Common

Route 6 - Walkthrough Information

Route 6 Objectives
1 Continue west (left) and battle with Team Yell (2 battles in a row)
2 Keep continuing west (left), and at the far end, climb the ladder on the right side
3 Climb another ladder on the right side
4 After climbing to the top, head north (up)
5 Go into the town

Dugtrios will prevent your escape

The Dugtrios appearing on Route 6 have the Ability Arena Trap, which prevents its opponents from fleeing the battlefield. If you need to run away, use a Poke Doll to escape or switch in a Flying-type Pokemon, which are not affected by Arena Trap.
Getting to the 4th Gym (Part 4) - Walkthrough

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