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This is a map of Motostoke, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This page will display information such as obtainable Pokemon from Motostoke, as well as items , and more!

Motostoke - Map and Items

Motostoke - List of TMs

No. Move How to Obtain Price
TM02 Pay Day On the ground -
TM17 Light Screen Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM18 Reflect Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM19 Safeguard Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM25 Protect Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM38 Will-O-Wisp Receive for obtaining the 3rd Badge -
TM41 Helping Hand Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM76 Round Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM94 False Swipe Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000

Motostoke - List of Items

Star Piece Great Ball
Burn Heal Hi-tech Earbuds
Silk Scarf Black Glasses
Throat Spray

Pokemon that Appear in Motostoke

Random Encounter (Fishing)

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Magikarp ImageMagikarp
Pokemon Water Image
Very Common
Ferroseed ImageFerroseed
Pokemon Grass Image
Pokemon Steel Image
Barboach ImageBarboach
Pokemon Water Image
Pokemon Ground Image
Chewtle ImageChewtle
Pokemon Water Image

Motostoke - Walkthrough Information (First Time)

Steps to proceed through Motostoke
1 Go north and talk to Sonia, and receive your League Card.
2 Leave the Pokemon Center and head north.
3 Talk with the champion at the turn in the road.
4 Ride the elevator up and talk to Hop.
5 Go into the building in front of you and enter a Uniform Number (be careful, you cannot change this number later).
6 Leave the Stadium and enter the Hotel on the left.
7 Talk to Sonya and go to the front desk.
8 Battle with Team Yell.
9 Talk to the person at the front desk and stay the night
10 Leave the Hotel and head to the Stadium
11 Talk to the person at the front desk in the stadium and put on the Uniform
12 Leave the stadium, go west (left) and battle with Hop.
13 Go west (left) and proceed into Route 3.

Getting to the 1st Gym (Part 1) - Walkthrough

Motostoke - Walkthrough Information (Second Time)

You'll return to Motostoke after meeting Kabu in Galar Mine No. 2 to face him at his Gym.

Motostoke Objectives
1 Continue west and go into the hotel
2 Battle with Marnie
3 Continue east (right) and enter the Gym
4 Talk to the person at the front desk
5 Go through the gym and Defeat Kabu

Kabu's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type Known Moves
Ninetales ImageNinetales Lv. 25
Fire Type
・Fire Spin
・Quick Attack
Arcanine ImageArcanine Lv. 25
Fire Type
・Flame Wheel
Centiskorch ImageCentiskorch Lv. 27
Fire Type
Bug Type
・Flame Wheel
・Bug Bite

How to Beat Kabu

Tips & Strategies for Motostoke

Make Your Starter Pokemon hold the item from the Champion

Leon will have given you an item which matches the type of your starter Pokemon. It will power up its moves of that type, so don't forget to let your Pokemon hold the item!

Getting to the 1st Gym (Part 1) - Walkthrough

Get the Hi-tech Earbuds

Hi-tech Earbuds Effect.png

The Hi-tech Earbuds can be nabbed in a second by talking to a man standing near the record shop. This will let you adjust the volume of In-game Background Music, Sound Effects, and Pokemon Cries, so pick it up while you're here!

Find the Mincinno to get Throat Spray

A kid is looking for his Minccino at the top of Motostoke. Help him find his Minccino and he will reward you with the Throat Spray, a Held Item which boosts Sp. Atk for sound-based moves.

Where to find Minccino

Minccino 1.jpg
Talk to the boy at the top of Motostoke. He can be seen at the left part of the stadium.
Minccino 2.jpg
Go back towards the direction of the stadium.
Minccino 3.jpg
Go to the fountain at the left side of the stadium and whistle. Press the left stick to whistle, you must be off the bike to do this.
Minccino 4.jpg
Talk to the boy again and he will give you the Throat Spray.

Visit the Battle Cafe

Battle Cafe

Once a day, you can visit the Battle Cafe and win a reward from the list below. You can get Rare Candies here, as well as the Sweets needed to evolve Milcery into Alcremie.

All Battle Cafe Rewards

Moomoo Milk Lava Cookie Berry Juice
Rare Candy Old Gataeu Sweet Heart
Rage Candy Bar Whipped Dream Sachet
Casteliacone Lumiose Galette Shalour Sable
Big Malasada Pewter Crunchies Exp. Candy XS
Exp. Candy S Strawberry Sweet Love Sweet
Berry Sweet Clover Sweet Flower Sweet

Find the Steel Beam Move Tutor (Post-Game)

Motostoke Tutor Move

To find the NPC with the Tutor Move, go to the Gym (Stadium) and search for a narrow route facing down, just between the buildings around the area.

Steel Beam Tutor Move

Then, go right and descend the long stairs. The man at the bottom will teach your Pokemon the move Steel Beam. However, for him to teach you the move, you must first complete the game and become the Champion.

Move Type Effect
Steel Beam
Pokemon Steel Image
The user fires a beam of steel that it collected from its entire body. This also damages the user.

This move has a massive power of 140, but comes at the high cost of draining half of the user's HP.

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