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This is a map of Motostoke, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This page will display information such as obtainable Pokemon from Motostoke, as well as items , and more!

Motostoke - Map and Items


Motostoke - List of TMs

No. Move How to Obtain Price
TM02 Pay Day On the ground -
TM17 Light Screen Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM18 Reflect Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM19 Safeguard Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM25 Protect Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM38 Will-O-Wisp Receive for obtaining the 3rd Badge -
TM41 Helping Hand Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM76 Round Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000
TM94 False Swipe Purchase at Poke Mart 10,000

Motostoke - List of Items

Star Piece Great Ball
Burn Heal Hi-tech Earbuds
Silk Scarf Black Glasses
Throat Spray

Pokemon that Appear on Motostoke

Random Encounter (Fishing)

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Magikarp ImageMagikarp Water Image Very Common
Ferroseed ImageFerroseed Grass Image Steel Image Uncommon
Barboach ImageBarboach Water Image Ground Image Uncommon
Chewtle ImageChewtle Water Image Uncommon

Motostoke - Walkthrough Information

Steps to proceed through Motostoke
1 Go north and talk to Sonia, and receive your League Card.
2 Leave the Pokemon Center and head north.
3 Talk with the champion at the turn in the road.
4 Ride the elevator up and talk to Hop.
5 Go into the building in front of you and enter a Uniform Number (you can enter any number you like, and you can change it later).
6 Leave the Stadium and enter the Hotel on the left.
7 Talk to Sonya and go to the front desk.
8 Battle with Team Yell.
9 Talk to the person at the front desk and stay the night
10 Leave the Hotel and head to the Stadium
11 Talk to the person at the front desk in the stadium and put on the Uniform
12 Leave the stadium, go west (left) and battle with Hop.
13 Go west (left) and proceed into Route 3.

Make Your Starter Pokemon hold the item from the Champion.

In Motostoke, you can have your Starter Pokemon hold an item which you received from the Champion. You'll receive an item which matches the type of your Starter Pokemon.

Getting to the 1st Gym (Part 1) - Walkthrough

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