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Genshin Impact - List of Mail Promotions

Here you can find a list of mail promotions in Genshin Impact. Promotions are a great way to get free items and Primogems, so keep your eye out for them!

List of Mail Promotions

Rewards from Redeem Codes


Aside from the Mail rewards listed on this page, miHoYo will also send all rewards from redeeming codes through their website to your in-game mail as well.

How to Redeem Codes

Survey Rewards

mora survey
Occasionally, Mihoyo issues some survey that players can take to recieve some Mora. While the reward isn't the best, the player's inputs about their surveys ensures us better content in the future.

Character Birthday Promotions

Genshin - Character Birthday Rewards

If you log in on the birthday of one of the characters, there's a chance they will share a letter and some items with you.

Upcoming Character Birthdays

Sep 9 Razor Image Razor's Birthday

Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Sep 13 Albedo Image Albedo's Birthday

Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Sep 28 Ayaka Image Ayaka's Birthday
Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items

List of Character Birthday Rewards

Jan 18 Diona Image Diona's Birthday

Feb 14 Beidou Image Beidou's Birthday

Feb 29 Bennett Image Bennett's Birthday

Mar 3 Qiqi Image Qiqi's Birthday

Mar 14 Jean Image Jean's Birthday

Mar 28 Noelle Image Noelle's Birthday

Apr 17 Xiao Image Xiao's Birthday

Apr 30 Diluc Image Diluc's Birthday

May 27 Fischl Image Fischl's Birthday

Jun 9 Lisa Image Lisa's Birthday

Jun 16 Venti Image Venti's Birthday

Jul 5 Barbara Image Barbara's Birthday

Jul 10 Hu Tao Image Hu Tao's Birthday

Jul 20 Tartaglia Image Tartaglia's Birthday

Jul 27 Klee Image Klee's Birthday

Jul 28 Yanfei Image Yanfei's Birthday

Aug 10 Amber Image Amber's Birthday

Aug 26 Ningguang Image Ningguang's Birthday

Aug 31 Mona Image Mona's Birthday

Sep 7 Chongyun Image Chongyun's Birthday

Sep 9 Razor Image Razor's Birthday

Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Sep 13 Albedo Image Albedo's Birthday

Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Sep 28 Ayaka Image Ayaka's Birthday
Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Oct 9 Xingqiu Image Xingqiu's Birthday

Oct 16 Xinyan Image Xinyan's Birthday

Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Nov 2 Xiangling Image Xiangling's Birthday

Nov 20 Keqing Image Keqing's Birthday

Nov 26 Sucrose Image Sucrose's Birthday

Nov 30 Kaeya Image Kaeya's Birthday

Dec 2 Ganyu Image Ganyu's Birthday

Genshin - ? Icon Unknown Items
Dec 31 Zhongli Image Zhongli's Birthday

Player Birthday Promotion

Genshin - Player Birthday Cake

The characters are not the only ones who get to celebrate their birthdays - you do too! On the date you set as your birthday in-game, you will get a special cake that stays in your inventory even after you use it.

What Happens on Your Birthday?

Past Mail Promotions

Amber AR Event Exclusive Rewards

amber ar event

Soon after the Amber's AR event's conclusion, on November 2, MiHoYo gave out a hefty amount of food and other goodies as a mail reward for players.

Amber's AR Event Mail Contents

Nov 2

Steak Image Steak x10

Apple Image Apple x10

Klee's Mail Rewards

Soon after Klee's release on the Sparkling Steps banner, she began sending mail to all players with various rewards, including Primogems! It's unknown how long the promotion will run for, so make sure you log in as soon as possible to grab the 700 Primogems and other rewards.

List of Rewards from Klee

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5
Fish Image Fish x10

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