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This is Game8's review and impressions of the Genshin Impact Closed Beta. Read on to find out what the game is like and if it's right for you!

Genshin Impact - What Kind of Game Is it?

Who Should Play This Game?

  • If you like open world games
  • If you enjoy exploring every nook and cranny
  • If you want to enjoy the story at your own pace
  • If you like cel shaded graphics
  • If you like to play as a wide variety of characters
  • If you enjoy solving mysteries

All About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Logo

Search For Your Twin

In the distant continent of Teyvat, the seven elements — Anemo, Pyro, Electro, Cryo, Hydro, Dendro, and Geo — converge. Those chosen by the gods are granted Visions, with which they can control the elements in nature. You, a mysterious traveler, are about to embark on epic adventures in this free world. You will master the various elements throughout your journey, during which amazing friends with diverse abilities will join you along the way. Together, you will fight mighty enemies, find your lost kin, and unravel the riddles of the world of Genshin Impact.

Choose To Play As Sister or Brother

Character Select Scene
Choose Your Fighterrrr
Female Traveler (Lumine) Male Traveler (Aether)
Sister Brother

At the beginning of Genshin Impact, you will choose whether to play as either of the twins. Regardless of who you choose there aren't any differences aside from appearance so go ahead and choose whichever you like best. The twin you don't choose will be whisked away by the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles setting you up for your journey to find them.

What We Liked About Genshin Impact

  • Gorgeous cel shaded graphics
  • Utilize elements in battle and to solve puzzles
  • Many unique and charming characters
  • Can play alone or with friends

Gorgeous Cel Shaded Graphics

One of the most noticeable things about Genshin Impact are its anime-inspired graphics. Players can explore the beautiful continent of Teyvat freely.

As the game is open world, you can do a variety of things like defeat monsters, gather materials, cook, and so on.

Utilize Elements in Battle or to Solve Puzzles

Battle Puzzle Solving

Whether you're in battle or solving puzzles, you'll be able to make use of the Element system in the game. There are 7 elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Frost, Lightning, Earth, and Nature, that when combined can produce a variety of effects.

For example, hitting an enemies elemental weakness will deal extra damage, or using a fire-based attack on something frozen can melt it.

Many Unique and Charming Characters


Each character has a unique personality with their own favorite foods, worries, and more. Each of these characters can also join your party and be played as!

Characters and Voice Actors

Can Play Alone or With Friends


Genshin Impact can be played alone or in co-op with up to 3 other people. When you start the game you will only be able to play by yourself, but as you raise your Adventure Rank you'll unlock the ability to join or host other playres.

You can enjoy the story at your own pace alone or gather up a group of friends to play together!

Online Multiplayer and How to Play

Exploration Information

You Can Go Anywhere

Being an open world game, you can freely explore every nook and cranny of Teyvat. Even if a place looks like it's unaccessible, hop on a wall and start climbing!

Collecting Items is Enjoyable

As you travel across Teyvat you'll find treasure chests, materials, and other items. You may find yourself spending a lot of time just searching for different goodies. There are also a variety of hidden treasures in the game that will rewards players who search them out.

Must Stop Moving to Pick Up Items

Unfortunately picking up items off the ground requires you to stop moving. We felt things would be nicer if you could keep running when gathering items.

Swinging Swords and Taking Names

Fighting 1

Making Use of Elements is Fun

Each character is assigned one of the 7 elements and uses them while fighting which can cause what's known as an Element Reaction to occur. These reactions can cause extra damage to monsters among other things. Try combining different elements together to see their effects!

Tough Field Bosses

Aside from smaller trash mobs that litter the map, there are also larger Boss type enemies. Not taken down so easily, you may need to exploit their elemental or weapon weaknesses to deal damage and defeat them.

HP Doesn't Recover Over Time

You may notice your HP isn't recovering naturally when outside of combat. Instead, you'll have to eat food or pray at a Statue of the Seven found scattered around the map. When your HP is low be careful!

Gameplay and Battle System

In-App Purchases


Characters and Weapons Drawn from Gacha

Genshin Impact is free-to-play so naturally it has monetization features like in-app purchases. This comes in the form of a Gacha system, similar to many mobage, which can get you 4-5 star characters and 3-5 star weapons.

※You will also recruit characters just by playing the story.

Gacha Pull Rates and In-App Purchases

Genshin Impact Product Information

Title Genshin Impact
Developer miHoYo
Genre Open World RPG
Supported Devices iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation4/
Nintendo Switch
Official Site Official Site
Twitter Genshin Impact Twitter
YouTube Genshin Impact YouTube

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