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Gameplay and Combat System

Genshin Impact Combat System Guide
Genshin Impacts' action RPG combat system includes five weapon types, physical and elemental attacks, along with unique ways of leveling up and upgrading equipment. For detailed information on gameplay and how to fight in Genshin Impact, check out this guide!

Genshin Impact Gameplay and Combat System

Battle System Overview

Genshin's combat system occurs in real time and is action based. The player's party consists of up to four characters at a time, and each character has a specific weapon type and element. Characters cannot be switched in combat or in dungeons, so be careful to manage your party before entering combat!

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PrimoGembullet point Five types of weapons are available
PrimoGembullet point Combat involves a unique Elemental System
PrimoGembullet point HP does not recover automatically
PrimoGembullet point There is a leveling system, but mainly based on items

Five Types of Weapons

Each of the five weapon types in Genshin have their own characteristics. While exploring the landscape and adventuring, you can switch between them to effectively match the weapon to the situation.

Weapon Type Characteristics
Genshin - Weapon Icons - SwordsSwords ・A melee-range weapon.
・Can easily inflict knockback on foes.
・Lightweight and quick, but doesn't hit as hard as a Claymore.
Genshin - Weapon Icons - ClaymoresClaymores ・A melee-range weapon.
・Charge attack is a massive spin move.
・Can easily break through stone.
・Slow attack speed leaves you vulnerable between swings, but very powerful.
Genshin - Weapon Icons - BowsBows ・A ranged weapon to hit from a distance.
・Allows you to hit flying enemies.
・Can aim headshots to deal heavy elemental damage and knockback.
・A versatile and easy-to-use weapon.
Genshin - Weapon Icons - PolearmsPolearms ・A melee-range weapon.
・ Charge attacks launch the player straight forward.
・Has high attack speed and damage output.
Genshin - Weapon Icons - CatalystsCatalysts ・A medium-range weapon.
・Charged attacks increase the range.
・Standard and charged attacks are elemental.

Elemental Reactions for Extra Damage

Elemental Reactions Inflict a Variety of Effects

Elemental Reactions

By combining different Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts, you can trigger Elemental Reactions for increased damage and other effects. For more information about Elemental Reactions, check out the guide below!

Elemental Reactions Guide

HP Recovery and Cooking

How to Recover HP
Eat Food Visit an Element Statue

As characters' HP does not recover naturally, players will need to eat food to recover, or alternatively, visit one of the statues of the seven elemental gods found across the map. Additionally some characters such as Barbara have skills that recover HP.

EXP Mainly Provided by Items

Gameplay 6.jpeg
Unlike many RPGs, characters receive minimal experience points from battles in Genshin Impact. The main method for leveling up is based on using Character EXP Materials to raise their characters' levels. These items can be collected by opening treasure chests, completing Quests, and more. Because of this, it's not very productive to farm enemies for EXP, and exploring the map to find EXP items is far more productive.

How to Level Up Characters

Five Types of Attacks

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PrimoGembullet point Normal Attack
PrimoGembullet point Charged Attack
PrimoGembullet point Plunging Attack
PrimoGembullet point Elemental Skill
PrimoGembullet point Elemental Burst

Normal Attacks

Gameplay 7
Normal Attacks in Genshin Impact are executed by simply tapping the attack button. Normal Attacks are a quick way to deal damage but don't deal much knockback.

Charged Attacks

Genshin Impact Charged Attack
Charged Attacks in Genshin Impact are executed by holding the attack button down. This deals more damage and knockback than a Normal Attack, but is much slower and costs a small amount of stamina. Look for an opening before commiting to a Charged Attack!

Plunging Attacks

Genshin Plunging Attack
Plunging Attacks are executed by pressing the attack button while in mid-air. This allows the player to come crashing down on unsuspecting enemies and get the upper hand in battle.

Bow Characters are Slightly Different

Genshin Impact Bow Characters

Bow users play by a different ruleset, and have access to an aiming mode that other classes do not, allowing bow users to attack from long distances. Tapping the attack button allows for rapid-fire shots that don't need to be manually aimed. Charged Attacks which are executed by manually aiming imbue the arrow with that character's given element. Landing a headshot on an enemy also deals bonus damage.

Elemental Skills

Genshin Impact Elemental Skill

Elemental Skills are a type of special attack which are unique to each character. The effects vary significantly, so while most are offensive skills, there are others that provide stat boosts, healing, and more.

Each Elemental Skill has a specific cooldown period but can otherwise be used freely. Some will get stronger if you hold and charge the skill before releasing it, at the cost of a longer cooldown.

Elemental Bursts

Genshin Impact Elemental Bursts

Elemental Bursts are a powerful attack which, like Elemental Skills, are unique to each character. After a character has defeated a certain number of enemies, they will begin to gather energy around them, indicating that the Elemental Burst is ready to use.

For this reason, Elemental Bursts can only be used occasionally, but are extremely powerful, so save one for a tight spot and let ‘er rip to take down hordes of enemies in a single blow.

Combat Achievements

Purveyor of Punishment Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementPurveyor of Punishment 5 Primogems
Objective : Deal over 5,000 CRIT DMG.

Fantastic Four Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementFantastic Four 10 Primogems
Objective : Complete a Domain using 4 Characters of the same Elemental Type

Achievement List and Rewards

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