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What kind of gameplay will Genshin Impact include? A summary of the basics of the battle system and overall gameplay can be found here. If you're trying to figure out if Genshin Impact is style of game for you, read on!

Genshin Impact Battle System

  • Five types of weapons are available
  • Battles are real-time and action-based
  • Encounters are spiced up with an intricate Element system
  • HP does not recover automatically
  • There is a leveling system, but mainly based on Items

Five Types of Weapons

Weapon Type Characteristics
Swords ・A melee-range weapon
・Can easily inflict knockback on foes
・Lightweight and quick, but doesn't hit as hard.
Claymores (Greatswords) ・A melee-range weapon
・Can easily break through stone
・Slow speed leaves you vulnerable between each attack, but with the power to match.
Bows ・A ranged weapon to hit from a distance
・Allows you to hit flying enemies
・Can aim headshots to deal heavy damage and knockback
・A versatile and easy-to-use weapon.
・A melee-range weapon
・Allows charging attacks
・Also has a high damage output.
・A medium-range weapon
・Holding the attack button on regular attacks will increase their range
・Has a high flexibility.

Genshin Impact has five types of weapons available to characters. Each of the weapon types have their own characteristics, so while exploring the landscape and adventuring, you can switch between them to effectively match the weapon to the situation.

Elements Spice Up the Battles

Elemental Combo (Example: Fire + Lightning yields Bonus Damage)
Gameplay 2 EN.pngEnlarge Gameplay 3 EN.pngEnlarge

Elemental Reactions Inflict a Variety of Effects

Through a system known as Elements, players can inflict a variety of effects on opponents, and combine them for even more possibilities.

Seven different elements, including Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth, and Nature provide a host of methods to take down foes.

HP Does Not Recover Automatically

How to Recover HP
Eat Food Visit an Element Statue
Gameplay 4.jpegEnlarge Gameplay 5.jpegEnlarge

As characters' HP does not recover naturally, players will need to eat food to heal them, or alternatively, visit one of the statues of the seven elemental gods found across the map.

EXP Mainly Provided by Items

Gameplay 6.jpeg
Unlike many RPGs, characters receive minimal experience points from battles in Genshin Impact. The main method for leveling up is based on using Character EXP Materials to raise their characters' levels. These items can be collected by opening treasure chests, completing Quests, and more. Because of this, it's not very productive to farm enemies for EXP, and exploring the map to find EXP items is far more productive.

How to Level Up Characters

Three Types of Attacks

All Attack Types
  • Standard Attack
  • Elemental Skill
  • Elemental Burst

Standard Attacks

Gameplay 7.png

Standard Attacks in Genshin Impact depend on whether the button/screen is tapped or held. When tapping, players can dish out repeated attacks in a row, while holding will execute a more powerful single attack.

Depending on the weapon, held attacks can cause more knockback, so it's important to switch between tapped attacks and held attacks based on the situation at hand.

Bow Characters are Slightly Different

Gameplay 8.jpeg

Characters which use a Bow play by a different ruleset, and have access to an aiming mode that other classes do not to attack from a long distance. There are no distinctions between tapped and held attacks for Bow characters, but they have the advantage of dealing more damage when achieving a headshot.

Elemental Skills

Gameplay 9.jpeg

Elemental Skills are a type of special attack which are unique to each character. The effects vary significantly, so while there are some that power up your attacks, there are others that provide defensive boosts, healing, and more.

Each Elemental Skill has a specific cooldown period, and once it has ended, you'll be able to use the Skill again freely. The cooldown period plays a significant role, as some Skills have effects which change depending on how much they have charged up, and allowing them to spend a long time cooling down will yield a stronger effect when they are used again.

Elemental Bursts

Gameplay 10.jpeg

Elemental Bursts are a powerful attack which, like Elemental Skills, are unique to each character. After a character has defeated a certain number of enemies, they will begin to gather energy around them, indicating that the Elemental Burst is ready to use.

For this reason, Elemental Bursts can only be used occasionally, but are extremely powerful, so save one for a tight spot and let ‘er rip to take down hordes of enemies in a single blow.

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