Genshin Impact

Nintendo Switch Release Date

Genshin Impact - Nintendo Switch Release Date

Genshin Impact is currently not available on the Nintendo Switch. As of September 2023, there has been no news on its release. Check here for updates on the Switch Version Release Date, cross-platform support, and more in this guide!

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Release Date

No Release Date for Nintendo Switch

Genshin - Switch Release Teaser
As of September 2023, there has been no news or announcements on the Nintendo Switch release date of Genshin Impact. It is currently not available for the Switch console. The game is only available on the PC, Android, iOS, Mac, and PS4 and PS5 platforms.

All Available Platforms

Nintendo Switch Release Date Currently Delayed

Genshin - Nintendo Switch Launch Delayed
Hoyoverse has not released any recent official statements regarding the launch of Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch or possible reasons for its delay. With the game's current state, it is speculated that hardware limitations could be causing an issue.

Since there is also no official news on the game's progress for this console, it is currently unknown whether or not Genshin Impact's release on Nintendo Switch has been discontinued.

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Gameplay and Information

No Recent Information from Nintendo

Genshin - Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Nintendo has not updated any new information or gameplay regarding Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch. This section will be updated as more news gets released!

JP Trailer Shows a Preview for Nintendo Switch

Before launch, Hoyoverse uploaded an official Nintendo Switch Trailer in a Japanese Version for Genshin Impact. This is a preview that shows a release will happen, but the footage in the trailer is not actual gameplay on the Nintendo Switch console.

Cross-Platform Possible on the Nintendo Switch

Though no information has been announced regarding cross-save and cross-play on the Nintendo Switch, the game might have similar features with the other platforms. Check out our guides to learn more:

Cross Save Guide BannerCross-Save Guide Genshin - Crossplay Guide BannerCross-Play Guide

Nintendo Switch Online Might be Needed

Genshin - Nintendo Switch Online
While Genshin Impact is not playable on the Switch, a subscription for Nintendo Switch Online might be needed to play the game with multiple players once it is released.

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Version Updates

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Genshin Impact - Version 1.4Version 1.4 Genshin Impact - Version 1.3Version 1.3
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