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This is a map of Route 9, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information about Pokemon obtainable in Route 9, items available, and more!

Route 9 - Map and Items

Route 9Enlarge

Route 9 - List of TMs

No. Move How to Obtain Price
TM22 Rock Slide On the ground -
TM45 Dive Receive from the couple in swimsuits -
TM64 Avalanche On the ground -

Route 9 - List of Items

Protector Dive Ball
Max Potion Max Revive
Zoom Lens Scope Lens
Roseli Berry Apicot Berry
Petaya Berry Tanga Berry
Chople Berry Iapapa Berry
Aguav Berry Wiki Berry
Lum Berry Salac Berry

Pokemon that Appear on Route 9

Random Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Wishiwashi ImageWishiwashi Water Image Rare
Inkay ImageInkay Dark Image Psychic Image Common
Mantyke ImageMantyke Water Image Flying Image Very Common
Wailord ImageWailord Water Image Rare
Wailmer ImageWailmer Water Image Common
Mantine ImageMantine Water Image Flying Image Uncommon
Gastrodon ImageGastrodon Water Image Ground Image Common
Liepard ImageLiepard Dark Image Common
Lapras ImageLapras Water Image Ice Image Rare
Pyukumuku ImagePyukumuku Water Image Uncommon
Octillery ImageOctillery Water Image Common
Kingler ImageKingler Water Image Common
Pincurchin ImagePincurchin Electric Image Rare
Perrserker ImagePerrserker Steel Image Very Common
Thievul ImageThievul Dark Image Common
Greedent ImageGreedent Normal Image Very Common

Visible Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Bergmite ImageBergmite Ice Image Very Common
Jellicent ImageJellicent Water Image Ghost Image Rare
Mantyke ImageMantyke Water Image Flying Image Common
Wailmer ImageWailmer Water Image Very Common
Pelipper ImagePelipper Water Image Flying Image Very Common
Mantine ImageMantine Water Image Flying Image Uncommon
Toxapex ImageToxapex Poison Image Water Image Common
Mareanie ImageMareanie Poison Image Water Image Common
Gastrodon ImageGastrodon Water Image Ground Image Uncommon
Qwilfish ImageQwilfish Water Image Poison Image Common
Pyukumuku ImagePyukumuku Water Image Rare
Octillery ImageOctillery Water Image Common
Remoraid ImageRemoraid Water Image Uncommon
Barbaracle ImageBarbaracle Rock Image Water Image Common
Dhelmise ImageDhelmise Ghost Image Grass Image Rare
Clobbopus ImageClobbopus Fighting Image Common

Route 9 - Walkthrough Information

Route 9 Walkthrough Chart

Route 9 Objectives
1 Continue south (down) and battle with Team Yell.
2 Obtain a bike that can go over water and continue south (down).
3 Riding the bike, go southwest across the water (left and down).
4 The path will become narrow and enclosed by ice. Keep going through and continue south (down).
5 Arrive on land.
6 Talk to the person at the entrance of Spikemuth.
7 Continue to the back exit at the south (down).
8 Talk to Marnie and battle her.
9 Head into Spikemuth.

Marnie's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv Type
Liepard ImageLiepard Lv.42 Dark Type
Toxicroak ImageToxicroak Lv.43 Dark Type Fighting Type
Scrafty ImageScrafty Lv.43 Dark Type Fighting Type
Morpeko ImageMorpeko (Hangry Mode) Lv.43 Electric Type or Dark Type

Getting to the 7th Gym (Part 7) - Walkthrough

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