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This is a map of Route 8, and list of Pokemon who appear in this area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information about Pokemon obtainable in Route 8, items available, and more!

Route 8 - Map and Items

Route 8Enlarge

Route 8 - List of TMs

Move Name How to Obtain
Brick Break
Smart Strike

Route 8 - List of Items

Currently Unavailable.

Pokemon that Appear on Route 8

Random Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Snover ImageSnover Grass Image Ice Image Common
Hippowdon ImageHippowdon Ground Image Uncommon
Bronzong ImageBronzong Steel Image Psychic Image Uncommon
Dusclops ImageDusclops Ghost Image Uncommon
Sneasel ImageSneasel Dark Image Ice Image Common
Rhyhorn ImageRhyhorn Ground Image Rock Image Common
Haunter ImageHaunter Ghost Image Poison Image Uncommon
Dusknoir ImageDusknoir Ghost Image
Drapion ImageDrapion Poison Image Dark Image Rare
Delibird ImageDelibird Ice Image Flying Image Uncommon
Galarian Darumaka ImageGalarian Darumaka Ice Image Rare
Snom ImageSnom Ice Image Bug Image Very Common
Falinks ImageFalinks Fighting Image Rare
Currently UnavailableSandaconda Ground Image Common

Visible Encounter

Pokemon Type Appearance Rate
Golett ImageGolett Ground Image Ghost Image Common
Vanilish ImageVanilish Ice Image Uncommon
Sawk ImageSawk Fighting Image Rare
Boldore ImageBoldore Rock Image Common
Snorunt ImageSnorunt Ice Image Common
Sneasel ImageSneasel Dark Image Ice Image Common
Gurdurr ImageGurdurr Fighting Image Common
Togedemaru ImageTogedemaru Electric Image Steel Image Rare
Rufflet ImageRufflet Normal Image Flying Image Uncommon
Vullaby ImageVullaby Dark Image Flying Image Uncommon
Pawniard ImagePawniard Dark Image Steel Image Common
Lunatone ImageLunatone Rock Image Psychic Image Rare
Solrock ImageSolrock Rock Image Psychic Image Rare
Throh ImageThroh Fighting Image Rare
Snom ImageSnom Ice Image Bug Image Very Common

Route 8 - Walkthrough Information

Route 8 Chart
1 Head north (up) and go west (left) once you dead-end
2 After going down the stairs, go down the ladder to the northeast (up and right)
3 Climb the ladder immediately to the east (right), and proceed north (up)
4 After going down the stairs, climb the ladder again, and go down the northeast (upper right) ladder
5 Climb the south (lower) ladder, and go down the northeast (upper right) ladder
6 Proceed north (up) and head west (left) at the dead-end
7 Go north (up) at the next dead-end, then continue northeast (up and right)
8 Go down the ladder visible to the northeast (upper right), and climb the stairs and ladder to the east (right)
9 Pass through the tunnel, and continue along the road until you reach Circhester

Getting to the 6th Gym (Part 6) - Walkthrough

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