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Is Genshin Impact Pay to Win

Genshin Impact Is Genshin Pay to Win

Do you need to spend money to win in Genshin Impact? See if the game is Pay-to-Win, all the pros and cons of Spending versus Grinding, and everything you need to know about it here in this guide!

Is Genshin Impact Pay to Win

Depends on What "Winning" Means

Genshin Impact Is Genshin Pay to Win - Depends on What Winning Means
Is Genshin Impact Pay to Win? The general and safest answer is an astounding no, Genshin Impact is not Pay to Win. However, to fully understand why, it's better we first talk about what "to win in Genshin Impact" means.

Beating Content is Not the Same as Winning

Time and time again, you've heard of players preaching the game is pay-to-win because the content becomes harder as you progress—the overworld exploration becomes tedious, and the Spiral Abyss has become unfriendly to F2P players.

But the most vital thing most of these players overlooked, is that defeating Abyss or making the overworld exploration easy, is not akin to "winning" the game. In fact, there's no real concept of winning or losing in Genshin Impact because of the lack of PVP elements, except in Genius Invokation TCG.

Genius Invokation TCG Full Guide

Genshin Impact is Primarily Single-Player

Since the game is considered to be a single-player most of the time, the concept of winning against someone, or more aptly, preparing for a fight against other players is a makeshift idea that is likely an outgrowth of the competitiveness within the gaming community.

And because the PVE content of Genshin Impact is what it's all about (aside from its rich lore), the focus of improving any character's potential; whether it be thru ascending their level, equipping them with the right weapons, or logging them with the right artifacts, will only contribute to making the content easier, and not winning against it.

"No" Because You Can't Buy Luck

Genshin Impact Is Genshin Pay to Win - No Because You Can
As of now, Genesis Crystals, Blessing of the Welkin Moon, and the Battle Pass, are three in-game things you can purchase directly with money. You can get a bunch of helpful resources from all of them, but no amount of spending can help you get the required luck to win in character and weapon banners, and ultimately getting decent artifact stats from domains.

Which is why, the only ultimate advantage of shelling out is giving you more N-chances of wishing for a weapon and character. It won't mitigate any chance of getting an HP% stat for your DPS Alhaitham, or any irrelevant stat on any artifact piece, for that matter.

"No" Because There are Alternatives

Genshin Impact Is Genshin Pay to Win - No Because There are Alternatives. mode:show
Building a character is a multifaceted enterprise—and an extremely tedious one, at that. There are plenty of factors to consider, like team compositions, personal preferences, play-style, among others. Because of this, making a character "strong", is never a single-step task that is requisite of money to complete.

Free-to-Play Weapon and Character Options

Genshin Impact offers a number of free-to-play alternatives for every team composition and play-style. And since you can equip any character with any artifact and any weapon from their own class, building your character is not gated by money, by any means.

While it's true that some 5-star limited weapons outperform some of their F2P-counterparts, it doesn't take away the fact the latter can perform decently, and can still defeat enemies and clear out Abyss stages. And all these, premium or not, must still be appendaged with artifact pieces with awesome stats.

"No" Because You Can Save

Genshin Impact Is Genshin Pay to Win - No Because You Can Save
The amount of available free sources of Primogems in-game is massive. From the list of events, one-time domains, chests, quests, and the like, you're not gonna come home empty-handed after a long long day of grinding.

And as a cherry on top, you can't also buy your way into finishing any of these, which means, premium or not, you're still gonna have to go through all these!

To Pay or Not to Pay: Conclusion

Should You Pay to "Win"

Genshin Impact Is Genshin Pay to Win - To Pay or Not to Pay: Conclusion
Spending real money for the game surely makes getting premium characters and weapons easy, but it doesn't mean you're missing out on a lot if you're a free-to-play player, or just a casual spender. Having said this, the final verdict would be no: you shouldn't spend money to "win" the game.

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