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Not quite sure how to top up your health bar in Genshin Impact? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to keep your characters in tip-top shape!

How to Heal

  • Use a Statue of The Seven
  • Eat Healing Food
  • Level Up a Character
  • Use a Character's Skill

Use a Statue of The Seven

Anemocolus Statue of the Seven.jpg

You can heal yourself simply by walking up to a Statue of The Seven and allowing it to automatically heal you. This costs nothing to you and the Statue's Blessing will recover over time so go here when you're not in battle.

Can Be Done Manually Too

Genshin Impact_20201016003840.jpg

You can also do this manually by interacting with a Statue of The Seven. This will allow you to set how much the statue will recover your party members automatically as well as letting you select who to heal.

Eat Healing Food

Genshin Impact_20201016003930.jpg

Certain food items can also be used to heal your party. You can buy some at restaurants or make them yourself at any campsite.

List of Food That Recovers HP

HP Recovered Ingredients
Chicken-Mushroom Skewer ・Restores 8-10% of Max HP and an additional 800-1,200 HP to the selected character. Mushroom x1
Fowl x1
Grilled Tiger Fish ・Restores 8-10% of Max HP and an additional 800-1,200 HP to the selected character. Fish x1
Pepper x1
Sweet Madame ・Restores 20-24% of Max HP and an additional 900-1,500 HP to the selected character. Fowl x2
Sweet Flower x2
Squirrel Fish ・Restores 30-34% of Max HP and an additional 850-2,700 HP to the selected character. Fish x4
Tomato x2
Flour x2
Sugar x1

List of Food & Recovery Items

Level Up a Character

Before Leveling Up After Leveling Up
Genshin Impact_20201016003400.jpgEnlarge Genshin Impact_20201016003426.jpgEnlarge

When a character levels up they will be fully healed. Be warned, however, as characters with 0 HP will not be revived upon leveling.

Use a Character's Skill

Noelle Healing.jpeg

Some characters have skills that can recover their own or the party's HP.

List of Characters With Healing Skills

Jean ImageJean Barbara ImageBarbara Noelle ImageNoelle Xingqiu ImageXingqiu
Qiqi ImageQiqi

How to Revive Characters

  • Use a Statue of The Seven
  • Eat Reviving Food

Use a Statue of The Seven

Genshin Impact_20201016004330.jpg

Just like healing, you can also revive a character with a Statue of The Seven's Blessing. Add a character with no HP left to your party then approach the statue for them to be revived. They won't be revived to full health immediately, however, so stick around for a little bitt to fully heal them.

Eat Reviving Food

Genshin Impact_20201016003345.jpg

Certain foods can also revive your party members. You can make these with ingredients commonly found in the wild or dropped by animals so you can always have some on hand.

Food That Revives Characters

Effect Ingredients
Teyvat Fried Egg ・Revives the selected character. Restores 50-150 HP. Bird's Egg x1
Steak ・Revives the selected character. Restores 50-150 HP. Raw Meat x2
Mondstadt Grilled Fish ・Revives the selected character. Restores 50-150 HP. Fish x1
Pepper x1
Tea Break Pancake ・Revives the selected character. Restores 250-550 HP. Berry x3
Flour x2
Bird's Egg x1

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