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Aegislash - Evolutions, Location, and Learnset

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This is a page on the Pokemon Aegislash, including its learnable moves and where it can be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Aegislash evolves from Doublade with the use of a Dusk Stone. Read on for information on its abilities, type advantages, and location.

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DoubladeDoublade AegislashAegislash Galarian PonytaGalarian Ponyta
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Aegislash - Type and Abilities

Aegislash - Type

Shield Forme Blade Forme
Aegislash Shield.png Aegislash Blade.png
Type 1 Type 2
Steel Type Ghost Type

Best Pokemon Tier List For Ranked Battle

Pokédex Entries

Shield Forme: In this defensive stance, Aegislash uses its steel body and a force field of spectral power to reduce the damage of any attack.
Blade Forme: This stance is dedicated to offense. It can cleave any opponent with the strength and weight of its steel blade.
Shield Forme: Its potent spectral powers allow it to manipulate others. It once used its powers to force people and Pokémon to build a kingdom to its liking.
Blade Forme: Once upon a time, a king with an Aegislash reigned over the land. His Pokémon eventually drained him of life, and his kingdom fell with him.

Aegislash Abilities

Name Effect
Stance Change Changes form depending on moves used.

Aegislash Type Defenses

Takes 4x damage
Takes 2x damage
Pokemon Fire Image Pokemon Ground Image Pokemon Ghost Image Pokemon Dark Image
Takes 0.5x damage
Pokemon Grass Image Pokemon Ice Image Pokemon Flying Image Pokemon Psychic Image Pokemon Rock Image Pokemon Dragon Image Pokemon Steel Image Pokemon Fairy Image
Takes 1/4x damage
Pokemon Bug Image
Takes 0x damage
Pokemon Normal Image Pokemon Fighting Image Pokemon Poison Image

Base Stats of Aegislash

Shield Forme

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

Blade Forme

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

How to Evolve Doublade into Aegislash

Evolution Line
Honedge ImageHonedge Lvl 35
Doublade ImageDoublade Dusk Stone Image Dusk Stone
Aegislash ImageAegislash

How to Evolve Every Pokemon

Evolve Doublade by Using Dusk Stone

Use a Dusk Stone on Doublade to let it evolve into Aegislash.

Dusk Stones can be obtained from the Digging Duo and at the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area.

Locations Where Aegislash Appears

Where to find Aegislash

Random Encounter

There are no maps where this Pokemon appears.

Visible Encounter

Map Weather
Giant's Cap

Raid Encounter

Location Hidden Ability?
Watchtower Ruins Rare Den (A) No

Learnset of Aegislash

Learnset by Leveling Up

Lv. Move Type Power Acc. PP
Base Autotomize Pokemon Steel Image - - 15
Base Aerial Ace Pokemon Flying Image 60 - 20
Base Fury Cutter Pokemon Bug Image 40 95 20
Base Head Smash Pokemon Rock Image 150 80 5
Base Iron Defense Pokemon Steel Image - - 15
Base Iron Head Pokemon Steel Image 80 100 15
Base King's Shield Pokemon Steel Image - - 10
Base Metal Sound Pokemon Steel Image 85 40
Base Night Slash Pokemon Dark Image 70 100 15
Base Power Trick Pokemon Psychic Image - - 10
Base Retaliate Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 5
Base Sacred Sword Pokemon Fighting Image 90 100 15
Base Shadow Sneak Pokemon Ghost Image 40 100 30
Base Slash Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 20
Base Swords Dance Pokemon Normal Image - - 20
Base Tackle Pokemon Normal Image 40 100 35
This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

Learnset by TM

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TM08 Hyper Beam Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM09 Giga Impact Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM12 Solar Blade Pokemon Grass Image 125 100 10
TM16 Screech Pokemon Normal Image - 85 40
TM18 Reflect Pokemon Psychic Image - - 20
TM21 Rest Pokemon Psychic Image - - 10
TM22 Rock Slide Pokemon Rock Image 75 90 10
TM24 Snore Pokemon Normal Image 50 100 15
TM25 Protect Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TM31 Attract Pokemon Normal Image - 100 15
TM33 Rain Dance Pokemon Water Image - - 5
TM34 Sunny Day Pokemon Fire Image - - 5
TM39 Facade Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 20
TM43 Brick Break Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 15
TM65 Shadow Claw Pokemon Ghost Image 70 100 15
TM69 Psycho Cut Pokemon Psychic Image 70 100 20
TM76 Round Pokemon Normal Image 60 100 15
TM79 Retaliate Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 5
TM94 False Swipe Pokemon Normal Image 40 100 40
TM95 Air Slash Pokemon Flying Image 75 95 20
TM97 Brutal Swing Pokemon Dark Image 60 100 20

Learnset by TR

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TR00 Swords Dance Pokemon Normal Image - - 20
TR20 Substitute Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR21 Reversal Pokemon Fighting Image - 100 15
TR26 Endure Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR27 Sleep Talk Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR33 Shadow Ball Pokemon Ghost Image 80 100 15
TR46 Iron Defense Pokemon Steel Image - - 15
TR52 Gyro Ball Pokemon Steel Image - 100 5
TR53 Close Combat Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
TR70 Flash Cannon Pokemon Steel Image 80 100 10
TR74 Iron Head Pokemon Steel Image 80 100 15

Learnset through a Move Tutor

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Steel Beam Pokemon Steel Image 140 95 5

Learnset via Egg Moves

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Block Pokemon Normal Image - - 5
Destiny Bond Pokemon Ghost Image - - 5
Wide Guard Pokemon Rock Image - - 10

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