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Genshin - Outspoken Linling

Outspoken Linling is a Lantern Rite Tales world quest available in Genshin Impact during the Lantern Rite Event. See how to unlock the quest, the rewards, and a full quest walkthrough!

Lantern Rite Event
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Outspoken Linling Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type World Quest
Chapter Lantern Rite Tales: Stage I
Location Liyue Harbor, Liyue
Quest Giver Linling

How to Unlock

Genshin - How To Unlock Lantern Rite World Quests

To unlock this quest, you have to complete both the main Event Quest, The Origin of the Lantern, and the first Lantern Rite Tales quest, City of Chores. Some quests are also time-locked, so check back once the event progresses!

Lantern Rite Event Guide

Lantern Rite Tales Request

This quest can be found under the Lantern Rite Tales part of the event where you have to complete requests all over Liyue Harbor to increase your Festive Fever level.

List of Lantern Rite Tales Quests

Outspoken Linling Walkthrough and Rewards

Outspoken Linling

Linling from Liyue Harbor seems to be troubled by something...

Outspoken Linling Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Talk to Linling
  • Give 3 Xiao Lanterns to Linling
  • Head over to Manager Xiao
  • Give the Xiao Lantern to Manager Xiao
  • Head over to Degui
  • Give a Xiao Lantern to Degui
  • Head over towards Bibo
  • Give a Xiao Lantern to Bibo


1 Talk to Linling
Talk to Linling in Liyue Harbor
2 Three Xiao Lanterns
Give Linling 3 Xiao Lanterns
3 Manager Xiao location
Head over to Manager Xiao's location.
4 Give Lantern to Manager Xiao
Give the Xiao Lantern to Manager Xiao after changing Linling's word choices.
5 Degui Location
Head over to Degui's location near the Adventuer's Guild
6 Give lantern to Degui
Give the Xiao Lantern to Degui after changing Linling's word choices.
7 Bibo Location
Head over to Bibo's location at the docks.
8 Give Lantern to Bibo
Give the Xiao Lantern to Bibo after changing Linling's word choices to finish the quest.


Primogem Image Primogem ×30 Mora Image Mora ×20000 Festive Fever Image Festive Fever ×100

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