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Genshin Impact - Tower Defense Event Guide - Theater Mechanicus

This is a page about Theater Mechanicus, which is a tower defense event you can play during Genshin Impact's Lantern Rite event. Learn more about the mechanics and challenges, and possible rewards!

Lantern Rite Event
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Theater Mechanicus Event Details

Theater Mechanicus Guide

Event Start 2021/02/10 10:00 (Server Time)
Event End 2021/02/28 03:59 (Server Time)
Location Liyue Harbor, Liyue
How to Unlock Complete the Quest:
The Origin of the Lanterns
Complete the Quest:
Liyue: Theater Mechanicus
Event Rewards

Theater Mechanicus Location

Genshin - Ruijin Location MapEnlarge

You can find Ruijin in the Northern part of Liyue Harbor during the Lantern Rite Festival.

Recommended Characters

Theater Mechanicus is a tower defense event, which is why characters that can create obstacles, freeze, and control mobs is necessary.

Characters that slow down/block enemies

Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo) Traveler (Anemo) Image Traveler (Anemo) Sucrose Image Sucrose Zhongli Image Zhongli

Characters that can push small enemies away

Jean Image Jean Traveler (Anemo) Image Traveler (Anemo) Keqing Image Keqing

Characters that generate Elemental Reactions

Kaeya Image Kaeya Ganyu Image Ganyu Diona Image Diona Mona Image Mona
Barbara Image Barbara Fischl Image Fischl Lisa Image Lisa Bennett Image Bennett

Shield Breakers

Diluc Image Diluc Klee Image Klee Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo)

Best F2P Lineup

Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo)
Traveler (Anemo) Image Traveler (Anemo)
Xiangling Image Xiangling
Amber Image Amber
Kaeya Image Kaeya Barbara Image Barbara

Craft Xiao Lanterns to Play

Item Materials Needed
Genshin - Xiao Lantern Image Xiao Lantern

A round of Theater Mechanicus costs 1 Xiao Lantern, which you can craft at crafting bench. Make sure you do your best every round because you will lose a Xiao Lantern whether or not you win!

How to Best Get Xiao Lanterns

Theater Mechanicus Requirements

To be able to participate in Theater Mechanicus, you must complete the “The Origin of the Lanterns” and “Liyue: Theater Mechanicus” event quests first.

Theater Mechanicus Stages

Stage Info
Genshin - Theater Mechanicus Map - The Winds From the Reeds Topples Well-Fed Trees
Difficulty 1
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil x900
Genshin - Theater Mechanicus Map - Stop To Rest Your Weary Head Paint the Bridge Where Adepti Tread
Difficulty 2
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil x900
Genshin - Theater Mechanicus Difficulty 3
Difficulty 3
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil x1,200
Genshin - Theater Mechanicus - Difficulty 4 - Map 4Enlarge
Difficulty 4
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil x1,200
Genshin - Theater Mechanicus Difficulty 5 - Map 5Enlarge
Difficulty 5
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil x1,350
Rhythmic Echoes in the Pavilion.pngEnlarge
Difficulty 6
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil
Empty Halls Behind Closed DoorsEnlarge
Difficulty 7
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil
Oh for a Steed to Traverse This Terrain.pngEnlarge
Special Mode:
Blink of an Eye
Max Mechanici Lv.:
Max Rewards:
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image Veneficus Sigil

Theater Mechanicus Event Guide

Genshin - Theater Mechanicus Guide

Theater Mechanicus is an event that has a tower defense mechanic. The objective is to eliminate multiple waves of enemies before they reach and inflict damage to the Ley Line Monolith.

Talk to Ruijin

Genshin - Ruijin

To start the event, Travelers must visit Ruijin, in Liyue Harbor.

Select Stages and Difficulty

Before starting a stage, you can select different kinds of challenges, and adjust the difficulty level. More challenges and higher difficulty allows you to earn more Veneficus Sigils.

Stage Difficulty & Mechanici Level Limit Max Sigils How to Unlock
Theater Mechanicus Stage 1 Difficulty 2
Level 4
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image x900 Complete "The Origins of the Lanterns" and "Liyue: Theater Mechanicus"
Theater Mechanicus Stage 2 Difficulty 3
Level 5
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image x1,050
Theater Mechanicus Stage 3 Difficulty 4
Level 6
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image x1,200
Theater Mechanicus Stage 4 Difficulty 5
Level 7
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image x1,350 Reach "Guests Flock From Afar" in Festive Fever
Theater Mechanicus Stage 5 Difficulty 6
Level 8
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image x1,500
Theater Mechanicus Stage 6 Special Mode
Level 10
Genshin Impact - Veneficus Sigil Image x2,000 Reach "Glow of a Thousand Lanterns" in Festive Fever

Set up Your Defenses

Theater Mechanicus - Mechanici Construction

Before starting the tower defense challenge, you must set up your defenses first during the Construction phase. Travelers can place mechanici on designated points in the map, which will help you defend your objective.

Reconstruct or Dismantle Mechanici

Theater Mechanicus - Construction.jpg

In-between phases, you can reconstruct Mechanici, or dismantle then to return some Veneficus Sigils.

Stop the Enemy

Theater Mechanicus - Defense

Once you have set your defenses up, it's time to stop enemies from reaching the monolith.

Monsters will not attack the player, and characters cannot deal damage to monsters. This is why Mechanicus placement is key to finishing each stage.

Special Features

Theater Machanicus - Stage FeaturesEnlarge

Travelers can also use different special features that give you another way of dealing damage to monsters. These have a cooldown timer after being used, so timing is crucial.

Depending on the challenge level, there's only a limited number of monsters that can escape. Exceeding that number will cause Travelers to fail the current challenge.

Earn Veneficus Sigils

Theater Mechanicus - Veneficus Sigil

Completing each stage allows Travelers to earn Veneficus Sigils.

Upgrade Mechanici

Genshin - Mechanicus Upgrades

These can be used to upgrade your Mechanici, improving it's DMG, Range, or ATK speed.

Mystic Art

Theater Mechanicus - Mystic Art

Completing each wave allows you to choose one Mystic Art for the current stage. These have effects such as allowing you to construct more Mechanici, increase wave difficulty, buff Mechanici, or earn more Veneficus Sigils. Whichever you choose will help add more challenges or give you a defensive advantage.

Unlock More Stages through Festive Fever

Theater Machanicus - Stages

As you progress through Festive Fever, you will unlock new Theater Mechanicus Stages. This means new Mechanici, higher upgrade levels, and increased difficulty levels. You will also unlock more challenges, which means more Peace Talismans!

Can be played Solo or Co-op

Theater Mechanicus is another event that will surely provide a new challenge for Travelers. You can play the event solo, or play with a friend. Up to two Travelers can play the event together in Co-op!

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Genshin - Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board Genshin - Co-Op BoardCo-Op Board

Theater Mechanicus Rewards

Complete Challenges for the Xiao Market!

Genshin - Xiao Market Event Shop

After completing each challenge, you can earn Peace Talismans, which you can spend in the Xiao Market! You can purchase items such as Mora, along with important Character Ascension materials.

Lantern Rite Guide and Rewards

Reward Multiplier

Each difficulty level will give you multipliers that give you more Veneficus Sigils during each challenge. The higher the stakes, the bigger the reward!

Difficulty Level Reward Multiplier
Difficulty 1 1.0
Difficulty 2 1.2
Difficulty 3 1.4
Difficulty 4 1.6
Difficulty 5 1.8
Difficulty 6 2.0
Difficulty 7 2.5
Special Mode: "Blink of an Eye" 3.0

All Mechanici Effects

Mechanicus Description
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Tidal Flats Veneficus Mechanicus: Tidal Flats Base Effect:
Hydro AoE and Wet Status.
Lv. 3 Effect:
AoE Range Increased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Periodically makes Mist Bubbles, trapping enemies.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Spark Veneficus Mechanicus: Spark Base effect:
Pyro DMG in an AoE.
Lv.3 Effect:
AoE Range Increased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Attacks leave behind flames, damaging opponents passing through.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Thin IceVeneficus Mechanicus: Thin Ice Base Effect:
Cryo DMG in a straight line.
Lv. 3 Effect:
Attacks slow enemies down.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Attacks deal Cryo DMG in an AoE.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - ThunderstrikeVeneficus Mechanicus: Thunderstrike Base Effect:
Electro DMG.
Lv. 3 Effect:
Targets Increased to 3.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Periodically strikes a nearby enemy with Lightning, dealing Electro DMG.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - GustVeneficus Mechanicus: Gust Base Effect:
Anemo DMG and knocks back enemies.
Lv. 3 Effect:
Knockback Distance Increased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Gathers opponents in an AoE while charging.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Mark IRecovery Mechanicus: Mark I Base Effect:
Bonus Veneficus Points
Lv. 3 Effect:
AoE Range Increased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Bonus Veneficus Points increased.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Ambush MineAmbush Mine Base Effect:
Pyro DMG in AoE on contact.
Lv. 3 Effect:
Cost Decreased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Chance to explode again if enemy is killed by first explosion.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - LongbowVeneficus Mechanicus: Longbow Base Effect:
Physical DMG.
Lv. 3 Effect:
Effectiveness against Geo increased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Attacks gain a homing ability.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - DesireMysticus Mechanicus: Desire Base Effect:
Increases DMG of other Mechanici in AoE.
Lv. 3 Effect:
AoE Range Increased.
Lv. 5 Effect:
Can overlap with effects of other Mysticus Mechanici.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Portal of WondersArcane Mechanicus: Portal of Wonders Base Effect:
Teleports from one portal to another.

List of Mechanicus and Upgrades

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