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Genshin Impact - Kagotsurube Isshin Sword

The Cursed Blade is the Kagotsurube Isshin sword rewarded for completing Kazuha's Story Quest in Genshin Impact 2.8. See the Cursed Blade's best characters, stats, enhancement materials, and skill effects in this weapon guide!

How to Get the Cursed Blade Sword

Complete Kazuha's Story Quest

Genshin - How to Get the Cursed Blade - Complete Kazuha Quest
You must complete Kazuha's Story Quest in 2.8 to obtain the Kagotsurube Isshin sword.

His Story Quest is the Act 1 of Acer Palmatum Chapter, A Strange and Friendless Road. Read more on the quest guide below to know how to complete it!

Kazuha Story Quest: Act 1 Guide

How to Refine the Cursed Blade

Genshin - Cursed Blade - No Refinement Materials Available

You cannot refine Kagotsurube Isshin as there are no materials that can upgrade it. The Cursed Blade can only attain max refinement Rank 1.

How to Refine and Enhance Weapons

Who the Cursed Blade is Good For

Cursed Blade Best Characters

All Recommended Characters
Genshin - Kazuha Icon Kazuha Genshin - Ayato Icon Ayato Genshin - Ayaka Icon Ayaka

Decent for Main DPS and Sub-DPS Characters

The Kagotsurube Isshin is more suited for DPS characters who use Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks for their damage rotations. Main DPS like Ayaka and Ayato or Sub-DPS like Kazuha could see some good use out of it.

Note that while you can use this on certain sword characters, their best in slot weapons may vary. For more information on their best weapons, check out our character tier list with their best in slot weapons!

Character Tier List

Cursed Blade Stats and Info

Cursed Blade Basic Information

Genshin - Kagotsurube Isshin Type
Rarity ★★★★
How to Get Story Quest
Bonus Stat ATK

Cursed Blade Rating

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - B Icon N/A N/A

Weapon Tier List

Is the Cursed Blade a Good Weapon?

The Kagotsurube Isshin is a decent weapon for DPS or Sub-DPS characters like Kazuha or Ayato, or Keqing. The Cursed Blade has a generic ATK% stat increase and can deal AoE DMG, which are both beneficial for on-field and off-field characters.

What makes weapons top tier is usually because of a non-ATK% bonus stat or unique passive, so we don't see the weapon beating highly refined, specialized F2P weapons like the Iron Sting, Prototype Rancour, or Amenoma Kageuchi.

Cursed Blade Stats

Lvl. Base ATK ATK
1/20 42 9.0%
20/20 109 15.9%
40/40 205 23.2%
50/50 266 26.8%
60/60 327 30.4%
70/70 388 34.1%
80/80 449 37.7%
90/90 510 41.3%

Cursed Blade Passive Skill

Isshin Art Clarity

Similar to the Prototype Archaic, an AoE attack will trigger when the character uses Normal and Charged Attacks. However, with the Cursed Blade, this passive can also be triggered by Plunging Attacks, with the added benefit of it triggering 100% rather than just 50%.

Kagotsurube Isshin Refinement Levels

Passive Skill
R1 When a Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attack hits an opponent, it will whip up a Hewing Gale, dealing AoE DMG equal to 180% of ATK and increasing ATK by 15% for 8s. This effect can be triggered once every 8s.
R2-R5 None

Since the Kagotsurube Isshin is a Story Quest weapon, it is not refinable.

Cursed Blade Ascension Materials

Ascension Materials for Each Level








Cursed Blade Weapon Lore

Weapon Description

This famed blade was born in a nation to the far north. But in the name of ''Isshin,'' it was stained with many a dark deed on its home-bound journey.

Archive Description

A long blade of the color of blood, upon which has been bestowed the name Isshin. It is remarkably sharp and vividly ominous.
It is said that this blade can easily cleave through a porous bamboo basket and the water within it before the latter can even leak out.

People often say that within the body of every blade rests a blade-spirit.
Then it is natural to assume that a blade forged by the Tatarigami is dwelled by a demon of malice.
The renowned blade Kagotsurube Isshin is forged by the swordsmith Akame Kanenaga, who failed to become the head blacksmith.
Though forged by the hand of an Inazuman swordsmith, this blade was not made in the nation of thunder and Jade Steel, but in a snow-covered land in the far north.
If beheld in the moonlight, the blade's hamon would look as if it nation to the far north. But in the were flowing, like the blood and tears of a wayfaring wanderer.

''The 'Tatarigami' is pure malice by nature. It bears resentment against mortal desire.''
''Swords are merely instruments of misfortune. Without wickedness, they will not birth slaughter. Without hate, they would never know the taste of blood.''
''Isshin' is the stillness of the mind, free of distractions. This purity of desire empowers the swordsmith to forge tirelessly.''
''But by this token, resentment against living beings is the metal from which a blade that kills shall be forged.''

In their frenzied passion to practice ''Isshin,'' the Akame School had always pursued the forging of a killer blade that could reach the extremes of lethality.
As such, the body and mind of the members of the Akame School were often withdrawn and short-spanned, their hearts venomously graven.
The blades made by the Akame School were keen indeed, but many of them had some evil within that ultimately led to the school itself being regarded by the authorities as ''undesirable.''
For this reason, the Akame School's position as the leader of the Isshin Art Clarity Isshin Art, passed down from Mitsunaga, did not last three generations before being rescinded by the authorities.

After that, Akame Kanenaga was involved in the Case of the Eccentric and committed treason.
This led him to change his name and leave for a snow-covered nation in the far north, to make a humble living in the land ruled by imperious ice.
The only wish of the deceased Kaedehara was to see the Isshin Art celebrated by those who understood a sword's beauty.
But the swordsmith, the blade, and the Tatarigami were all tools and titles for people to wield...

''I spent half of my life in pursuit of the vanity that is the Isshin Art, it only turned out that I became another 'Kaedehara'!''
''Ah, what's done is done. My only hope is that the sword born in the ice and frost will not be as weak as its useless title...''

The Kaedehara Clan were master swordsmiths whose works best symbolized Masagomaru's style; whilst the Niwa Clan were humble and diligent, skilled in clay tempering.
In their frenzied passion to practice ''Isshin,'' the Akame School had always pursued the forging of a killer blade that could reach the extremes of lethality.
As he passed away amidst the vast snow, the man only wished to forge a renowned blade with which to restore the name of Kaedehara and win back the recognition of the people...

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