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Cinderace and Dragapult banned?? Ranked Battle Series 6 is shaking things up!

With a new month comes a new Max Raid event, so don't miss out!

New Features

This page lists all of the new features coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch, as well as its first expansion, The Isle of Armor. Find out everything that has been added to the latest generation of Pokemon!

New Features - The Isle of Armor

Max Soup: Normal Pokemon can change into Gigantamax Pokemon

Dynamax Soup.jpg
With Max Soup, normal Pokemon can change into Gigantamax-ready Pokemon! Learn how to make Max Soup and what Pokemon are best to use it on!

How to Make Max Soup

New Items to Appear: the Cram-o-Matic


This Cramorant robot known as the Cram-o-Matic has the ability to change 4 inserted items into a new item. Learn what all combinations of items are available, and what all you can get from this cute little guy!

How to Use the Cram-o-Matic

Rotom Bike Upgrade

Upgraded Rotom Bike.jpg

Have your Rotom Bike improved at the Isle of Armor for free! Learn more about these upgrades and how to get them below!

New Rotom Bike Upgrades

Reset the EVs of Your Pokemon

Lady Clear.jpg

Start your Pokemon over from a blank slate by having Lady Clear reset all of its EVs!

How to Reset EVs

Farm Armorite Ores and Watts with the Digging Couple

Digging Ma banner.jpg

The Digging Couple can also be found around the Isle of Armor. Digging Pa can help you farm more Watts while Digging Ma can help you farm more Armorite Ores.

Digging Couple
Digging Pa.pngDigging Pa Digging Ma.pngDigging Ma

Obtain the Exp Charm and Mark Charm

Pokemon SWSH - Exp Charm from Isle of Armor 2.png

Two charms are to be obtained in the Isle of Armor. The Exp. Charm increases the amount of Exp obtained by all your Pokemon while the Mark Charm increases the chances of finding a Pokemon with a mark. Click the links below for directions on how to obtain them!

The Isle of Armor Charms
How to Get the Mark Charm How to Get the Exp Charm

Get Alolan Pokemon by Finding Alolan Diglett

Alolan Diglett Search

Alolan Digletts are scattered around the Isle of Armor! Look for them to receive different Alolan Pokemon from the Diglett Trainer!

All 150 Diglett Locations and Maps

Upgrade the Master Dojo

Pokemon SWSH - Dojo Upgrades - Watts.png

Donate your extra Watts to upgrade the Master Dojo and unlock more features such as the Vitamins Vending Machine!

All Pokemon Dojo Upgrades

New Features - Pokemon Sword and Shield


dynamaxing banner.jpg
Dynamax is a phenomenon that transforms certain Pokemon into enormous forms! Along with the size change, Dynamaxing gives pokemon boosted stats as well as powerful special moves. Read on to learn more!


Wild Area

wild area_1.jpg
The Galar Region is huge and filled with areas of wondrous nature. Part of the fun of Sword and Shield comes from the amazing landscapes you will be able to experience in high definition. The Wild Area is both scenic, and home to countless Pokemon species. Read on to learn more about this feature.

Wild Area and Raid Strategy

Max Raid Battles

Ever wanted to team up with other trainers to fight a gigantic and powerful Pokemon? Max Raid Battles allow you to do just that. This feature will allow you to connect with both friends and other trainers to take on epic team battles.

Max Raid Battles


Much like Dynamaxing, Gigantamaxing is another phenomenon that allows certain pokemon to transform into monstrous proportions. Unlike Dynamaxing, Gigantamaxing is only available to select individual Pokemon, so they cannot all do it! Read on to find out more on everything Gigantamax.


Poke Jobs

poke jobs banner.jpg

People and Pokemon work together in the Galar region, which is why many corporations and universities ask for Pokemon's help when they are short of manpower. But how will you know which job is right for your Pokemon? And what rewards can you get for completing them? Read on to learn more about what Poke Jobs are for!

Poke Jobs

Surprise Trades

Blindly trade Pokemon with local trainers, or ones online! You never know what you're gonna get! Read on to learn more.

Surprise Trades

Pokemon Camp

Pokemon Camp Banner.jpg
Camping together with your Pokemon is another way to increase your friendship levels and get to know eachother. Plus, curry fans will rejoice as they try and complete their... Curry Dex? Gotta cook 'em all!

Pokemon Camp

Changing Your Outfit


Explore the Galar Region in style! As you encounter across boutiques and hair salons, different clothing items and hairstyles will become available, so try out different combinations and go into each gym battle with a look that screams you.

How to Change Your Clothes and Appearance

Customizing Your League Card

League Card Change Expression and Pose.jpg
Gym Leaders and Challengers have their own League Card. Learn how to customize yours and make it unique!
How to Customize Your League Card

Battle Stadium

Battle Stadium Banner.JPG
Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces many new modes of playing online via the Battle Stadium. Increase your rank and aim for the top tier!

Battle Stadium

Changing Natures


For the first time in the series, it's possible to change a Pokemon's Nature. Learn more about the new Item that's perfect for a Pokemon with an unwanted Nature!

How to Change a Pokemon's Nature

Exp. Candy

Exp Candy 2.png
New brethren of the beloved Rare Candy, Exp. Candy will bestow a set amount of Exp. Points on the Pokemon it is used on.

How to Collect Exp. Candy Fast

Giving Nicknames to Traded Pokemon

Now, you can give a nickname to a Pokemon obtained in a trade... but only once!
Giving Nicknames to Traded Pokemon

Auto-save Feature

Autosave Option.jpg
Leave your traumatic memories of the Game Boy's batteries dying and losing hours of progress in the past... The game will now Auto-save your progress so you don't have to!

All About the Auto-save Feature

Differences Between the Versions

Version Differences.png
Not sure which version to get? See the differences between Sword and Shield, including exclusive Pokemon and characters, and decide for yourself!
Differences Between the Versions

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