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Genshin Impact - Spiral Abyss - Floor 8 Guide

This is a guide for floor 8 of Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. Keep reading for recommended party members, enemy lists, and possible rewards!

Floor 8 Recommended Party Members

Repeated Runs Option

When building your party, it is recommended to choose 1 DPS, then either 2 Sub-DPS and 1 Support or 1 Sub-DPS and 2 Support, depending on what characters you have available and built.

First Half

Main DPS
Hu Tao Image Diluc Image Klee Image Keqing Image Beidou Image Yanfei Image
Xiangling Image Fischl Image Amber Image Albedo Image Lisa Image Traveler (Anemo) Image
Bennett Image Zhongli Image Traveler (Anemo) Image Xinyan Image Sucrose Image Sucrose Image

Second Half

Main DPS
Tartaglia Image Keqing Image Ganyu Image Eula Image Razor Image Rosaria Image
Xingqiu Image Mona Image Fischl Image Lisa Image Kaeya Image Traveler (Anemo) Image
Barbara Image Traveler (Geo) Image Zhongli Image Diona Image Venti Image Sucrose Image

We recommend having at least one Pyro character in the first half and having a Hydro Character for the second half, as a lot of the enemies will be weak against those elements. We also recommend bringing a Bow character for each half.

Free to Play Option

First Half

Xiangling Image Xiangling Amber Image Amber Traveler (Anemo) Image Traveler (Anemo) Noelle Image Noelle
Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support

Second Half

Kaeya Image Kaeya Lisa Image Lisa Barbara Image Barbara
Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Note: These are the only available Free to Play characters that everyone is sure to get. As such, one slot will be left open for any character that you might have gotten from the Wish (gacha).

Floor 8 Basic Information

Ley Line Disorder ・When HP is less than 60%, ATK is increased by 50% and DEF is increased by 50%.
・When HP is less than 45%, Normal Attack SPD is increased by 30%.
・When HP is less than 45%, Movement SPD is increased by 30%.
・When HP is less than 30%, CRIT Rate is increased by 20% and CRIT DMG is increased by 40%.
Enemy Level Lv. 70
Star Bounty
(All 9★)
Mora Image Mora x60,000

Floor 8 - Chamber 1 Walkthrough

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 20 Enemies
Defeat 3 Enemies
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 330 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 420 sec.

First Half

Enemy Information

Cryo Abyss Mage ImageCryo Abyss Mage ×1 Hydro Abyss Mage ImageHydro Abyss Mage ×1

Second Half

Enemy Information

Pyro Abyss Mage ImagePyro Abyss Mage ×2


First Half

Focus on taking out the Hydro Abyss Mage first with Electro or Cryo, as dealing with the bubbles can get quite annoying. Afterwards, go for the Cryo Abyss Mage using Pyro.

Second Half

Use Hydro attacks to destroy their Shields quickly. If possible, try attacking them at the same time using Anemo to gather them up together when their Shields are down.

Floor 8 - Chamber 2 Walkthrough

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 13 Enemies
Defeat 13 Enemies
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 300 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 360 sec.

First Half

Enemy Information

Ruin Guard ImageRuin Guard ×1 Hilichurl Shooter ImageHilichurl Shooter ×2 Hilichurl Fighter ImageHilichurl Fighter ×1
Cryo Hilichurl Shooter ImageCryo Hilichurl Shooter ×2 Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard ImageWooden Shield Hilichurl Guard ×1

Second Half

Enemy Information

Ruin Guard ImageRuin Guard ×1 Pyro Hilichurl Shooter ImagePyro Hilichurl Shooter ×3 Hilichurl Berserker ImageHilichurl Berserker ×2
Hilichurl Grenadier ImageHilichurl Grenadier ×2


In this chamber, there is a mechanical device that gives off Cryo and Pyro statuses to enemies in each half. Use Pyro Attacks to deal Melt DMG on the first half, and use Hydro Attacks on the second half to deal Vaporize DMG.

Focus on the Ruin Guards by using Aimed Shots from Bow characters to immobilize them for a period of time to deal a lot of DMG without getting hurt.

Floor 8 - Chamber 3 Walkthrough

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 3 Enemies
Defeat 3 Enemies
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 60 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 120 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.

First Half

Enemy Information

Cryo Regisvine ImageCryo Regisvine ×1

Second Half

Enemy Information

Pyro Regisvine ImagePyro Regisvine ×1


Focus on attacking the cores of the Regisvines by attacking with Pyro against the Cryo Regisvine, and using Hydro against the Pyro Regisvine. When their cores are broken, use your strongest attacks to deal as much damage as possible before they recover.

Floor 8 Clear Rewards

Chamber's Bounty

Chamber 1
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Chamber 2
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Chamber 3
Mora Image Mora x20,000

The Chamber's Bounty is the set of rewards you receive simply for clearing a Chamber for the first time. This can only be received once.

Star's Bounty

Mora Image Mora x15,000
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Mora Image Mora x25,000

The Star's Bounty can only be received if you clear the star requirements displayed during the challenge. Each Chamber has 3 stars each with 1 prize for every 3 earned. These can also only be received once.

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