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Battle Stadium

Battle against trainers from all over the world in the Pokemon Battle Stadium in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield! Read on to learn more about how this new feature works and what it is.

Battle Stadium - Overview

The Battle Stadium allows you to engage in Poke Battles with trainers from all over the world. Modes such as Rental Teams and Online Competitions will also add a new way to spice up the Pokemon Battles you know and love.

Battle Stadium Banner.JPG

You must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to use the Battle Stadium. You do not need a Pokemon Global Link Account.

Battle Stadium - Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles allow you to use your favorite team and battle with various trainers all over the world. Battle for glory as you increase your rank and try to become the best there ever was.

Battle Rankings

You rank increases as you win more battles. Trainers with higher ranks will be much stronger than ones of lower ranks.

Ranked battles.jpg Ranked battles_2.jpg

The trainers you are up against will have the same rank as you, which means you will always need to be prepared for anything! You can check your own ranking from within the battle stadium.

Pokemon HOME shows how the participants of a competition are placed, as will as the rankings of the Pokemon being used.

Ranking Tier

There are various tiers that encompass each rank. The top tier, known as the Master Ball Tier, is where the the most difficult battles will happen with powerful trainers.

Ranked Battle Tips

  1. Meeting certain conditions will net you rewards. For example, battling multple times in a row may allow you to get an item.
  2. Items.jpg
  3. Dynamax Pokemon appear in ranked battles, and they may even determine the victor. Dynamax Pokemon.jpg
  4. Your rank will go down a certain amount before a new season begins. Be sure and keep battling to keep your rank up.

Battle Stadium - Casual Battles

Casual Battles are unranked battles that are just for fun. You can enjoy Pokemon battles without worrying about your rank changing based on whether you win or lose.

You can also use certain Legendary Pokemon that are not allowed in Ranked Battles.

Battle Rules:
Players can choose from Single Battle and Double Battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This applies to both Ranked and Casual Battles.

Battle Stadium - Online Competitions

Official Competitions

In Online Competitions, you get to take part in Special Battles that make use of a variety of rules and restrictions to see where you place among the participants.

You may even have a chance to join the Pokemon Sword and Shield World Championships if you do well enough.

Official Competitions.jpg

Aim to be the best in all competitions with different regulations.

Friendly Competitions

You can join competitions hosted by other players, and you can also host a competition yourself.
Friendly Competition.jpg

The host will decide the regulations used for Friendly Competitions.

Battle Stadium - Rental Teams

Rental Teams allow you to use a pre-made team by obtaining someone else's ID online. These teams can be used in many different modes, including Ranked battles.

Rental Teams_2.jpg

You can also create your own rental teams to share with other trainers. Fans of the Pokemon Stadium games from the N64 era will be excited to see this feature making a comeback!

Rental Teams.jpg
You can rent up to five teams at once.

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