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Wild Pokemon - Herdier Banner.png
This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Herdier in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know when Herdier appears, where to find Herdier, what rewards Herdier gives, and more!

Herdier Overview

Herdier In-game.png

Herdier Locations

Herdier Spawn and Respawn Timers

Time Remaining 2:00
Respawn Time N/A
Spawn Condition 2:00 and Lillipup not slain.

Herdier Rewards

Aeos Energy 3
EXP Points TBA

Herdier Notes

Evolves from Lillipup

Lillipup Evolution.png

Herdier evolves from Lillipup at the last 2 minutes of the game. Much like Lillipup, Herdier will either move upward or downward once it gets hit, which indicates where Ludicolo will appear.

Rarely Seen In-Game

Since Lillipup is the first camp that Junglers need to take, it is almost impossible to see a Herdier in an actual match. The Bonus Aeos Energy and EXP is also not worth to delay taking the first Lillipup of the match.

Only Appears Once

Wild Pokemon - Herdier no longer Respawns.png

Herdier no longer respawns once defeated, so be sure to defeat Herdier to get a little extra points and EXP. It will also not spawn if Lillipup is slain at the start of the match which makes seeing a Herdier almost impossible.

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