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This is a guide on defending and blocking goals by opponents in your goal zones in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to properly defend goal zones, and how to block opponents' goals.

How to Block A Goal

In addition to taking out your enemies, blocking enemy goals is also an important strategy to prevent your enemies from getting ahead in the game. Blocking goals is also necessary to complete one of the tasks found in the Beginner's Challenge. There are several methods to block and interrupt goal scoring, which are listed below:

Damage Enemy Pokemon to Block Goals

Defending Goal Zones - Attack Enemy Pokemon.png
Getting hit by a basic attack or a move interrupts the channeling Pokemon when attempting to score. Pokemon who have long attack range are good for this scenario.

May Be Blocked by Score Shield

Score Shield.pngScore Shield

The Score Shield Held Item has the effect of creating a shield on an opponent with a percentage of their total HP which protects them while scoring goals. Additionally, the Pokemon holding this item becomes immune to being interrupted while scoring goals as long as the shield persists. You'll want to try and deal as much damage as possible to break the Score Shield and block their goal.

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Use Super Jump Pads

Super Jump Pad
Super Jump Pads can quickly transport Pokemon to goal zones. When a Pokemon lands on the destination, it deals a small amount of area of effect damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back a bit, interrupting their scoring.
Super Jump Guide and How to Unlock

Certain Move Types are Effective

Defending Goal Zones - Certain Move Types are Effective.png
Using moves can interrupt enemies who are attempting to score. Ranged, Area-of-Effect, or Immobilizing moves in particular are very effective move types at blocking and interrupting goals.

Move Pokemon Description
Dig ImageDig Garchomp ImageGarchomp Burrows underground and surges towards the target point, emerging from the ground when it hits an enemy Pokemon. Deals damage to nearby enemy Pokemon and knocks them back upon emerging. When used with Earthquake, increases Earthquake's area of effect.
When upgraded, increases movement speed.
Pyro Ball ImagePyro Ball Cinderace ImageCinderace Kicks a ball of fire at the targeted area, damaging each opponent it hits and inflicts burn for a short amount of time.
Once upgraded, the cooldown for "Flame Charge" or "Feint" will be reduced when the move hits.
Thunderbolt ImageThunderbolt Pikachu ImagePikachu Summons a powerful blast of lightning, damaging and stunning enemy Pokemon in the area.
When upgraded, increases the damage dealt by Thunderbolt.

Move Types and When To Use

How to Defend Goal Zones

Defenders are Hard to Drive Off

Defending Goal Zones - Defenders are Hard to Drive Off.png
Defender Pokemon have great durability, making them great at stopping enemies from scoring goals especially when you take the goal zone's constant healing into account. If you're using a Defender Pokemon, you'll want to stay in the goal zone and attack enemies that get close.

Snorlax ImageSnorlax Crustle ImageCrustle Slowbro ImageSlowbro

Defender Guide: How to Play Defenders

Utilize the Heal from Goal Zones

Defending Goal Zones - Utilitze Heal from Goal Zones.png
Goal zones provide constant healing and shields to allied Pokemon inside its area. Utilize these effects when defending goal zones, especially early on in the game.

Utilize the Lane Flux Area

Lane Flux Area.png
The Lane Flux areas in the lane can be used to prevent enemies from pursuing Pokemon defending the goal zone. Enemies who are caught in the area are slowed drastically. Attacking the enemy then going to the Lane Flux area is a great tactic when defending goal zones.

Defeat Rotom

Defeating Rotom grants benefits to the team that defeats it. Once defeated, Rotom helps the team push the top lane, and makes it easier to score points. This forces the enemy team to go back to defend the top lane.
Rotom: How to Beat and Rewards

Defeat Zapdos

Zapdos is a boss wild Pokemon that only appears once during the last 2 minutes of the game. Although a hard task, defeating Zapdos grants powerful benefits to the team that defeats it, making it possible to either turn things around if the team is behind or solidify the team's lead. Zapdos makes the enemy goals vulnerable which makes it a lot easier to score points, forcing the enemy to defend their goal zones.
Zapdos: How to Beat and Rewards

When to Defend Your Goal Zones

Best Timings for Defending Goal Zones
Check MarkWhen your team is outnumbered.
Check MarkWhen the enemy has low HP.
Check MarkWhen the team has the score lead.
Check MarkWhen the team is behind or struggling.
Check MarkWhen the enemy defeats Rotom.
Check MarkWhen the enemy defeats Zapdos.

When Your Team is Outnumbered

Generally, if the number of enemies approaching you in a lane outnumber you and your allies in that lane, you'll want to fall back into your goal zone and defend it. This makes it more difficult for the enemy to take engagements against you as the goal zone provides constant healing, and they can't score goals as well since you're inside the goal zone defending it.

When the Enemy Has Low HP

Defending Goal Zones - When the Enemy Has Low HP.jpg
Although a low HP enemy may be hesitant in attempting to score points, they can still succeed by being sneaky. Take advantage of this situation and defend the goal zone by defeating the enemy.

When the Team has the Score Lead

Defending Goal Zones - Whe the Team is in the Lead.png
Although it is impossible to know the score during the battle, a message will appear that tells whether the team is ahead or behind. When the team has the lead, capitalize on this by defending goal zones and keep them safe from enemies. Avoid being complacent even with having the lead, things can still turn around.

When the Team is Behind or Struggling

Defending Goal Zones - When the Team is Behind.png
Defending goal zones when the team is behind is just as important as when the team has the lead. It should be a top priority to defend goal zones when the team is struggling to prevent the team from falling further behind. However, when the team is too far behind and cannot defend goal zones, it might be a good time to surrender.
How to Surrender

When the Enemy Defeats Rotom

Defending Goal Zones - When the Enemy Defeats Rotom.png
As mentioned before, Rotom will help the team that defeats it to push the top lane, and make scoring points easier. When the enemy defeats Rotom, they will most likely group up around Rotom and attempt to score points. It should be a top priority to take out Rotom before it can get near goal zone.

When the Enemy Defeats Zapdos

Defeating Zapdos grants game winning benefits, making goals vulnerable being the most important. When the enemy defeats Zapdos they will surely take advantage of the benefits and attempt to score as much points as they can while the team's goal zones are vulnerable. It is best for the entire team to regroup back to base and defend goal zones, especially the one nearest to the base.

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