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In this guide, we will teach you the best ways to farm Aeos Tickets in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn all the ways to earn Aeos Tickets, the best ways to farm them, and the best items to purchase with them!

What are Aeos Tickets?

Aeos Ticket.png

Aeos Tickets are a currency type in Pokemon UNITE. They are used to buy Trainer Outfits, Held Items, and Account Items.

Currency Types and Shop Items

Where to Get Aeos Tickets

Trainer Level Up

Trainer Level
Leveling up your trainer can give you many different rewards, including Aeos Tickets.
Trainer Leveling Guide and Rewards

Daily Login

Daily Login Reward 1
You can earn Aeos Tickets by just logging in the game every day, along with UNITE licenses and trainer outfits!

Daily Login Rewards Guide: 14-Day Welcome Gifts

Battle Pass Rewards


The free version of the Battle Pass can reward you with multiple 150 Aeos Tickets. This is a good source to earn a lot of Aeos Tickets for free. However, the Battle Pass has a limited duration so make sure to at least earn all of the free rewards!

Battle Pass Guide and List of Rewards

Event Missions

Aeos Ticket Mission Reward

Event missions can reward you with Aeos Tickets. These events are also only available for a limited time so make sure you clear all your missions before an event ends!

Energy Rewards

Aeos Reward System.png

By earning 100 energy, you will be able to use the Energy Reward Gacha and earn up to 200 Aeos Tickets.

The Energy Reward Gacha can only be used 30 times a day. This will be your only method left after completing all the other methods mentioned above.

Aeos Energy Guide

Fastest Way to Farm Aeos Tickets

Logging In Every Day

Log in Daily for Rewards

One of the easiest ways to earn Aeos Tickets is by just logging in daily to claim your rewards. You can also earn items like UNITE Licenses and Trainer Outfits!

Playing Matches and Completing Challenges

Pokemon UNITE - Start of the match.png

By doing challenges, you can both level up your account and unlock Trainer Rewards. This is a way that lets you earn Aeos Tickets directly!

You also earn Energy to use for the Energy Rewards Gacha!

Complete Challenges and Buy the Battle Pass

Battle Pass Purchase

The Battle Pass contains a large amount of free Aeos Tickets that you can earn by doing Battle Pass Missions. The Battle Pass has very good value for how much it costs since you can also get Trainer Outfits and exclusive Holowear.

Battle Pass Price and List of Rewards

Best Items to Purchase

In this chart, we rate which items are best to buy with Aeos Tickets.

Item Rating and Explanation
Item EnhancerItem Enhancer

Currently, the only way to get this is through Trainer Levels, Challenges, or purchasing them with Aeos Tickets.

This item is a must have to level up your Held Items.
Battle Points BoosterAccount Item Boosters

Account Item Boosters are unique items that can help boost your rewards or increase the amount of Experience Points you get from matches.

The only way to get these is either through Aeos Tickets or using Aeos Gems.
Held ItemHeld Items

Held Items give stat boosts to your Pokemon when you equip them before a battle.

Since you can buy Held Items with Aeos Coins, it is not really necessary to use Aeos Tickets to buy them. However, they are still very imporant to buy whenever you get the chance.
Cramorant Set 1.pngTrainer Outfits

Fashion Outfits have no impact on the match gameplay.

You might want to hold off on using Aeos Tickets for Fashion Items until you can max upgrade your favorite Held Items, unless you really like a certain outfit.

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Aeos TicketHow to Farm Aeos Tickets

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