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JP Beta Features Everything We Learned

The Japan Beta period has ended. In this article, we are going to talk about all the big details we discovered from the Beta!

Beta Availability Period

Timezone Start Time End Time
PST Wednesday, June 23rd, 8pm Saturday, June 26th, 7:59am
EST Wednesday, June 23rd, 11pm Saturday, June 26th, 10:59am
JST Thursday, June 24th, 12pm Saturday, June 26th, 11:59pm

Objective Based Gameplay

Greninja Goal Score

Pokemon UNITE is centered around a scoring objecting system where the team that gets the highest amount of goals will win. Each match is fixed at only 10 minutes each, so its perfect for people who want short and fast paced exciting matches!

Pokemon UNITE Beta Review

Premium and Other Currency Types

Pokemon UNITE has premium currency called Aeos Gems. From the looks of it, only a small amount of items are locked behind Aeos Gems. This means that you can earn most items in the game by just playing and earning the other currency types!

Currency and Shop Purchase Guide

Energy Rewards Gacha

Aeos Reward System.png

Pokemon UNITE has a free gacha system where you can earn different items such as currencies and skins by just playing daily!

To use the gacha, you will need to play matches and earn Aeos Energy.

How to Farm Aeos Energy

Battle Pass

Battle Pass 1-10
The Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass comes in two forms, paid and free. You can only buy the paid version with Aeos Gems.

Battle Pass Guide

Pokemon Skins

Pokemon Skins

You can customize your Pokemon with different skins called Holowear.

List of Pokemon Skins

Trainer Outfits

Player Clothing

Pokemon UNITE features clothing that can be used to customize your trainer.

List of Trainer Outfits

Will My Account Progress Carry Over?

Your account progress will not carry over to the official release of the game.

How to Download the Beta

Unfortunately there are no current news about more Beta Test plans for Pokemon UNITE until the official release.

You can check our Switch Release and Mobile Release articles to stay updated for the official release announcement!

You can check out how we were able to participate in the Japanese Beta below!

How to Download the Japanese Beta

Japanese Beta Download Guide

How to Create a Japanese Nintendo Account

As this network test is exclusive to the Japanese eShop, you will need to create a Nintendo Account set to the Japanese region.

1 Head to Nintendo's Official Website and click on the Sign Up button, then choose "Create a Nintendo Account".
2 Input all the required information and be sure to set the country to "Japan" and the timezone to UTC+09:00.
3 With your Japanese account created, you'll need to attach it to a User on your Switch, so make a new one through the settings.
4 When prompted, choose to link your Nintendo Account and sign in with the account. You will now be able to access the Japanese eShop!

How to Download the Beta

The Beta has been made available on the Japan eShop. It is downloadable similar to any other demo, so simply search for 'unite' in the eShop with your Japanese region user to locate and download the game!

1 In the Japanese eShop page, head to the search menu.
2 Type "Pokemon Unite" in the search bar. Then click "Search"
3 Select the Pokemon Unite result.
4 Select the "Download" button on the right.
5 You can now exit the eShop and wait for the game to download!

No Nintendo Online Required

As Pokemon UNITE is a free to play game, you will not need to purchase Nintendo Online for the Japanese account made to download the beta.

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