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Recall Guide and Best Timing

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This is a guide on the Recall mechanic in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know more about this mechanic, as well as when to use it.

What is Recall?

Pokemon UNITE - Decidueye Recalling to Base

The Recall mechanic in Pokemon UNITE is the command used to teleport back to the starting point, which can be used anywhere in the map. This allows players to recover their Pokemon's strength and get back to the fight again.
Recall has a charging time of about 3 seconds before a player's Pokemon gets teleported back. Getting attacked while channeling Recall cancels the command.

How to Recall

How to Recall on Mobile

Pokemon UNITE - Recalling To Base (Mobile)

Input Recall Button(Press)

When playing on Mobile, clicking the To Base button lets you to recall from the battlefield. You can't remap this button to a different location.

How to Recall on the Nintendo Switch

Input Down button(Press)

For the Nintendo Switch, the To Base button is binded to the down button of the controller. Just press the button to start the Recall, there is no need to hold it.

Players can always change key bindings to what feels more comfortable, if they are not used to the default settings.

How to Change Control Mapping

Recall Timings

When you Should Recall

When You Have Low HP

Pokemon UNITE - When You Should Recall - When HP is Low

The main purpose of a Recall is to quickly get back to base to regenerate HP. Players should definitely recall when their Pokemon's HP is very low. This prevents Pokemon from being in a vulnerable position, and an easy target for the enemy.

Defending Goals

Pokemon UNITE - When You Should Recall - Defend Goal

In certain cases, the fastest way to reach an allied goal is to recall back to base, then use the movement speed boost from the Lane Flux to get to the goal faster. However, when the game reaches the 5:00 minute mark, using the Super Jump Pad is a faster way to reach an allied goal.

The purpose of defending goals is to prevent or minimize the enemy's scoring capabiities. This is the reason why players should recall to defend goals.
How to Defend and Block Goals

Helping Allies

Pokemon UNITE - When You Should Recall - Help Allies

When a fight breaks out near the base, players should recall back, and help out in the fight. This prevents the enemy from pushing towards allied goals and score points. However, if the fight is already lost, it is best to at least score for the team instead of helping allies.

When Zapdos Appears

Pokemon UNITE - When You Should Recall - When Zapdos Appears.gif

Defeating Zapdos can either turn things around or solidify a team's lead. When Zapdos appears, the enemy is most likely to secure the area, and take Zapdos for themselves. The best strategy is to recall back to base, heal, and group up with the team just outside Zapdos' location. This allows the team to have a better position in securing the area and defeat Zapdos.

Zapdos Buff and How to Steal

When Rayquaza Appears

Pokemon UNITE - Unite Move During Rayquaza Fight.png

In the Theia Sky Ruins map, defeating Rayquaza can also either turn things around or solidify a team's lead since the team gains a shield that negates damage, protects the Pokemon from getting interrupted when scoring, and reduces the charge time by half. Always recall back to base when Rayquaza spawns to regroup with your team and heal up.

Rayquaza Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

When Not to Recall

In a Middle of a Fight

Pokemon UNITE - When Not to Recall - Recall Inside Grass

Recalling in a middle of a fight puts Pokemon is a vulnerable position, becoming easy targets for the enemy. However, if the situation calls for a recall, it is best to find a safe place like inside grass areas first before recalling.

Grass Guide: How Does Grass Work?

When Enemies are Nearby

Pokemon UNITE - When Not to Recall - Nearby Enemies

Getting attacked while channeling Recall cancels the command. To prevent this annoyance, make sure that there are no enemies nearby before casting Recall.

Near Wild Pokemon Spawns

Pokemon UNITE - When Not to Recall - Near Wild Pokemon Location

Wild Pokemon automatically attacks nearby player-controlled Pokemon. Do not recall near wild Pokemon spawn locations since they will attack, canceling the recall. It is better to defeat wild Pokemon when they spawn instead of recalling.

List of Wild Pokemon and Spawn Times

When Inflicted with Poison or Burn

Getting inflicted with Poison or Burn can also prevent you from recalling since you take damage over time. It's best to go to a safe spot first and wait until the status effect expires before recalling.

List of Status Effects: Buffs and Debuffs

Best Recall Timings for Each Lane

Top Lane

Pokemon UNITE- Gengar Helping Top Lane Push.png

After clearing out wild Pokemon camps in the top lane, a good option is to recall back to regenerate HP, and reset the top lane. Try not to use the yellow berries behind the first goal for a quick heal, use it for defending the goal instead.

Top Lane Guide: How to Play Top


Pokemon UNITE - When Not to Recall - Jungle Guide

One of the core objectives of Junglers is to gank the other lanes to secure points. After clearing out the camps in the jungle, ganking a lane, and scoring a goal, it is best to recall to base to regenerate HP, then repeat the process.

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Bot Lane

Pokemon UNITE- Crustle Engaging in a Team Clash.png

For Remoat Stadium, clashes often happen in the bot lane compared to the top, leaving Pokemon with low HP. After a clash, it is best to recall to reset things in the bot lane. Avoid using the yellow berries behind the first goal just for healing, it is better to save them for dire situations like defending the goal.

On the other hand, in the Theia Sky Ruins map, it's best to recall to base and rotate to the top lane when Regieleki spawns to help secure the objective.

Bottom Lane Guide: How to Play Bot

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