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Held Item - Aeos Cookie Banner

Aeos Cookie is a Held Item found in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn more about the Aeos Cookie's stats and effects, how to get Aeos Cookie, and which Pokemon are best for Aeos Cookie!

Aeos Cookie Stats and Effect

Aeos Cookie.pngAeos Cookie
Held Item
Tier Ranking
C Rank.png
Stat Boost 1 Stat Boost 2
HP + 240 -
When the Pokemon scores a goal, its max HP increases by (100/150/200).

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Aeos Cookie Stats Per Level

Level 10 HP +80
Level 20 HP +160
Level 30 HP +240

How to Upgrade Items

Lvl. Stat Boosts
1 HP +8
2 HP +16
3 HP +24
4 HP +32
5 HP +40
6 HP +48
7 HP +56
8 HP +64
9 HP +72
10 HP +80
11 HP +88
12 HP +96
13 HP +104
14 HP +112
15 HP +120
16 HP +128
17 HP +136
18 HP +144
19 HP +152
20 HP +160
21 HP +168
22 HP +176
23 HP +184
24 HP +192
25 HP +200
26 HP +208
27 HP +216
28 HP +224
29 HP +232
30 HP +240

Bonus Stacks up to 6 Times

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Cookie Snorlax Scoring a Goal

The Aeos Cookie boosts your maximum HP whenever you score a goal, regardless of how many points you gain per goal. This effect can occur up to 6 times and lasts until the end of the match.

There's also no cooldown for this item's effect upon scoring a goal, meaning you could do something like scoring 6 goals within 30 seconds and still gain the bonus stat per goal.

White Emblem Effect Only Applies to Base HP

The bonus effect of White Emblems only apply to the Pokemon's base HP. The HP from stacking Aeos Cookie are not counted.

List of All White Boost Emblems and Effect

How to Get Aeos Cookie

Purchased in the Shop

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins x1000
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket x625

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

Best Pokemon for Aeos Cookie

Dodrio.jpgDodrio Snorlax.jpgSnorlax Tyranitar.jpgTyranitar

All Builds for Aeos Cookie

Builds that Use this Held Item
Buzzwole Image Buzzwole
Aggressive Laner Build
Crustle Image Crustle
Item-Stacker Build
Dodrio Image Dodrio
Scoring Build
Greedent Image Greedent
Score Stack Build
Mamoswine Image Mamoswine
Item-Stacker Build
Mr. Mime Image Mr. Mime
Laner Build
Snorlax Image Snorlax
Score Stack Build
Tsareena Image Tsareena
Item-Stacking Build

Aeos Cookie HP Bonus Stack Test

HP Bonus Stack Test

HP Image
No Goal
After 1 Goal
After 2 Goals
After 3 Goals
After 4 Goals
After 5 Goals
After 6 Goals
After 7 Goals

Test was conducted with Snorlax at level 15 using Aeos Cookie with item grade level 25

The HP bonus stack test was conducted by using the doll in Practice Area to determine a Pokemon's HP before the effect of Aeos Cookie, then continuously score points until the HP from the doll does not increase anymore.

HP Bonus Stack Test Result

As a result of the test, the bonus HP can stack up to 6 Times. After 7 goals, the Pokemon's HP did not increase anymore. Given this finding, it is best to score 6 Times during battles to maximize the effect of Aeos Cookie. Pairing Aeos Cookie with the Goal-Getter battle item can be an interesting combination.

White Emblem Test

HP Image
Base HP
Pokemon UNITE - Crustle Base HP.png
HP with Aeos Cookie (Not Stacked)
Pokemon UNITE - Crustle HP with Aeos Cookie.png
HP with 6 Stacks Only
Pokemon UNITE - Crustle HP with Aeos Cookie (6 Stacks).png
HP with 6 White Emblems Only
Pokemon UNITE - Crustle HP with White Emblems only.png
HP with 6 Stacks and 6 White Emblems
Pokemon UNITE - Crustle HP with 6 Stacks and White Emblems.png
Expected HP with 6 Stacks and 6 White Emblems
11,340 + (11,340 x 0.04) = 11,793

The purpose of this test was to determine if the bonus HP effect from White Emblems apply to the HP from Aeos Cookie stacks. We used a level 15 Crustle as our test Pokemon, recording its base HP, HP with Aeos Cookie only, HP with a fully-stacked Aeos Cookie, HP with 6 White Emblems only, and HP with a fully-stacked Aeos Cookie and 6 White Emblems. If the statement is true, the expected HP with a fully-stacked Aeos Cookie and 6 White Emblems would be 11,793.

List of All White Boost Emblems and Effect

Only Applies to the Base HP

As a result of the test, we found that the bonus HP effect from White Emblems only apply to the Pokemon's base HP since the test Pokemon's HP with a fully-stacked Aeos Cookie and 6 White Emblems is lower than the expected HP.

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