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How to Reduce Lag

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Are you experiencing a delay when playing a game in Pokemon UNITE? That might be caused by a lag. Lags ruin a game not just for the player experiencing it but also for the others connected to a match. This is a guide on how to fix lag issues while playing Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to reduce lag, what causes lag, how to reduce frame rate, and more!

How to Reduce Lag

How to Reduce Lag

Stable Internet Connection

Pokemon UNIT - How to Reduce Lag - Stable Internet Connection
Lag is usually caused by a bad or slow internet connection. If your connection speed fluctuates in speed, you may experience lag spikes, which will cause input delays during gameplay. Make sure that your device is connected to a fast and stable wi-fi signal to prevent any disruptions.

Run a Connection Test

Nintendo Switch Connection Test
In the menu screen, go to System Settings.
Inside the System Settings, select Internet.
Select Test Connection, and wait for the results.

One way to check your internet speed is doing a connection test, which determines how strong or fast your connection is. From here, you can troubleshoot based on the quality of your connection. When speeds are too low, it may be best to connect to another network or find a spot where the connection is strong.

Though Pokemon UNITE does not have a minimum or recommended download and upload speed, it is generally accepted that having a fast connection is ideal - especially for online games.

Multiple Connections May Cause Lag

Pokemon UNITE - Multiple Users Lag

Having multiple users connected to the same network will cause the bandwidth to be shared shared across all devices. This will potentially slow down internet speed. it is best to play the game whenever you are the only one connected to the internet to help reduce the chance of slowdowns and lag.

Lower the Frame Rate (FPS)

Players often times lower their graphics or display settings to improve performance and reduce lag. While Pokemon UNITE does not offer a way to lower in-game graphics, you can change the Frame Rate in the settings.

Though we recommend that you set it as high as possible for smoother gameplay, dropping the Frame Rate to Medium will lock the game at a steady 30 FPS. This can help make the game stable if the frame drops are too distracting.

List of Settings and Best Settings to Use

How to Change Frame Rate

How to Change Frame Rate in Pokemon UNITE
1 Pokemon UNITE - How to Change Frame rate - Open Main Menu
Open the Sidebar Menu on the Main Menu..
2 Pokemon UNITE - How to Reduce Lag - Go to Settings
Scroll down and select Settings.
3 Pokemon UNITE - How to Reduce Lag - Select System Settings (Display Screen)
Select System Settings.
4 Pokemon UNITE - How to Reduce Lag - Lower Frame Rate
Change the Frame Rate to what you prefer. After chainge, save and exit.

Restart the Device

Pokemon UNITE - Nintendo Switch

If everything seems to be working fine on the connection end, then it may be possible that the device you are using is causing the game to lag. Restarting the device may fix hidden software issues that compile overtime. Doing this will allow the system to refresh and operate properly, and might help fix connection errors.

How to Fix Connection Errors

Why Does Pokemon UNITE Lag?

Lag is a noticeable delay between a player's action and the expected response. This is often a huge problem with playing competitive, online games where you rely on precise timing to execute commands.

Bad Internet Connection

A bad internet connection is the main reason causing lag during gameplay. Having a slow and unstable internet connection impedes the connection between the device and the game servers, causing a huge delay in responses.

Old or Damaged Hardware

Consoles or phones with poor hardware conditions definitely affects how well the game runs. Having such hardware problems might come from players having an old device, or from them constantly dropping and bumping their device, which might affect how it runs games.

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In Europe there is definitely an issue with the game putting you in Japanese servers. I've had times where the ping will be green text saying 30ms, then once in match I get the red wifi and everyone's name is Japanese characters. It is unplayable and game breaking. I have checked speed test after closing the game mid match and it is perfectly fine


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