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This page contains the list of wild Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know about what wild Pokemon are, their spawn timings and locations, their respawn timings, and a list of wild Pokemon.

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List of All Boss Pokemon

All Boss Pokemon
Zapdos Icon.pngZapdos Drednaw Icon.pngDrednaw Rotom Icon.pngRotom
Ludicolo Icon.pngLudicolo Bouffalant Icon.pngBouffalant Avalugg.pngAvalugg
Electrode.pngElectrode ~ ~

What are Wild Pokemon?

Wild Pokemon Banner.png
Wild Pokemon are Pokemon that appear in certain places in the map at certain timings throughout the game. Defeating Wild Pokemon gives XP and Aeos Points, as well as other benefits depending on their type.
They are the main source of Aeos Points and XP in the game, apart from defeating enemy Pokemon.

Spawn Timings and Locations

Timing Wild Pokemon
9:45 Pokemon such as Aipom and Corphish appear. Ludicolo and Bouffalant also appear.
Remaining 8:50 3 Combees and a Vespiqueen appear in the center of the top and bottom lanes.
Remaining 8:45 4 Corphish appear in the central jungle.
Remaining 7:00 Rotom and Drednaw appear in the center of the top and bottom lanes.
Remaining 2:00 Zapdos appears in the center of the map.


Aipom and Corphish
Aipom and Corphish
At this timing, wild Pokemon such as Aipom and Corphish appear near the wall around the lane and near the grass. Defeating these Pokemon grants points.
Ludicolo location
Ludicolo appears near the center (jungle). Ludicolo appears in the direction where Lillipup is moving, either top or bottom. Defeating Ludicolo grants a buff.
Bouffalant location
Bouffalant appears near the center (jungle). Bouffalant appears just opposite of Ludicolo. Defeating Bouffalant also grants a buff.

Remaining 8:50

Vespiqueen and Combees
Vespiqueen and Combees
At this timing, 3 Combees and a Vespiqueen appear in the center of the top and bottom. Defeating them gives 10 points, so make it also a top priority. Be sure not to get intercepted by the enemy. Communicate with the team when looking to defeat these Pokemon.

Remaining 8:45

At this timing, 4 Corphish appear in the central jungle. Having 4 Corphish means more points, defeating them contributes a lot to the team score.

Remaining 7:00

Rottom location
Rotom appears at the tip of the top lane. Defeating Rotom grants a lot of points to the team. Rotom also speeds up the charging time when capturing goals. Be sure to try to contest Rotom when the enemy is also attempting to defeat Rotom.
Drednaw location
Drednaw appears at the foot of the bottom lane. Defeating Drednaw grants a lot of points, and shields to the team. Be sure to try to contest Drednaw when the enemy is also attempting to defeat Drednaw.

Remaining 2:00

Drednaw location
At this timing, Zapdos appear in the center of the map. Defeating Zapdos and claiming its benefits can solidify the team's position to win, or can turn things around if the team is behind.
Zapdos is powerful, be sure that the entire team is present to help defeat Zapdos. If the enemy team is already attempting to defeat Zapdos, try to get the last hit so the bonuses goes to the allied team instead..

Respawn Timings

Wild Pokemon

Evolves When 2 Mintues Left (Translated).png
Wild Pokemon generally respawns about 1 minute after being defeated. Aipom stops respawning at the Remaining 2:00 timing, while others continue to respawn but are evolved.
Evolved wild Pokemon have increased points when defeated.

Rotom and Drednaw

Shows Respawn Timer (Translated).png
Both Pokemon will start a 30 second countdown shown on the map at the top left of the screen. Always be aware of the timer. However, they stop respawning at the Remaining 2:00 timing.


Zapdos Boss.png
Once defeated, Zapdos won't respawn again. Be sure the team defeats it before the enemy does. Zapdos should always be a top priority for an objective. Defeating him can turn things around, or can solidify a win.

List of Wild Pokemon

Normal Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Description
AipomAipom Points Earned: 2 - 5
Early on, Aipom has low points to give. It will not appear in the remaining 2 minutes.
AudinoAudino Points Earned: 5 - 7
Appears first at the center of the top and bottom. When the goal is destroyed, it appears in the lane of the destroyed goal.
CombeeCombee Points Earned: 2 - 3
Three Combees appear with Vespiqueen. Respawns at the destroyed goal.
CorphishCorphish Points Earned: 3 - 4
Evolves into Craudant with 2 minutes remaining, and increases points given.
LillipupLillipup Points Earned: 2 - 3
Evolves into Herdier and increases points given in the remaining 2 minutes.
VespiquenVespiquen Points Earned: 4 - 6
Appears with three Combees. Respawns at the destroyed goal.

These Pokemon are scattered around the map. They are easy to defeat. They give XP and Aeos Points when defeated.

Buffed Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Description
BouffalantBouffalant Points Earned: 4 - 7
Grants a buff that makes attacks reduce enemy movement speed.
LudicoloLudicolo Points Earned: 4 - 7
Grants a buff that increases attack power of the Pokemon.

These Pokemon are few compared to Normal Wild Pokemon. Apart from XP and Aeos Points, they give special buffs to the player who defeated them.

Legendary Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Description
DrednawDrednaw Points Earned: 20
Grants EXP points and shields to the allied team.
RotomRotom Points Earned: 20
Rotom heads towards an enemy goal and aid the allied team in capturing it. Enables faster charging time.
ZapdosZapdos Points Earned: 20
Gives +20 points to the team. Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to be captured.

These Pokemon are also called Boss Wild Pokemon. They only spawn at the top (Rotom), center (Zapdos), and bottom (Drednaw) lanes of the map. They are difficult to beat, and requires the entire team to take down. Once defeated, they grant bonus benefits to the team that defeats them.

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