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Electrode: How to Beat and Rewards

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This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Electrode in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know when Electrode appears, how and when to beat Electrode, what moves Electrode has, what rewards Electrode gives, and more!

Electrode Catch 'Em Battles Info

A new game mode called Catch 'Em Battles, allows players to catch Wild Pokemon like Electrode and use them in battle!

Catch 'Em Battles Moves and Details
Electrode Wild Pokemon IconElectrode Moves
Electrode Wild Pokemon IconDischarge
Electrode Wild Pokemon IconExplosion
Points 15
Spawn Details Spawns at 4:50
Spawn Location Top
Spawns on the sideskirts of the top lane.

Catch ’Em Battles Guide

Electrode Overview

Electrode Location

Shivre City
Shivre City Electrode Location.png

Electrode Spawn and Respawn Timers

Time Remaining 4:35
Respawn Time :45

Electrode Rewards

Aeos Energy 10-13
EXP Points TBA

Electrode Respawn Time

Respawn Time
45 Seconds (In-game time)

Electrode will respawn at around 45 seconds. It will keep respawning until the end of the match.

How to Beat Electrode

Difficulty Medium

Run if You Can't Beat It

Electrode Explosion.png
If you know you can't defeat Electrode, start running away from its blast radius. It isn't worth risking the huge damage and stun that you'll receive from getting caught in the blast.

Though it won't drop any points, you will still get XP if you were the last one to do damage.

Best Roles to Beat Electrode

Role Rating
Attacker ★★★★★
Speedster ★★★★★
All-Rounder ★★★★★
Defender ★★☆☆☆
Supporter ★★☆☆☆

All damage archetype Pokemon will be a good bet to defeat Electrode both early and late into the game.

Supporters and Defenders will have a very tough time trying to defeat Electrode, even in the late game if they do it alone.

Electrode cannot be stunned or disabled once he starts casting self-destruct at 60% HP left, so your best bet would be Pokemon that deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

All Pokemon UNITE Roles

When to Beat Electrode

Ambush the Opposing Team

Electrode Contested

Once the opponents deal enough damage until there is only 60% left of Electrode's HP, they will most likely start rushing to defeat it before it explodes by using all their moves.

This will be the perfect opportunity to sneak in and do the last bit of damage yourself.

By doing this, you'll more likely keep yourself safe since your opponents won't have any moves left to attack you.

When You Are Strong Enough

Electrode is very tough in the early part of the game. This also makes him more dangerous since his self-destruct does a huge amount of damage.

Depending on your Pokemon Type, you can start attacking it alone early, if you want. Just be mindful that it takes 5 seconds for the cast time of self-destruct to finish.

When Not to go to Electrode

Don't Go Solo Early

Pokemon UNITE Electrode Self Destruct.png

Early into the match, Electrode will be too tough to defeat before its self-destruct cast time finishes.

If you need to defeat Electrode early, try using pings to let your team know you need help!

Electrode Moves

Normal Attack

Pokemon UNITE Electrode Basic Attack

Electrode's basic attack has simple properties that does damage to only 1 Pokemon at a time.


Pokemon UNITE Electrode self destruct cast time.png

When Electrode's HP drops down to 60% left, it will start casting a self-destruct move for 5 seconds before exploading.

Electrode cannot be disabled during this cast time.

This move does huge amounts of damage and also briefly stuns any Pokemon caught in the blast.

Electrode Rewards

Aeos Energy 10-13
Bonus Effect None.

Electrode will reward the Trainer that defeats it with 10 - 13 Aeos Energy.

Is Electrode Worth It?

For what it's worth, Electrode only gives around x3-4 Aeos Energy of what basic Wild Pokemon found around the map give.

In the early game, it is definitely not worth the risk of being ambushed, getting stunned, or even dying to self-destruct.

However, Electrode is part of the Quick Battle Challenges and there's a mission where you need to defeat Electrode a total of 6 times. So go get those points!

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