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Pokemon UNITE - Mew Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

The best guide on how to play Mew in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Check here for the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as the latest nerfs, buffs, counters, matchups, and how to get Mew for free!

Mew Pokemon Pages
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Mew Latest Nerfs & Buffs (4/4)

Version Balance Patch

Mew Move Changes (April 4)
Synchronize Image
• Move reset cooldown increased from 20s to 25s.
Electro Ball Image
Electro Ball
• Damage reduced by 10%.
Solar Beam Image
Solar Beam
• Cooldown reduced from 9s to 10s.

Stat Updates Sp. Attack decreased. Fixed an issue where certain moves can't be selected when playing Mew.

Standard Attack Boosted Attack damage decreased. Boosted Attack: Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 2446 to 2076. (-15%)

Agility Fixed an issue that prevented it from passing through walls. • Fixed a bug where this ability would trigger in a different direction than intended. Move effect on the player reduced. Cooldown increased.

Electro Ball Damage reduced by 10%.

Solar Beam • Fixed a bug where this ability would trigger in a different direction than intended. Early game damage reduced by 25%. Late game damage reduced by 10%. Fixed a bug that caused the move to be used in an unintended direction. Solar Beam+: Reduced the cooldown reduction effect of this move when hitting an opponent. Cooldown reduced from 9s to 10s.

Surf Early game damage reduced from 665 to 505. (-24%) Late game damage reduced from 2451 to 2249. (-8%)

Synchronize Movement Speed buff effect on Mew & its allies reduced. Move reset cooldown increased from 20s to 25s.

Mystical Mirage Early game damage reduced from 1478 to 1260. (-15%)

Mew Basic Info

Tier Rating: S Rank Icon

Role: Attacker
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Difficulty: Novice
"Psych out the competition with this trickster of a Ranged Attacker on Aeos Island!"

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Mew Best Lanes

Top Icon.pngTop Jungle Icon.pngJungle Bot Icon.pngBottom
4 Stars.png
5 Stars.png
4 Stars.png

Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ Offers dynamic gameplay that can adapt to any situations.
✔︎ Moves have great synergy with one another.
✖︎ Move damage is relatively weak compared to other Attackers in the roster.

Price and Cost

Pokemon UNITE - Mew License Now Available

Pokemon UNITE - Mew LicenseUNITE License: Mew
Aeos Coin Icon 15,000
Aeos Gems 575

As of October 13, 2022, Mew's Pokemon UNITE License is now purchaseable in the shop for 15,000 Aeos Coins / 575 Aeos Gems! This comes after the end of Mew's Mural Event where Trainers had a chance to get the license for free.

Mew's Mural Challenge Event Guide

Best Builds for Mew


Offense-Focused Build

Offense-Focused Build
Pokemon UNITE - Best Build Icon
Held Items Battle Item
Item Effects
(at Level 30)
Sp. Atk: +108
HP: +210
Recommended Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation Yes Jungle
Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane
Emblem Color Combination Target Emblem Stats
Positive Stats:
Sp. Atk
Free Negative Stats:
Critical-Hit Rate
The emblem color and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems.

This build turns Mew into a dedicated damage dealer. To maximize damage, Mew needs to stay at the backlines during team fights and keep a safe distance away from enemies, since the build lacks defensive items. Although Mew can switch back and forth between its moveset, it will mostly rely on Light Screen and Solar Beam or Electro Ball as the main sources of damage due to their synergy and damage. Mew can also learn Agility as a repositioning tool if needed.

Wise Glasses provides a large amount of Sp. Atk. for maximum damage thanks to its percentage-based stat boost. Choice Specs adds more Sp. Atk. and increases Mew's move damage by a set amount when they hit. Slick Spoon offers Sp. Atk. and HP suitable for a fragile attacker. It also gives Mew Sp. Def. penetration, improving its damage output even more.

X Attack gives Mew even more firepower for maximum damage. Alternatively, Eject Button can also work fine with the build, giving Mew a quick and easy way to disengage from hectic fights.

The build's Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Green Emblems for an extra Sp. Attack boost and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Equip Emblems that improve Sp. Atk to maximize Mew's damage output. Attack and Critical-Hit Rate can be freely traded for the other stats.

Moveset Combinations

Offense Movesets + Utility Movesets

This combination of moves prioritizes increasing Mew's damage output. For offense, going for Solar Beam gives the Pokemon a passive, long-ranged approach, while Electro Ball allows Mew to get aggressive with its stun capability. For utility, Agility makes Mew nimble enough to maneuver around its opponents while dealing damage. On the other hand, shooting Electro Ball or Solar Beam through a Light Screen increases its effectiveness.

Defense-Focused Build

Defense-Focused Build
Held Items Battle Item
Item Effects
(at Level 30)
Sp. Atk: +30
Defense: +30
Sp. Def: +30
HP: +660
Recommended Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane
Emblem Color Combination Target Emblem Stats
Positive Stats:
Sp. Atk
Free Negative Stats:
Critical-Hit Rate
The emblem color and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems.

This build gives Mew the durability it needs to continuously use Surf to displace and stun opponents. It also gives Mew enough protection from getting knocked out easily. Moreover, the increase in survivability can help set up Mystical Mirage for crucial fights.

Slick Spoon gives a nice balance of offense and defense through increased Sp. Atk. and HP, and its Sp. Def. penetration effect. Focus Band is Mew's main durability and survivability item, increasing its defenses and providing a fail-safe tool. Buddy Barrier gives a hefty amount of HP to beef up Mew as it uses Surf while also acting as a teamfight tool whe it activates Mystical Mirage.

Eject Button gives Mew a way to disengage from opponents when it dives into the fray. It is also a quick repositioning tool that can get the Pokemon to the middle of a battle for activating Mystical Mirage.

The build's Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Green Emblems to maximize your moves' damage and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Equip Emblems that improve Sp. Atk or HP to balance out Mew's damage and defense. Attack and Critical-Hit Rate can be freely traded for the other stats.

Moveset Combinations

Offense Movesets + Utility Movesets

This combination focuses on sustaining Mew and your teammates with extra defenses and hindrance resistance. The extra protection can help Mew to navigate the battlefield and set up fights with Mystical Mirage. You can use Surf to disable opponents and reposition Mew around the battlefield. All while keeping the defense engine going with Coaching. For general damage, you can use either Solar Beam or Electro Ball first to kite targets from afar before charging in with Surf.

Support-Focused Build

Support-Focused Build
Held Items Battle Item
Item Effects
(at Level 30)
Defense: +30
Sp. Def: +30
Movement Speed: +150
HP: +690
Recommended Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane
Emblem Color Combination Target Emblem Stats
Positive Stats:
Sp. Atk
Free Negative Stats:
Critical-Hit Rate
The emblem color and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems.

This build focuses on enhancing the team's effectiveness in combat while providing suppressing fire from a safe distance, turning Mew into a support Pokemon. It mainly revolves around shielding and buffing allies with Coaching, all while taking advantage of Synchronize's movement speed buff.

Exp. Share is Mew's primary support item, allowing its lane partner to level up faster and giving Mew a passive source of EXP. It also gives a decent movement speed boost for rotating and roaming the map and additional HP for durability. Rescue Hood enhances Mew's durability through increased defenses and improves Coaching's shielding effect. Buddy Barrier provides an ample amount of HP to prolong Mew's life while it's supporting its team. It can also support an ally by giving it a shield when Mew uses its Unite Move.

X Speed gives Mew more mobility for maneuvering around the battlefield and keeping up with its allies. It also protects the Pokemon from enemy slows.

The build's Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Green Emblems to maximize Mew's move damage and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Equip Emblems that improve Sp. Atk or HP for a well-balanced stats. Attack and Critical-Hit Rate can be freely traded for the other stats.

Moveset Combinations

Offense Movesets + Utility Movesets

This combination makes Mew act like an offensive-support Pokemon that enhances its teammates' effectiveness in battle and still contribute to the team's overall offense. Mew can sit at the backlines and provide suppressing fire with Solar Beam while increasing its allies' attack speed with Coaching or hinder enemy movement with Light Screen. Additionally, having extra HP from boost emblems and Buddy Barrier allows Mew to engage and disable opponents in fights using Surf.

Mew Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

Item Explanation
Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest Assault Vest gives Mew extra protection from Sp. Attacks, which it is weak against. The additional HP also increases Mew's survivability.
Buddy Barrier.pngBuddy Barrier Buddy Barrier increases Mew's HP by a significant amount. It also provides an extra shield to both itself and an ally when it activates its Unite move.
Focus Band.pngFocus Band Focus Band provides additional defenses that can protect Mew from getting burst down. It also helps Mew get back some of its HP when it gets dangerously low, which is useful during the early game.
Wise Glasses.pngWise Glasses Wise Glasses increases Mew's Sp. Attack stat by a significant amount. This, in turn, increases Mew's move damage.
Shell Bell.pngShell Bell Aside from adding to Mew's Sp. Attack stat, Shell Bell gives a decent amount of HP recovery each time Mew hits an opponent with a move. It also slightly decreases move cooldowns.
Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs Choice Specs gives Mew's moves a flat increase in damage when it hits an opponent. It allows you to get aggressive and pressure opponents effectively.
Slick Spoon.pngSlick Spoon Slick Spoon enhances Mew's offensive moves by ignoring a portion of its target's Sp. Def., especially against high-durability Pokemon, dealing more damage as a result. It also provides increased Sp. Atk. and HP, which are essential to the Pokemon.

List of Held Items

Best Battle Items

Item Explanation
Eject Button.pngEject Button Eject Button allows Mew to have an easy access to a repositioning tool for getting clear shots. The item also provides an escape tool for getting out of dangerous situations.
X Speed.pngX Speed X Speed provides a more consistent way for increasing Mew's mobility. It allows the Pokemon to effectively maneuver around the battlefield while also getting protected from hindrances.
X Attack.pngX Attack X Attack gives Mew additional firepower for a short amount of time. This can help get the last few damages in for defeating opponents or turning the fight around.

List of Battle Items

Best Moveset

Move Explanation
Solar Beam ImageSolar Beam Solar Beam turns Mew into an offensive powerhouse that can snipe down multiple targets from afar. Its cooldown reduction mechanic when upgraded makes it a great burst move perfect for any objective.
Light Screen ImageLight Screen Light Screen offers a lot of value. You can use the move as wall to block off enemy movement, combo off with your damaging move, or use it as a shield for extra protection.

Although Mew can create different move combinations, Solar Beam and Light Screen have proven to be the most effective pair for general use. Running this combination allows Mew to realize its Attacker playstyle while also giving it the utility it needs for setting up shots and disrupting opponents.

Which Moveset Do You Think is Best For Mew?

Electro Ball & Agility 4
Electro Ball & Light Screen 10
Electro Ball & Coaching 2
Solar Beam & Agility 3
Solar Beam & Light Screen 58
Solar Beam & Coaching 1
Surf & Agility 1
Surf & Light Screen 6
Surf & Coaching 2

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Previous Poll Result

Electro Ball & Agility 17
Electro Ball & Light Screen 11
Electro Ball & Coaching 8
Solar Beam & Agility 7
Solar Beam & Light Screen 159
Solar Beam & Coaching 3
Surf & Agility 16
Surf & Light Screen 6
Surf & Coaching 2

How to Play Mew

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Race to Level 5

Mew's power spike goes online when it reaches level 5. During the early game, it is best to focus on farming Wild Pokemon instead of prioritizing getting kills - unless opponents overextend.

Pick Electro Ball + Agility as Your Starting Moveset

For the best start, we recommend learning Electro Ball first as your damaging move because of its low cooldown and sure-hit move type. Then, when Mew reaches level 3, learn Agility to get extra mobility. This combination of moves gives Mew enough flexibility for farming Wild Pokemon or engaging in brawls with opponents during the early game.

Go to the Jungle Path for Fast EXP

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Taking the Jungler Role.png

The fastest way to reach high levels during the early game is to take the Jungler role and farm the Wild Pokemon present in the central area of the map. Here, you will most likely be alone in farming, giving you the full EXP.

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Never Fight Alone

Although Mew is capable of adapting to any situation with its Move Reset mechanic, you will find that it can still take time to shift between playstyles in the heat of battle. To increase your chance of survival and maximize your damage output, it is still best to treat Mew as a squishy Attacker that is at its best when it is close to its allies.

Activate Moves Near Allies

Thanks to Synchronize, each time the Mew uses a move, it and nearby ally Pokemon will have their movement speed increased for a short time. Aside from spamming moves whenever they are ready, always keep in mind where you activate your moves so your teammates can benefit from the extra effect, especially for moments where movement speed is important like retreating from a losing fight or chasing enemies.

Move Reset Mechanic Strategy

When Mew reaches level 5, it will have access to the Move Reset icon, which can be used to change its current moveset for a new one. This allows you to change your playstyle on the fly and adapt to any situation. While this mechanic is straightforward enough, here are some strategies to take note of to maximize the move's value:

Swap Out Moves That are on Cooldown

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Swapping Out a cooldown move

It is possible to switch out a move while it is still on cooldown. For example, after using Surf, you do not have to wait for its long cooldown to finish. Instead, you can use Move Reset to quickly switch to either Electro Ball or Solar Beam to maintain the offensive. You can do this with your other moveset too. So, try to exhaust your current moves first before switching to your other moves to get maximum value!

Reduce Move Reset Cooldown by Staying Active

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Scoring a Goal Zone

Synchronize's cooldown is reduced each time you knock out or assist in knocking out an opponent or score a goal. This incentivizes you for participating in team activities throughout the game by sticking with your allies, hunting down targets, or scoring points to utilize it. A good strategy is to score small amounts of points in quick succession to reduce Synchronize's cooldown as fast as possible.

Change Moves Based on Playstyle

Synchronize gives Mew a dynamic feel in battle. Once activated, you will get to select one (1) out of three (3) moves for each of your move slots. Since there are many moveset combinations that you can do, knowing which of them goes well with the other can be beneficial in realizing Mew's playstyle, especially in the heat of combat. Below are our suggestions for moveset combinations:

Burst Down Targets with Electro Ball

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Bursting Down a Target with Electro Ball.png

Electro Ball is a straightforward, damage move that is great for brawls. Although its range is a bit short, you will find its sure-hit type beneficial for dealing quick damage. Overall, its ability to stun targets while also being able to burst down low HP opponents makes it a great finisher move.

Electro Ball: Mew Move Effect and Cooldown

Snipe Targets from Afar with Solar Beam

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Bursting Down Duraludon with Solar Beam.png

Solar Beam is a long-ranged move that is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage on multiple enemies. One key mechanic of the move is its ability to reduce the cooldown for each opponent it hits once it is upgraded. However, you may find the move to be.

Solar Beam: Mew Move Effect and Cooldown

Disable Opponents Surf

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Riding the Waves with Surf.png

Surf is a great move that is useful for disrupting the opposing team during team fights. It is also a great initiating tool thanks to the defense buff it provides. Keep in mind, however, that it has a long cooldown, so plan your Surf activations accordingly.

Surf: Mew Move Effect and Cooldown

Get Extra Mobility with Agility

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Retreating with Agility.png

Agility is a quick and effective dash move that can be used to maneuver Mew around the battlefield to get clear shots. It also replenishes Mew's Boosted Meter when used, allowing you to easily pressure opponents constantly.

Surf: Mew Move Effect and Cooldown

Block Enemy Paths with Light Screen

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Setting Up Light Screen.png

Set up Light Screen to displace and hinder enemy movement. You can even use its second activation to turn the wall into a shield for extra protection. Moreover, you can use it to combo off with your damaging moves as attacking through the wall boosts their effectiveness.

Light Screen: Mew Move Effect and Cooldown

Protect Allies with Coaching

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Protecting Allies with Coaching.png

Coaching is a great support-based move that allows you to give your teammates buffs and shields in quick succession. One key interaction with this move is its ability to reduce your damaging move's cooldown by a significant amount if you manage to use Coaching on multiple allies.

Coaching: Mew Move Effect and Cooldown

Reserve Mystical Mirage for Team Fights

Pokemon UNITE - Mew Using Mystical Mirage in Team Fight

Mystical Mirage is a great utility move perfect for team clashes. Activating it will make you and each ally within the area invisible, essentially making the team untargettable for a short time. This will make securing objectives much harder for the enemy team as they won't be able to line their shots properly.

Mystical Mirage: Mew UNITE Move Effect and Cooldown

Does Not Block Area of Effect Damage

Keep in mind that Mystical Mirage does not protect you against AoE damage from the enemy team. If enemy moves like Fanciful Fireworks or Sand Stream are in effect when you activate Mystical Mirage, you and your team will still take damage.

Synchronize Reduces Unite Move Cooldown

Each time you activate Synchronize, Mystical Mirage's cooldown will be reduced by 7 seconds. This means that you can keep your Unite Move online if you manage to take advantage of Synchronize's cooldown reduction mechanic. A good strategy is to keep activating Move Reset every time it is available. Since you are not forced to pick other moves in the pool, you can still re-select the moves you are currently running and only take advantage of the cooldown reduction!

Mew Progression and Leveling Guide

Top or Bottom Lane Guide

Level Objectives
1 - 4 • Learn Electro Ball as your initial damaging move. Secure as many wild Pokemon as you can to get to higher levels quickly. You can then learn Light Screen for blocking opponents when contesting Wild Pokemon spawns, or learn Agility if you want to get aggressive.
• Make sure to activate your moves near your allies so they can get the movement speed buff from Synchronize.
• If you're at the bottom lane, prioritize taking Indeedees for more EXP.
5 - 8 • Once you reach level 5 and get Move Reset, you can then change your initial moveset to your preferred combination.
• Reach level 7 to access your other moveset.
• Help your allies secure Regice, Registeel, or Regirock at the bottom lane, and Regieleki after. Use Solar Beam for a better chance of securing objectives.
• When Mew reaches level 8 and learns Mystical Mirage you can then transition to getting aggressive with your teammates and push lanes.
9+ • Stick with your team to hunt targets, secure objectives, and push lanes to utilize Synchrnoize.
• Reach at least level 13 before or when Rayquaza spawns for a fully-ugraded moveset and better stats
• Make sure you have Mystical Mirage available when Rayquaza spawns. Activate it before the team clash happens to protect your allies from the initial wave of moves thrown by your opponents.
• Help your allies win the teamfight and secure Rayquaza. Otherwise, knock down your opponents before they can score their points.

Jungle Guide

Level Objectives
1 - 5 • Learn Electro Ball first and take advantage of its sure-hit controls and fast cooldown to farm Wild Pokemon. Learn Agility next for better mobility when navigating the jungle area.
• Clear the first wave of jungle camps and reach level 5 to get Move Reset and switch your moveset to your desired combination.
• Transition to a lane and help your teammates secure the Altaria and Swablus spawn, getting kills, and scoring points if you can.
6 - 8 • Clear the second wave of jungle camps. At the 8-minute (8:00) mark of the match, go to the Legendary Pit where Rayquaza spawns and farm the extra Altaria and Swablus spawn.
• If possible, reach level 8 to get Mystical Mirage before or when objectives spawn.
• Help your allies get Regice, Registeel, or Regirock at the bottom lane, and Regieleki after. Use Solar Beam for a better chance of securing objectives.
9+ • Stick with your allies to hunt targets, secure objectives, and push lanes to utilize Synchronize
• Reach level 13 or higher before or when Rayquaza spawns for a fully-upgraded moveset
• Save your Mystical Mirage activation when Rayquaza spawns
• Since you have a relatively higher level as a jungler, you can focus on picking off the enemy team to open up Rayquaza for the taking.

Mew Combos

Light Screen Boost Combo

Light Screen Boost Combo
Light Screen IconElectro Ball Icon OR Solar Beam IconLight Screen IconStandard Attack Icon (Boosted Attack)

Light ScreenElectro Ball OR Solar BeamLight ScreenStandard Attack (Boosted Attack)
This combo utilizes the boosting effect your damaging move gets when it passes through a Light Screen. Start by setting up Light Screen near the target. Then, shoot either an Electro Ball or a Solar Beam through the wall. This will increase their damage and effect. After that, use Light Screen's second activation to recall the wall to you. Finish the combo by hitting the target with a Boosted Attack.

Agility Burst Combo

Agility Burst Combo
Agility IconElectro Ball IconAgility IconStandard Attack Icon (Boosted Attack) ► Synchronize Icon (Move Reset) to Solar Beam Icon OR Surf Icon

AgilityElectro BallAgilityStandard Attack (Boosted Attack) ► Synchronize (Move Reset) to Solar Beam OR Surf
This combo utilizes Agility to dash around the target and burst them down with attacks. Before doing this combo, make sure to have two (2) charges of Agility available. Start by using the first Agility charge to reposition Mew near the target. Once close enough, hit them with an Electro Ball. Use the second Agility charge immediately after. Use it to reposition Mew away from the target. At this point, your boosted attack will be full, which you will use to deal heavy damage. After that, immediately use Move Reset to change your damaging move. Pick Solar Beam to deal massive amounts of damage from afar, or pickSurf if you want to disable the target.

Quick Swap Combo

Quick Swap Combo
Light Screen IconSurf IconSynchronize Icon (Move Reset) to Electro Ball Icon OR Solar Beam Icon

Light ScreenSurfSynchronize (Move Reset) to Electro Ball OR Solar Beam
This combo takes advantage of the Move Reset mechanic to deal two damaging moves in quick succession. Start by setting up a Light Screen near the target. Then, activate Surf through the wall and hit the target. Once both of your moves are on cooldown, you can swap them out for different moves to use with Move Reset. Pick either Electro Ball or Solar Beam to finish the combo.

Matchups & Counters for Mew

Mew Matchups

Hard Counter
Fair Matchup
AegislashAzumarillBlastoiseBlisseyBuzzwoleChandelureDragoniteGardevoirGengarGlaceonGoodraGreedentGreninjaLaprasMachampMamoswineMr. MimePikachuSnorlaxSylveonTrevenantUmbreonUrshifuWigglytuff
Good Matchup
Alolan NinetalesCharizardClefableComfeyCramorantCrustleDecidueyeDelphoxDragapultDuraludonEldegossEspeonGarchompHoopaSableyeSlowbroVenusaur
Matchup Notes
Hard CounterHard Counter Even MatchupEven Matchup Easy MatchupEasy Matchup
1. The chart is based on our own experience playing Mew.
2. Pokemon within each tier are unordered
3. Any Pokemon not shown here are still under investigation.

Hard Counter by Closing the Gap

Pokemon that can that can get close and beatdown Mew quick enough before it takes advantage of Move reset will have a high chance of winning the brawl against the Pokemon. Although Mew has an escape tool via Agility, the move's short range does not give the Pokemon a clean getaway move. Moreover, having a dash move of your own can help you dodge moves attacks and catch up to it when it tries to escape.

Best Counters

Pokemon Explanation
Lucario ImageLucario Rating: ★★★★★
• Can quickly get close to Mew and dodge its attacks with Extreme Speed or Power-Up Punch.
• Can stun Mew in place and disrupt its attacks with its boosted attack.
• Can protect itself from Mew's burst damage with Steadfast if it sustains a lot of damage.
Cinderace ImageCinderace Rating: ★★★★★
• Can cleany dodge all of moves attacks with Feint.
• Can quickly take down Mew with fast Standard Attacks before it can utilize Move Reset.
• A long-ranged Blazing Bicycle Kick is enough to deplete Mew's heath to dangerously low.
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Rating: ★★★★
• Can directly dive Mew and burst it down with Brave Bird or Fly.
• Can close the distance or shove Mew out of position using Flame Sweep.
Tyranitar ImageTyranitar Rating: ★★★
• Can approach Mew while ignoring its disables using Ancient Power
Sand Stream can continously pressure Mew when it gets in range.
• A couple of attacks while in Tyrannical Rampage are enough to take out Mew.

Even Matchups

Use Mew's Reset ability to adapt depending on the Pokemon you're going against. However, you need to be careful when you use Reset since the enemy can take advantage of it and take you out while you're choosing your moveset.

Strike First

Fragile Damage Dealers
Chandelure Image Gardevoir Image Glaceon Image Greninja Image Pikachu Image Sylveon Image
How to Beat
• Use Mystical Mirage to approach them safely before using your moves or attacking.
• Take advantage of Solar Beam's range and damage to chip away their HP and force them to retreat.
• Use Agility or Coaching to outmaneuver them.

Stay at the Backlines

Durable Pokemon with Crowd Control
Blastoise Image Blissey Image Goodra Image Lapras Image Greedent Image Mamoswine Image Mr. Mime Image Snorlax Image Trevenant Image Wigglytuff Image
How to Beat
• Block their path using Light Screen to prevent them from setting up their moves.
• Stay at the backlines and use Solar Beam to turn their high HP against them.
• Use Agility or Coaching to dodge their crowd control moves and outmaneuver them.

Avoid or Disrupt Their Combos

Combo-Heavy Pokemon
Aegislash Image Azumarill Image Buzzwole Image Dragonite Image Gengar Image Machamp Image Umbreon Image
How to Beat
• These Pokemon deal heavy damage through combos, so prevent their setups by using Light Screen.
• Stay at the backlines and use Solar Beam to discourage them from approaching you.
• Use Agility or Coaching in order to dodge their initial setup and avoid 1v1 fights as much as possible.

Easy Matchups for Mew

When fighting these Pokemon, Move Reset is not that important compared to fighting Mew's couters and eve matchups. You can just stick to moves that you are comfortable with and find that they are sufficient for staving off these Pokemon.

Utilize the Ranged Advantage

Pokemon that Rely Melee Attacks
Charizard Image Garchomp Image
How to Beat
• These Pokemon can rip their targets to shreds once they are close enough. Fortunately, their mobility moves are not that effective and can be taken advantage of. Walling them off with a Light Screen or getting ground with Agility will make it harder for them to get in position.
• For Charizard, cripple its progression by knocking it out and stealing its farm in the early game. Once it reaches level 9, you only need to avoid getting caught by Seismic Slam to win against it.
• The combination of slow and quick cooldown from Electro Ball will be enough to pressure them constantly before they can reach Mew.

Outclass with Moves

Attacker Pokemon
Alolan Ninetales Image Cramorant Image Decidueye Image Delphox Image Dragapult Image Duraludon Image Venusaur Image
How to Beat
• Thanks to Mew's Move Reset ability, it is able to get the upper hand towards these Pokemon by switching its playstyle and exploit their weaknesses. When fighting long- ranged Attackers like Decidueye or Duraludon, it is best to use Agility to reposition and evade their attacks while countering with a Solar Beam.
• When fighting them during a clash, negate some of their AoE damage applying shields to your whole team with Coaching.
• Take advantage of Electro Ball's low cooldown to pressure them out of position.

Evade Their Set Ups

Durable Pokemon with Disables
Crustle Image Slowbro Image
How to Beat
•These Pokemon are great at disabling single targets. Whil they are able to shut Mew down for a moment, their effectiveness rely on how their teammates captilize on them. You can counter their disables by getting out of their range by dashing with Agility or, when an ally is near, teleport to an ally with Coaching
• When you are at long range, pressure them with Solar Beam attacks.

Burst Them Down Quickly

Pokemon that Always Sticks with an Ally
Clefable Image Comfey Image Eldegoss Image Hoopa Image Sableye Image
How to Beat
• Because Supporter Pokemon rely on their teammates to become effective, it is best to focus on taking out these Pokemon first to cut off the opposing team's support system. since they will mostly likely position at the back lines of the fight, you can snipe them down with Solar Beam

Best Teammates for Mew

Pokemon Explanation
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir
Venusaur ImageVenusaur
Easy enemy takedowns
These Pokemon have powerful burst attacks and are capable of stunning enemies from a safe distance, allowing Mew to concentrate on dealing damage.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime
Sableye ImageSableye
Stuns and Debuffs
These Pokemon have means of inflicting debuffs and shutting down targets with their moves. This allows Mew to catch up and take enemies down easier when pushing lanes.
Slowbro ImageSlowbro
Snorlax ImageSnorlax
Tanky Disablers
These Pokemon can lead the charge and help Mew setup its attacks with their disabling moves during a lane push or when securing objectives.
Absol ImageAbsol
Zoroark ImageZoroark
High Burst Damagers
These Pokemon help contribute damage through pinning down enemies with combos and burst attacks. While it's still recommended to go with either a Defender or Supporter ally, Speedsters are a huge help when trying to dominate lanes as early as possible.
Machamp ImageMachamp
Urshifu ImageUrshifu
Hard-hitting Initiators
These Pokemon are very dependable allies as they have means to buff or sustain themselves. Whether it's securing objectives or pushing lanes, Machamp and Urshifu are built to initiate clashes, stun enemies, and create openings for their teammates.

Mew Moves

Move Slot 1 (R)

Surf ImageSurf
(Lv. 1 or 5 with Move Reset)
Upgrade Lv. 10
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 12s
Total Damage: 486 / 2175
Has the user charge forward on a wave, shoving opposing Pokemon and leaving them unable to act. The user gains a shield and becomes immune to hindrances while using this move. At the end of this move, the user can jump in a designated direction and becomes immune to hindrances for a short time. Upgrade: Strengthens the effect of the shield granted while using this move.
Solar Beam ImageSolar Beam
(Lv. 1 or 5 with Move Reset)
Upgrade Lv. 10
Move Type: Area
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 10s
Total Damage: 594 (Per Hit: 194 x3) / 2682 (Per Hit: 894 x3)
Has the user blast a bundled beam of light, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. If this move hits any opposing Pokemon, the user gains one additional boost counter. Upgrade: Reduces this move's cooldown by one second for each opposing Pokemon it hits.
Electro Ball ImageElectro Ball
(Lv. 1 or 5 with Move Reset)
Upgrade Lv. 10
Move Type: Sure Hit
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: 379 / 1568
Has the user hurl an electric orb, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and leaving them paralyzed for a short time. This move deals more damage the lower the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP is. Upgrade: Strengthens the effect of the paralysis inflicted by this move.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Light Screen ImageLight Screen
(Lv. 3 or 5 with Move Reset)
Upgrade Lv. 12
Move Type: Buff
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 10s
Light Screen Has the user create a translucent wall at the designated location. Opposing Pokemon cannot pass through the wall and will be shoved if they make contact with it. If the user's Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf move passes through the wall, the effects of the move (such as damage, range, and area of effect) will be boosted. If this move is used again, it pulls the wall closer and has it move with the user. While the wall moves with the user, attacks from opposing Pokemon that pass through it will deal reduced damage. Upgrade: Increases the size of the wall.
Agility ImageAgility
(Lv. 3 or 5 with Move Reset)
Upgrade Lv. 12
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 2s
Agility Has the user move quickly in the designated direction, increasing its movement speed for a short time. A maximum of two uses can be kept in reserve for this move. Upgrade: Increases the distance the user moves in the designated direction.
Coaching ImageCoaching
(Lv. 3 or 5 with Move Reset)
Upgrade Lv. 12
Move Type: Buff
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 7s
Has the user move toward an ally Pokemon, grant that Pokemon a shield, and increase that Pokemon's basic attack speed. If this move is used on an ally Pokemon that has not been coached, its cooldown immediately resets. If this move is used on a recently coached ally Pokemon again within a set amount of time, it goes on cooldown. The cooldown of Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf is reduced each time this move is used.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Mystical Mirage ImageMystical Mirage
(Lv. 8)
Move Type: Buff
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 124s
Total Damage: 1225 / 2320
Has the user float higher, create a field at its current location, and become invincible. The user and all ally Pokemon in the area of effect enter stealth. After a set amount of time passes, this Unite Move deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect.
After using Mystical Mirage, the Pokemon gains the following buff(s) for a few seconds:

Shield granted. Movement Speed increased for a short time.

Standard Attack

Standard Attack Image Standard Attack Each time the Pokemon uses a move, it gains a boost counter. A maximum of three counters can be stored. After three boost counters are stored, the Pokemon's next basic attack becomes a boosted attack that consumes all boost counters and launches a ball of psychic energy at an opposing Pokemon. The further the ball of psychic energy travels, the more damage it deals.

Ability (Passive)

Synchronize ImageSynchronize
Mew IconMew

Each time the Pokemon uses a move, it and nearby ally Pokemon have their movement speed increased for a short time. When the Pokemon reaches Lvl. 5, the Move Reset icon can be used to reset the Pokemon's moves and learn new ones. This icon goes on cooldown after it's used. Each time the Pokemon knocks out or makes an assist on a Pokemon on the opposing team or scores a goal, the cooldown of Move Reset is reduced. Using Move Reset reduces the cooldown of the Pokemon's Unite Move.

Mew Stats & Evolutions

Mew Evolutions

This Pokemon does not evolve.

Mew Stats

Level HP Defense Special Defense Attack Damage
1 3300 50 50 130
2 3414 56 55 136
3 3539 63 60 143
4 3677 71 66 150
5 3838 80 72 158
6 3995 89 79 167
7 4178 99 86 177
8 4380 110 94 188
9 4603 123 103 200
10 4849 137 113 213
11 5119 152 124 227
12 5416 169 136 243
13 5743 188 149 260
14 6103 208 164 279
15 6500 230 180 300

Attack Damage is the damage of the Basic Attack as tested against the Training Dummy.

Mew In-Game Stat Listings

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
4 Stars.png 2 Stars.png 3 Stars.png 2 Stars.png 3 Stars.png

Mew Skins (Holowear)

MewElegant StyleElegant Style
MewPurple Unite StylePurple Unite Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 350
MewOrange Unite StyleOrange Unite Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 350
MewFashionable StyleFashionable Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 1200

All Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

Mew Character Spotlight

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July 2023

Top 5 Master Rank Picks & Win Rate

All data is based on Season 11 Master Rank Top 100.
Last Updated: May 30, 2023
Pokemon Tier Most Played % Average Win %
Pokemon UNITE - ZacianZacian SS Tier 22% 75%
Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark S Tier 17% 73%
Pokemon UNITE - Lapras IconLapras S Tier 12% 78%
Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon IconGlaceon SS Tier 8% 75%
Pokemon UNITE - SlowbroSlowbro SS Tier 8% 73%

Top Picked Pokemon Per Role

Attacker All-
Supporter Defender Speedster
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Master Rank: Top Ranked Win Rates

Pokemon by Role

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