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Objectives Guide - Rotom vs Drednaw

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This is a guide on how to defeat the Boss Pokemon found in Remoat Island in Pokemon Unite. Read on to learn Boss Pokemon are, where and when do Boss Pokemon appear, when to target Boss Pokemon, Rotom Vs. Drednaw and more!

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Pokemon UNITE's Objective Pokemon

What are Boss Pokemon?

How to Win - Defeat Rotom to Pressure Lane

Boss Pokemon are special Pokemon found at certain locations in the arena. They are stronger than the wild Pokemon that commonly appears in the lanes and jungle area. Also, they only appear at a specific time in a match.

Boss Pokemon Spawn Countdown

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Pokemon Countdown Timer
Boss Pokemon will spawn at a specific time and location in the battle arena. When they are close to spawning, a countdown will appear in their respective area. This will also be indicated on the mini-map.

Wild Pokemon Guide and Spawn Timings

Boss Pokemon Spawn Alert

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Pokemon Mini Map Spawn Alert
When Boss Pokemon spawn, players will get a Spawn Alert of the nearest Boss Pokemon. When they are on the Bottom Lane, the alert will show Dreadnaw. This is also true for the Top Lane with Rotom.

Boss Pokemon Effects

Boss Pokemon Reward (EN).jpg
While Pokemon UNITE centers around 5 versus 5 team battles, players can take advantage of the additional experience, Aeos Energy, and buffs these Boss Pokemon provide, making them just as important as defeating your opponents.

Final Hit Gets Reward

It is important to note that whichever team delivers the final hit to the Boss Pokemon will get the bonus effects, regardless of how much damage the other team managed to deal before defeating it.

All Boss Pokemon and Effect


Pokemon UNITE - Zapdos In-Game

Gives +15 points to the team. Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to be captured for 30 seconds.
Location Spawn Time Aeos Energy
Remoat Stadium 2:00 30 + 15 to teammates

Zapdos Guide: How to Beat


Pokemon UNITE - Rotom In-game

Heads towards an enemy goal zone to make it defenseless for 24 seconds. Aids the allied team while pushing.
Location Spawn Time Aeos Energy
Remoat Stadium 7:00 20

Rotom Guide: How to Beat


Pokemon UNITE - Drednaw In-game

Grants EXP points and shields to the allied team.
Location Spawn Time Aeos Energy
Remoat Stadium 7:00 20

Drednaw Guide: How to Beat

When to Target Boss Pokemon

When Enemy Team is Cleared Out

If your team manages to defeat all opponents in a lane, it is best to immediately go after the objective Pokemon while the enemy is not present. This makes it less likely for the opponent to contest the objectives thanks to your strength in numbers.

When Enemy is Contesting Objective

When you see your opponents contesting an objective, you can take advantage of their lost HP to take them out or force them to retreat.

Deal the Final Blow to Steal the Effects

Pokemon UNITE - Cinderace Setting Up a Zapdos Ambush
A well-timed ambush can help you steal the bonus reward and effects of a Boss Pokemon. When the enemy is contesting an objective, survey the area first and wait for the Boss Pokemon's HP to fall low enough before you swoop in and unload your combos on the Boss Pokemon. Once you manage to steal the reward, be quick to retreat before your opponents shift their attention to you!

Rotom Vs. Drednaw

Both Rotom and Drednaw appear when the match time reaches the 7-minute mark. When looking at their respective effects and how significant their impact is in the match, Drednaw should be given more priority in capturing compared to Rotom as defeating Drednaw gives your team an edge as the match goes on - especially when captured multiple times.

Prioritize Capturing Drednaw

Pokemon UNITE - Drednaw Effect Giving EXP and Shields
It is important to capture Drednaw as soon as it spawns before disappearing in last 2 minutes of the match. Drednaw may take a bit of effort to fight, but its effects are worth investing your time in. Compared to Rotom, Drednaw's bonuses affect all your teammates and activate upon defeating it.

Effect is Worth Contesting

Drednaw's selling point is the EXP gain for the entire team when you defeat it, which makes it easier to gain a level advantage over your opponents. The level advantage translates into higher stats and access to stronger moves, which is very useful in a lot of things such as fighting opponents, scoring goals, securing Zapdos, and more. The temporary shields you get from Drednaw are also a nice bonus.

Rotom is Not as Significant

Defending Goal Zones - When the Enemy Defeats Rotom
Rotom isn't necessarily a bad objective as it lets you apply more pressure on the Top Lane, but its effect and benefits are less impactful in the long run compared to Drednaw. Unlike Drednaw, Rotom only provides EXP to the player that defeats it, and does not provide any bonus effects like the shield. Overall, its effect only benefits the Top Lane, not the whole team.

Rotom's Effect Can Be Nullified

Rotom's effects are powerful for pushing the Top Lane and applying more pressure on goal zones, but the caveat is that Rotom has to REACH a goal zone for these effects to take place, meaning opposing players can just take out Rotom before it reaches a Goal Zone, making it useless.

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Rotom can help to defeat Drednaw (as a distraction). After you defeat Rotom go down the midlane to Drednaw and defeat it w/ yr team after sending a gathering notification or ping. You can then defeat Drednaw without opponents interfering as they will be distracted by Rotom and also score goals while you're at it.


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