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This is a guide on how to defeat the boss Pokemon found in Remoat island in Pokemon Unite. Read on to learn what are boss Pokemon, where and when do boss Pokemon appear, how to defeat boss Pokemon, when to target boss Pokemon, and more!

Pokemon UNITE's Objective Pokemon

What are Boss Pokemon?

Drednaw Boss Pokemon.png
Boss Pokemon are special Pokemon found at certain locations in the arena. They are stronger than the wild Pokemon that commonly appears in the lanes and jungle area. Also, they only appear at a specific time in a match.

Boss Pokemon Effects

[Zapdos Effect Text.png
While Pokemon UNITE centers around 5 versus 5 team battles, players can take advantage of the additional experience, Aeos Energy, and buffs these boss Pokemon provide, making them just as important as defeating your opponents.

It is important to note that whichever team delivers the final hit to the boss Pokemon will get the bonus effects, regardless of how much damage a team managed to deal before defeating it.

How to Defeat Boss Pokemon


Drednaw Icon

Grants EXP points and shields to the allied team.
Location Time to Appear Eos Energy
Bottom 7:00 20

Drednaw has high HP and can deal higher High damage compared to its top lane counterpart, Rotom. It will take at least 3 Pokemon to defeat it efficiently early in the match.

Drednaw: How to Beat and Rewards

When to Target Drednaw

Drednaw is not a high priority target early in the match. However, once defeated by your team, the bonus shields it provides will be helpful for a push.

Since Drednaw is located at the beach area at the bottom lane, prioritizing Drednaw will make your goal defenseless. So, it is best to take on Drednaw when your team is powerful enough to defeat it as quick as possible.


Rotom Icon

Rotom heads towards an enemy goal and aid the allied team in capturing it. Enables faster charging time.
Location Time to Appear Eos Energy
Top 7:00 20

Since Rotom has relatively lower HP compared to Drednaw, it won't take much of an effort to Defeat it. A High damage Pokemon together with a Supporter or Attacker Pokemon could easily take Rotom down.

Rotom: How to Beat and Rewards

When to Target Rotom

Top lane players should keep a close watch on Rotom, whether it is being contested or open. Once defeated, Rotom will automatically head to the nearest available goal while attacking the opossing team and any wild Pokemon in its path. This is helpful if you want to easily score points at the top lane.


Zapdos Icon

Gives +20 points to the team. Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to be captured.
Location Time to Appear Eos Energy
Center 2:00 20

Defeating Zapdos will be a team effort. Additionally, it has powerful thunder attacks that deal Area of Effect damage. So, it is best to have Supporter Pokemon to heal or give buffs accordingly.

Zapdos: How to Beat and Rewards

When to Target Zapdos

If your team is falling behind in points, Zapdos' effect, together with the double points bonus, could potentially turn a loss into a clutch victory! conversely, it is best not to prioritize defeating Zapdos when your team has a significant lead. Instead, disrupt the enemy team when they are trying to defeat it.

Overcommitting to Zapdos will leave your goals open. So, it is best to know whether defeating it is a nail in the match or a last resort.

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