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This is a guide on how to download Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile (Android and iOS) devices. Read on to learn how to set up Pokemon UNITE, the game's file size, and how to troubleshoot problems while downloading the game!

How to Download Pokemon UNITE

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Download for Mobile (Android and IOS)

Pokemon UNITE for Mobile is available to download for both Android and IOS devices. The game was released on September 22, 2021.

Android (Google Play)

How to Download for Android
1 Go to Play Store.
Play Store Icon.png
2 Search for Pokemon UNITE, then select it.
Pokemon Unite Search.png
3 Select Install.
Android Download.png.

iOS (App Store)

How to Download for iOS
1 Go to App Store.
App Store Icon.png
2 Search for Pokemon UNITE, then select it.
Pokemon Unite Search 2.png
3 Select Get.
IOS Download.png

Download for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon UNITE Pre-Download.jpeg

Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch is available to download in the eShop. The game was released on July 21, 2021.

How to Download for Nintendo Switch
1 Open the Nintendo eShop from the home menu.
2 Select Search. Then type in Pokemon Unite.
3 Select the game.
4 Select Free Download.
5 Confirm the download and close the eShop.

Pokemon UNITE File Size

Pokemon UNITE Logo with Background.png

Switch Android iOS
928 MB 638 MB 810.05 MB

The file size for Pokemon UNITE will depend on what device you are using. It is relatively small compared to other mobile games. However, keep in mind that the game is constantly being updated with new content, which may increase the file size overtime. Make sure to leave a bit of headroom in your device's storage for future updates.

Troubleshoot Download Issues

Common Issues
CheckNo Internet Connection
CheckPhone does not Meet System Requirements
CheckInsufficient Data Space

No Internet Connection

No Internet.png

Confirm that your device has an internet connection first before downloading the game. If you are having trouble establishing an internet connection, it is best to restart the device or your home router.

If the problem persists, check out our guide below on troubleshooting connection issues!

How to Fix Connection Errors

Phone does not Meet System Requirements

Pokemon UNITE Mobile

System iOS Android
OS iOS 12.0 or later Android 5.0 (API level 21) or later
Memory 2 GB RAM 3 GB RAM
CPU A9 or higher Octa-core 1.8 GHz or higher
GPU PowerVR GT7600 or higher Adreno 506 or higher

Make sure your smartphone meets the system requirements for Pokemon UNITE. Having a device that has old software and hardware may prevent you from downloading the game completely.

Insufficient Data Space

Insufficient data space

Check if there is sufficient data space in the device before downloading the game. You can free up space by deleting apps that you do not use anymore. Another option is to install an SD card in your device to expand storage space.

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Pokemon Unite Latest News

Latest News

Updates and Patch Notes

Updates and Patch Notes

Version 1.8

Version 1.8 Patch Notes List
(December 1, 2022)

Version 1.7

Version 1.7 Patch Notes LIst
(September 2, 2022)
(September 5, 2022)
(September 9, 2022)
(September 16, 2022)
(September 28, 2022)
(October 13, 2022)
(October 27, 2022)
(November 16, 2022)

Version 1.6

Version 1.6 Patch Notes List
(July 21, 2022)
(July 27, 2022)
(August 4, 2022)

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 Patch Notes List
(April 28, 2022)
(May 6, 2022)
(May 16, 2022)
(May 16, 2022)
(May 30, 2022)
(June 20, 2022)
(June 30, 2022)

Version 1.4

Version 1.4 Patch Notes List
(January 20, 2022)
(January 26, 2022)
(February 24, 2022)
(March 11, 2022)
(March 14, 2022)
(March 17, 2022)
(March 18, 2022)
(March 28, 2022)

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 Patch Notes List
(December 9, 2021)
(December 10, 2021)
(December 14, 2021)
(December 20, 2021)
(December 28, 2021)

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 Patch Notes List
(September 22, 2021)
(September 27, 2021)
(September 29, 2021)
(October 08, 2021)
(October 13, 2021)
(October 20, 2021)
(October 26, 2021)
(November 10, 2021)
(November 16, 2021)
(November 18, 2021)
(November 30, 2021)

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 Patch Notes List
(July 28, 2021)
(August 4, 2021)
(August 6, 2021)
(August 18, 2021)
(September 1, 2021)
(September 8, 2021)

Latest Maintenances and End Times

Server Maintenance End Time and Date
September 1 Maintenance September 2, 2022
7:00AM UTC
July 20 Maintenance June 21, 2022
7:00AM UTC
June 19 Maintenance June 20, 2022
7:00AM UTC
April 27 Maintenance April 28, 2022
7:00AM UTC
January 19 Maintenance January 20, 2022
7:00AM UTC
December 8 Maintenance December 9, 2021
7:00AM UTC
Mobile Release Maintenance September 21, 2021
12:00AM PT

Maintenance Schedules and End Times

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Pokemon Release Information

Pokemon Release Info
Pokemon UNITE - Gardevoir IconGardevoir Pokemon UNITE - Blissey IconBlissey Pokemon UNITE - Blastoise IconBlastoise Pokemon UNITE - Mamoswine IconMamoswine
Pokemon UNITE - Sylveon IconSylveon Pokemon UNITE - Greedent IconGreedent Pokemon UNITE - Decidueye IconDecidueye Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena IconTsareena
Pokemon UNITE - Dragonite IconDragonite Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant IconTrevenant Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash IconAegislash Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon IconDuraludon
Pokemon UNITE - Azumarill Icon Azumarill Pokemon UNITE - Espeon IconEspeon Pokemon UNITE - Delphox Icon Delphox Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon IconGlaceon
Pokemon UNITE - Buzzwole IconBuzzwole Pokemon UNITE - Tyranitar IconTyranitar Pokemon UNITE - Mew IconMew Pokemon UNITE - Dodrio Speedster IconDodrio
Pokemon UNITE - Scizor IconScizor Pokemon UNITE - Clefable IconClefable Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark IconZoroark Pokemon UNITE - Sableye IconSableye
Pokemon UNITE -Urshifu IconUrshifu -

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