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This is Game8's hub for all maps in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. See all available maps in the game, along with the match types and unique Pokemon you can encounter!

List of Maps

Remoat Stadium

Number of Players 5v5
Match Type Ranked Match
Standard Match
Match Time 10 minutes
Pokemon Evolution 2 minutes left

Remoat Stadium is the main map in Pokemon UNITE. This is the map used for both Ranked and Standard Matches.

Remoat Stadium Map and Rules

Mer Stadium

Number of Players 4v4
Match Type Quick Match
Match Time 5 minutes
Pokemon Evolution 1 minute left

The Mer Stadium is a smaller, more compact version of the Remoat Stadium.

Wild Pokemon found here can also be found in Remoat Stadium. However unlike Remoat Stadium, Wild Pokemon here spawn faster.

Mer Stadium Map and Rules

Shivre City

Number of Players 4v4
Match Type Quick Match
Match Time 5 minutes
Pokemon Evolution 1 minute left

Shivre City is a small 4v4 map where combat is the main focus. Both teams will need to constantly compete which each other because takedowns and assists increase the player's goal-scoring speed.

Unique Pokemon like Electrode and Avalugg can be found here.

Shivre City Map and Rules

Auroma Park

Number of Players 3v3
Match Type Quick Match
Match Time 5 minutes
Pokemon Evolution 1 minute left

Auroma Park is a fairly large map with conveyor belts that will help you traverse the map faster. Goal Zones on the map can be scored on by any team and grant double points if scored on by multiple teammates.

Unique Pokemon like Abra and Regigigas can be found here.

Auroma Park Map and Rules

Catch 'Em

Pokemon UNITE - Catch Em Battles

Number of Players 4v4
Match Type Quick Match
Match Time 5 minutes
Pokemon Evolution 1 minute left

The Catch 'Em map is the same as the Mer Stadium but has a different gameplay.

Catch 'Em Battles Guide - New Catch Mode Moves and Spawn Times

Boss Rush

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Articuno Ice Beam.gif

A limited time raid battle was added in Pokemon UNITE during the 1st Anniversary Celebration! It is composed of three arena-style maps composed of where simultaneous boss battles happen so bring your A game!

Boss Rush Guide: Mechanics and Event Dates

Common Map Features


Base Spawn

Each map will have a base that you will spawn and respawn from. You will also be able to teleport to your base from any location on the map.

When you need to regenerate health because there are no more Berries around the map or defend the Base Goal Zone, you will want to use your teleport function to return back to the Base.

Goal Zones

Greninja Goal Score.png

Each map will have a set number of Goal Zones with unique properties. However, a common trait they all share is that they will heal your Pokemon whenever you score a goal.

Tall Grass and Wild Pokemon

Tall Grass and wild pokemon

Tall Grass can be found growing across all the maps. Standing in tall grass will hide you from enemy vision and make it easier for you to launch surprise attacks. Enemies will only see you if they step into the same patch of tall grass you're hiding in.

Wild Pokemon are used to get points and give buffs to you or your team.


Pokemon UNITE - Berries.png
Each map will have Berries that give special effects whenever you pick them up, such as healing you or giving you a speed boost for a short duration.

After being taken, Berries will respawn after a short while. Respawn times of Berries vary between maps.

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