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Ludicolo Buff and Spawn Time

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This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Ludicolo in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn Ludicolo's spawn time, how and when to beat Ludicolo, what moves Ludicolo has, what buff and rewards Ludicolo gives, and more!

Ludicolo Catch 'Em Battles Info

A new game mode called Catch 'Em Battles, allows players to catch Wild Pokemon like Ludicolo and use them in battle!

Catch 'Em Battles Moves and Details
Ludicolo Wild Pokemon IconLudicolo Moves
Ludicolo Wild Pokemon IconGiga Drain
Ludicolo Wild Pokemon IconWater Gun
Points 4
Spawn Details Spawns at 4.45
Spawn Location Jungle
Spawns in the Jungle towards the center, but nearer the bot lane on the purple side and nearer the top lane for the orange side.

Catch ’Em Battles Guide

Ludicolo Spawn Time

Ludicolo In-game.png

Time Remaining Location
4:35 (Mer stadium)

Ludicolo will spawn after 15 seconds when the match starts. It will appear near each team's base, either at the Top or Bottom Lane of Remoat Stadium. Ludicolo's spawn location will be determined by the direction where Lillipup is moving when the match starts.

Take note that Ludicolo will spawn in the enemy's side of the map parallel to where it spawns in your team's side.

Ludicolo Respawn Time

Respawn Time
60 Seconds (in-game time)

Ludicolo will respawn in exactly 60 seconds (1 minute) after it is defeated. It will always respawn wherever it was positioned when it first appeared in the map.

Ludicolo Buff and Rewards

Ludicolo Buff Effect.png

Aeos Energy 4 - 7
4-7 (Mer stadium)
Bonus Effect Defeating it grants a buff that increases the damage you deal to wild Pokemon the lower their health is.

When you defeat Ludicolo, a Purple aura will be visible around your Pokemon. This indicates that Ludicolo's effect is active and will disappear when it expires.

It is important to note that the Aeos Energy gained from defeating wild Pokemon will be increased in the last 2 minutes of the match.

Is Beating Ludicolo Worth It?

Players should definitely take on Ludicolo every time it spawns, or at least when they come across it. The increased damage you get from Ludicolo's buff will help you clear out wild Pokemon faster, which in turn speeds up your leveling and gives you faster access to more powerful moves.

How to Beat Ludicolo

Focus Your Attacks on Ludicolo

Ludicolo is fairly easy to take down and doesn't require too much effort. However, it is best not to attract any other wild Pokemon near Ludicolo to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Just make sure to focus your attacks and moves on Ludicolo so you can defeat it fast!

Best Roles to Beat Ludicolo

Role Rating
Attacker ★★★★☆
Speedster ★★★★★
All-Rounder ★★★★☆
Defender ★☆☆☆☆
Supporter ★☆☆☆☆

Ludicolo should be reserved for Junglers. This way, they can use the buff to help quickly farm other wild Pokemon and gain the experience they need to level up their Pokemon. Faster clearing of the jungle will also open up more opportunities for the Jungler to either go for ganks, steal enemy jungle camps, or take down Boss Pokemon.

All Pokemon UNITE Roles

When to Beat Ludicolo

As Soon as it Spawns Early On

Defeating Ludicolo will give the player a buff that increases damage to wild Pokemon. This is extremely useful for defeating wild Pokemon quickly, especially for the early game where leveling up fast is important. Given Ludicolo's quick respawn time, it will be best to defeat it first to gain its effects every time you set your sights on farming other wild Pokemon.

Steal Ludicolo from Enemy Jungle

Wild Pokemon Yellow Dots.png
If an opportunity presents itself, you can try to go to the enemy's side of the Jungle and steal their Ludicolo. Not only will you gain experience and Aeos Energy, but you'll also deny the enemy Jungler the buff and slow their farming progress.

Look For Yellow Dots on the Mini Map

You can easily know if the enemy's Ludicolo has spawned by looking for the yellow dots in the mini map. If it is present, that means the wild Pokemon hasn't been defeated yet.

When Not to Go to Ludicolo

In the Late Game

In the late game, your stats and moves will be powerful enough to defeat wild Pokemon much faster. It is good to capture Ludicolo if it is in along your path, but you shouldn't go out of your way just to defeat it.

Ludicolo Moves

Normal Attack

Ludicolo Normal Attack.png

Ludicolo has melee attacks which deals not much damage. However, it could easily take out a chunk of your HP when you are fighting it in the early game.

Special Attack

Ludicolo Special Attack.png

Ludicolo has a strong, water blast attack that deals moderate damage when it hits while slightly pushing you back. You can easily dodge this attack by moving away from where Ludicolo is facing when it channels the move.

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