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This is list of all bugs and errors in Pokemon UNITE for Switch and Mobile. Check here for all currently active bugs, fixed bugs from patches, as well as usual errors and issues you may encounter in-game.

List of Active Bugs

Prize Packs Event Visual Bug

Pokemon UNITE - Prize Packs bug

As of Patch, players have noticed that the Aeos Tickets image in the Prize Packs Events is missing. Fortunately, players can still claim the reward without any issue.

List of Events

Clear Cache Fix

Pokemon UNITE - Clear Cache Start Screen.png

One fix we found for this bug is to Clear the game cache before starting the game. Although this is not an official fix, the devices we use that have this particular bug were able to show the images after clearing the cache.

Did We Miss Anything?

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Known Errors and Issues

Unstable Internet Connection Issue

Status Under Investigation
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

Pokemon UNITE's official Twitter account recognizes that there is an issue regarding being moved to matches with AI teammates and opponents when your internet connection is unstable. It is currently under investigation and we will update this article as soon as there is news that it is fixed.

Progress Bar Issue

Status Resolved
Platform Android

Pokemon UNITE's official Twitter account confirmed that an issue where the progress bar would freeze at 49% in some Android devices has been resolved. During our time with the game on mobile, we have not encountered this problem. It may have only affected some Android users. Still, it is great to hear that the issue has been fixed.

Social Daily Mission Issue

Status Resolved
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

This issue is about the Social Daily Mission specifically on how people cannot clear the mission despite meeting the requirements. Players are also unable to receive rewards as the Claim button does not appear.

Source: Pokemon Support Site

Pre-Registration Reward Issue

Status Resolved
Platform Android / iOS

This issue is about claiming Pre-Registration Rewards as some people cannot claim the rewards related to the Mobile Pre-Release because the Claim button does not appear.

Source: Pokemon Support Site

List of Fixed Bugs

Alolan Ninetales Sp. Attack Value Bug Fixed

Status Fixed
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

A bugfix was distributed last November 16, 2021 at 7:00AM UTC (11:00PM Pacific, Nov. 15) to address Alolan Ninetales' Sp. Atk. Bug! Check out our Patch Notes page for more information on the stat change.

November 16 Patch Notes (

Result Screen Details Visual Bug

Status Fixed
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

Players have noticed that the MVP Score is overlapping the Recovery tab when viewing previous match details in their Battle Record. As of Patch, the visual bug appears to be fixed!

Season Reward Bug is Now Fixed

Status Fixed
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

We have seen reports that some players are not getting Aeos Tickets according to their highest Season Rank. This has been confirmed and since has been fixed by the Pokemon UNITE Team according to a recent tweet! Players affected will be compensated at a later date.

Using Greedent Does not Progress Defender Event Missions

Status Fixed
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

According to Pokemon UNITE's official twitter account, there is a bug circulating that doesn't count Greedent as a defender when for certain missions under New Event Missions Part 2 or New Event Missions Part 3. Fortunately, as of Patch, the problem appears to be fixed!

October 26 Update: Patch

Greedent Defender Mission Compensation

Pokemon UNITE - Bug Mission Compensation.png

Item Amount

Players who already bought a Greedent license will receive a notice of apology and compensation in their mail for the Defender mission bug. Though the message did not indicate what the compensation is for, we think this is for the Greedent bug not progressing the Defender missions. We also checked an account that does not have a Greedent license and saw that it did not receive the compensation. Therefore, we can say that the notice of apology is for this particular bug!

Drednaw Debuff When Attacking Zapdos

Status Fixed
Platform Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

As of patch, the damage reduction bug appears to be fixed! This was not mentioned in any previous patch notes, so it is unclear when the fix took effect. Still, it is good to see that the issue is resolved.

Drednaw Buff and Spawn Time

Lucario's Extreme Speed Bug

First Appeared Version
September 22, 2021
Bug Lucario instantly deletes an opponent when using the move Extreme Speed while holding the attack button.
Fixed Version
September 27, 2021

Crustle's UNITE Move Death Bug

First Appeared Version
September 22, 2021
Bug Crustle's UNITE move recharges at a faster rate after multiple deaths.
Fixed Version
September 27, 2021

Gengar's No Damage Hex Bug

First Appeared Version
August 4, 2021
Bug Gengar's Hex Move will periodically not deal any damage to opponents or Wild Pokemon.
Fixed Version
August 6, 2021

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