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List of Settings and Best Settings to Use

Pokemon UNITE - List of Settings and Best Settings to Use Banner

Being able to change your Settings is a feature in Pokemon UNITE. Navigating the Settings Menu and choosing the best settings will be easier with our full English guide.

How to Change Settings

Access Settings from the Menu

Pokemon UNITE - Select the Settings Tab

Open the Trainer Menu found on the Main Menu and then select the Settings tab.

You may also access the Settings Menu while in-game.

Best Settings to Choose for Nintendo Switch

Setting Configuration
Frame rate High
Opponent Lock-On Priority Lowest Remaining HP(Value)
Attack Controls Advanced Controls
Automatic Basic Attacks Off
Boosted Attack Guage On
Lock-On Icon On
Scoring Controls Press Button
Camera Follows Moves On
Move Aim Follows Direction On
Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Targets On
Minimap Position Top Left of Screen (Default)
Move Learning Controls Single Button
Camera Sensitivity:
Minimap Hidden
Setting Slider
Camera Sensitivity:
Minimap Shown
Setting Slider
Aim Assist Smart Assist
Aim Assist: Valid Angle
(Directional Moves)
Pokemon UNITE - Settings Slider Recommended
Aim Assist: Invalid Angle
(Directional Moves)
Pokemon UNITE - Settings Slider Recommended
Aim Assist: Valid Angle
(Ground-Targeted Moves)
Pokemon UNITE - Settings Slider Recommended
Aim Assist: Invalid Angle
(Ground-Targeted Moves)
Pokemon UNITE - Settings Slider Recommended

The table above is a summary of the settings we recommend using. Other settings can remain as their default.

Best Frame Rate Setting

Pokemon UNITE - Settings Frame Rate

Choose High Option

Choosing Low or Medium locks the game speed to a steady 30 frames per second, while choosing high targets 60 frames per second. Although the high option sometimes dip in performance when fights get too cluttered, we still recommend that you set the game's frame rate to the highest setting to get the smoothest gameplay as possible. The higher the frame rate, the more responsive your inputs are.

Note: Playing with a high framerate means your device will need more power to sustain the game speed. This will certainly have an impact on your device's battery life as you play the game.

Best Lock-On Priority Setting

Pokemon UNITE - Opponent Lock-On Priority

Choose Lowest Remaining HP (Value)

Beginners can run into frustration with the lock-on system not targeting the intended Pokemon, but the Settings menu allows for a high degree of variation. We recommend choosing Lowest Remaining HP (Value) as it helps you focus down on the weakest enemy.

Best Attack Controls Settings

Choose Advanced Controls

Pokemon UNITE - Attack Controls

By choosing the Advanced Controls option, the A Button Switch button can be used target opponents and the B Button Switch button to focus on attacking Wild Pokemon. This is extremely useful for specifically targeting enemies, espcially when you are farming or fighting Boss Pokemon.

Turn Off Automatic Basic Attacks

When this setting is turned on, your Pokemon will automatically move to and attack the opponent it dealt damage once, taking away your control over your Pokemon. It is recommended to turn this setting off as there is a possibility the your Pokemon will get out of position when it advances to attack the opponent.

Turn On the Boosted Attack Gauge

Pokemon UNITE - Boosted Attack Yellow Bar

Each Pokemon's Basic Attack turns into a Boosted Attack after a certain number of attacks. Turning this setting on allows you to see if your next attack is boosted without having to mentally count when it will be ready.

This helps make it easier to set up combos with your boosted attacks, and is especially useful for Pokemon with crippling boosted attacks such as Alolan Ninetales or Lucario.

Boosted Attacks Guide

Turn On Lock-On Icon

Pokemon UNITE - Lock-On Icon

Turning on Lock-On Icon will add an extra menu wheel on your screen where you can target a nearby opponent by tilting the R Analog Switch analog stick to their icon. Choosing your target this way will make your Pokemon move to the opponent's position and attack it automatically.

Best Scoring Controls

Pokemon UNITE - Settings Scoring Controls

Choose Press Button

The default scoring method makes you hold down the X Button Switch button until the Aeos Energy meter charges up. We recommend choosing Press Button as it frees your thumb to press any other button when needed. It also prevents moments where your thumb slips from holding down the button, causing you to charge again.

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Best Move Controls

Turn On Camera Follows Moves

On Off

Turning on the Camera Follows Moves allows you to extend your view when your aim reaches beyond your screen. It will automatically adjust the camera to that part of the screen, showing you more information on where the move will hit.

Turn On Move Aim Follows Move Direction

Pokemon UNITE - Move Aim Follow Setting

When turned on, you can aim your move in the direction of where your Pokemon is facing, so you don't have to specify the direction of the move with the stick even while you are moving. This is extremely useful when you want to use your Pokemon's Dash moves to get out of dangerous situations instead of using it for offense.

Turn On Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Targets

Pokemon UNITE - Move Snaps to Nearby Targets Setting

Turning this on will allow your moves to automatically target a nearby opponent when you press it, as long as it is within your range. This helps you save a bit of time as you do not have to manually target your moves.

Take note that you can still change your target by moving the R Analog Switch analog stick while holding down on the move before releasing.

Best Minimap Position

Pokemon UNITE - Minimap Position Setting

The Minimap Position setting lets you change your minimap's position on the screen.

Choose Top Left of Screen (Default)

Pokemon UNITE - Minimap Bottom Right of Screen

Generally, you can pick whatever minimap position you like. However, if you have the Lock-On Icon setting turned on, we recommend leaving the default at the top left of the screen. When the aiming icon is turned on, the map is displayed below the aiming icon, making the right side a little harder to see.

Best Move Learning Control

Pokemon UNITE - Move Learning Controls Setting

The Move Learning Controls setting lets you change how you learn moves, it is only applicable in Nintendo Switch.

Choose Single Button

Button Combination:
L Button Switch + X Button Switch or Y Button Switch
Single Button:
Left D-Pad Switch or Right D-Pad Switch
It is recommended to use the Single Button option for learning new moves. If you use the other option, it will take unnecessary time since you have to press the L Button Switch button then either the X Button Switch or the Y Button Switch button just to choose a move. With the single button option, you only need to press either the left or right arrows, so it is more convenient.

Best Camera Sensitivity

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Sensitivity Settings

This setting sets how fast the player can pan the camera when holding L Button Switch and viewing the map with the R Analog Switch.png analog stick.

High as Possible

By default, the camera sensitivity is set relatively low. We recommend adjusting the value high as possible so you can quickly gauge the surroundings and assess the entire map more quickly. Otherwise, it is best to leave it at its default value if you do not use the camera feature often.

How to Move the Camera and Best Timing

Best Aim Assist Setting

Pokemon UNITE - Smart Assist Settings

Turning on Aim Assist will make it easier to target opposing Pokemon, so players will want to change these to align with the recommended settings for each.

Choose Smart Assist

We recommend choosing the Smart Assist option with the default values for beginners. This will allow your aim to 'snap' onto targets when targeting with the R Analog Switch, ensuring that you will not miss. Once you've gotten used to the game, it's fine to adjust the Aim Assist to suit your preferences.

Targeting and Aim Assist: How to Aim Well

Best Settings to Choose for Mobile

Setting Configuration
Graphics Quality Recommended
Frame rate High
Opponent Lock-On Priority Lowest Remaining HP(Value)
Attack Controls Advanced Controls
Automatic Basic Attacks Off
Lock-On Icon On
Move Aim Settings Movement
In-Motion Pursuit Mode Off
Scoring Controls Hold Button Down
Pokemon Move Controls Slide Away
Move Panel Sensitivity Pokemon UNITE - Move Panel Sensitivity Setting
Camera Follows Moves On
Move Aime Follows Movement Direction On
Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Targets On
Camera Movement Slide
Camera Sensitivity Pokemon UNITE - Camera Sensitivity Level Setting

Best Display Settings

Pokemon UNITE - Screen Display Settings

The graphics of the game can become quite demanding on the higher settings. If you plan on playing long sessions, we recommend playing either in the Recommended setting or one setting below it.

This is because heating can be an issue you experience on your phone, and it's not worth for the trade off in graphic fidelity.

However, we still recommend playing in High FPS settings for a smooth and responsive gameplay. This is one settings that you shouldn't skimp out on.

Best Lock-On Priority Setting

Pokemon UNITE - Opponent Lock-On Priority Setting

The Opponent Lock-On Priority setting lets you change which targets to prioritize when attacking and using moves.

Choose Lowest Remaining HP (Value)

Same with our recommendation for the Switch, we recommend going with the Lowest Remain HP (Value) option. Doing this ensures that you don't run into the issue of the game targeting a tanky Pokemon but with a low HP percentage, or just targeting the nearest Pokemon.

Note that this is only the first layer of the target priority system. The other settings like choosing specifically which Pokemon you want to target will override this function.

Best Basic Control Settings

Use Advanced Controls

Pokemon UNITE - Attacking Wild Pokemon Using Advance Controls
They key difference between the Basic and Advanced controls is the addition of a dedicated button that you can tap to attack Wild Pokemon.

This is useful when trying to steal Wild Pokemon from an enemy.

Turn Off Automatic Basic Attacks

This purpose of this function is self-explanatory. You will want to to turn this off to prevent your Pokemon being put into a bad position, like for example when you want to run away from a Pokemon.

Turn on Lock-On Icon

Pokemon UNITE - Turn on the Lock-On function

This function will make an icon of the nearby enemy Pokemon appear on your interface.

Tapping this button will make your Pokemon Target the enemy selected Pokemon and do Basic Attacks.

This function will be needed if you have Move Aim Settings set to Icon.

Set Move Aim Settings to Movement

The main difference between the Movement Panel and Icon for this setting is that you will need to hold and drag your finger towards the enemy Icon that you want to use a Melee Move on.

This requires fast movement, and is especially troublesome for your Move 1 that's near the bottom of the screen. For the most part, you can accomplish this same feature of targeting specific Pokemon with more precise movement.

Only get this if you know you have fast reflexes.

Turn Off In-Motion Pursuit Mode

Same with Auto Attacking, you will also want to turn this off to prevent getting yourself in bad positions.

Best Pokemon Move Controls

Use Slide Away for Move Canceling (Mobile Only)

Slide to Icon Slide Away

The difference of the two is the distance between the red X icon to cancel and the white one.

For all moves, you will need to slide your finger towards the X icon to cancel. For Slide Away, you will only need to slide towards the white X symbol that is based on the distance of the move.

The distance difference to cancel the move alone is enough to convince us that the Slide Away function is superior.

Use Camera Follows Moves

On Off

Same with the switch version, turning this option on will give you a further field of view which is very important for long range moves.

Use Move Aim Follows Movement Direction

While holding down on a skill and not moving, the direction of where your move will come out will depend on where your Pokemon is facing.

This can be important for Dash type moves to either get in or out quick.

Use Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Targets

Holding down a move while a Wild or Enemy Pokemon is near will make the move target the Pokemon immediately.

This can help moves come out faster if the move is guaranteed to hit anyways.

Note that you can always swap targets by adjusting your finger while holding down the move.

Best Camera Settings

Use Slide for Camera Movement

Pokemon UNITE - Movement Panel Camera Movement
Putting this setting on Movement Panel, as shown in the image above, will spawn a sort of D-Pad similar to the movement pad on the screen when you hold down and drag your finger across the screen.

This option is too slow, even in the highest camera sensitivity settings, so we recommend turning the function to Slide instead.

List of Settings

Below are all of the available settings to change on the six panels of the Settings menu in Pokemon UNITE.

System Settings

Setting Options
Graphics Quality* Low, Medium, High, Highest
Framerate Low, Medium, High
Language Setting Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
View Fashion Items with Trainer Motions On / Off
Vibrate Function On / Off
Display Text Chat On / Off
Display Voice Chat Settings On / Off
Hide other players' Training names On / Off
Tracking On / Off
Clorblind Support (makes player and opposing teams easier to distinguish) On / Off

Settings marked with an asterisk (*) can only be found on the mobile version of the game.

Control Settings

Setting Options
Opponent Lock-On Priority Target enemies with: Low HP %, Low HP Value, Closest Range
Attack Controls Add a dedicated attack wild Pokemon Button or not
Attack Controls A Button to attack all foes, A button to attack opponents / B button to attack wild Pokemon
Automatic Basic Attacks On / Off
Boosted Attack Gauge On / Off
Lock-On Icon On / Off
In-Motion Pursuit Distance Standard / Close-range
In-Motion Pursuit Mode On / Off
Scoring Controls Hold the button / Tap the button
Move Canceling Controls* Slice to Icon / Slide Away
Move camera to follow moves On / Off
Camera Follows Moves On / Off
Move Aim Follows Movemen Directiont On / Off
Minimap position Top-left / Bottom-right
Move Learning Controls Pre-select / Select with button
Camera Sensitivity When Mini-map hidden (Low-High), When Mini-map displayed (Low-High)
Aim Assist** Smart / Sensitive / Off
Aim Assist: Valid Angle (Directional Moves)** Low - High
Aim Assist: Invalid Angle (Directional Moves)** Low - High
Aim Assist: Valid Distance (Ground-Targeted Moves)** Low - High
Aim Assist Invalid Distance (Ground-Targeted Moves)** Low - High

Settings marked with an asterisk (*) can only be found on the mobile version of the game. items with two asterisks (**) can only be found on the Switch version of the game

Audio Settings

Setting Options
BGM Volume Low - High
Sound Effects On / Off
Sound Effect Volume Low - High
Voice On / Off
Voice Volume Low - High

Privacy Settings

Pokemon UNITE - Privacy Settings - Online Status

Setting Options
Online Status Online / Temporarily Invisible / Always Invisible
Allow Spectating On / Off
Nintendo Account On / Off
Become Anonymous On / Off
Decline invitations to form a team from players that aren't on your friends list On / Off
Hide Trainer Info On / Off
Hide Lobby ID On / Off
Show Friendship Points On / Off
Data Usage* On / Off

Settings marked with an asterisk (*) can only be found on the mobile version of the game. items with two asterisks (**) can only be found on the Switch version of the game

Button Settings

Pokemon UNITE - Nintendo Switch Controls Map
This screen allows players to view all controls for the game and change the control options. Though the control scheme is already good, you can still customize almost all key bindings to your liking.

List of Controls and How to Remap Controls

Account Settings

Pokemon UNITE -  Account Settings
This screen allows players to link their Nintendo Account and Pokemon Trainer's Club account to the game. This will most likely be used for transferring account progress through Cross-Progression when the game releases on mobile platforms on September 22, 2021.

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