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Slick Spoon Effect and How to Get

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Slick Spoon is a Held Item found in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn more about the Slick Spoon's stats and effects, how to get Slick Spoon, and which Pokemon are best for Slick Spoon!

Slick Spoon Latest Buffs and Nerfs (11/13)

Version Patch Notes

Slick Spoon.pngSlick Spoon • Special Defense ignore effect reduced from 10-15-20% to 9-13-17% (Held Item level 1-10-20). Special Defense ignore effect reduced from 10-15-20% to 9-13-17% (Held Item level 1-10-20).

Slick Spoon Stats and Effect

Slick Spoon.pngSlick Spoon
Held Item
Tier Ranking
S Rank.png
Makes damage dealt by your Pokemon's Sp. Atk. attacks ignore (9/13/17)% of opposing Pokemon's Sp. Def.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Slick Spoon Stats Per Level

Level 10 HP +70, Sp. Attack +10
Level 20 HP +140, Sp. Attack +20
Level 30 HP +210, Sp. Attack +30

How to Upgrade Items

Lvl. Stat Boosts
1 HP +14, Sp. Attack +0
2 HP +14, Sp. Attack +2
3 HP+28, Sp. Attack +2
4 HP +28. Sp. Attack +4
5 HP +42, Sp. Attack +4
6 HP +42, Sp. Attack +6
7 HP +56, Sp. Attack +6
8 HP +56, Sp. Attack +8
9 HP + 70, Sp. Attack +8
10 HP +70, Sp. Attack +10
11 HP +84, Sp. Attack +10
12 HP +84, Sp. Attack +12
13 HP +98, Sp. Attack +12
14 HP +98, Sp. Attack +14
15 HP +112, Sp. Attack +14
16 HP +112, Sp. Attack +16
17 HP +126, Sp. Attack +16
18 HP +126, Sp. Attack +18
19 HP +140, Sp. Attack +18
20 HP +140, Sp. Attack +20
21 HP +154, Sp. Attack +20
22 HP +154, Sp. Attack +22
23 HP +168, Sp. Attack +22
24 HP +168, Sp. Attack +24
25 HP +182, Sp. Attack +24
26 HP +182, Sp. Attack +26
27 HP +196, Sp. Attack +26
28 HP +196, Sp. Attack +28
29 HP +210, Sp. Attack +28
30 HP +210, Sp. Attack +30

How to Get Slick Spoon

Purchased in the Shop

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins x2000
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket x1250

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

Best Pokemon for Slick Spoon

Alolan Ninetales.jpgAlolan Ninetales Blastoise.jpgBlastoise Chandelure.jpgChandelure
Clefable.jpgClefable Cramorant.jpgCramorant Delphox.jpgDelphox
Eldegoss.jpgEldegoss Espeon.jpgEspeon Gardevoir.jpgGardevoir
Gengar.jpgGengar Glaceon.jpgGlaceon Goodra.jpgGoodra
Hoopa.jpgHoopa Inteleon.jpgInteleon Lapras.jpgLapras
Mega Mewtwo Y.jpgMega Mewtwo Y Mew.jpgMew Mr. Mime.jpgMr. Mime
Pikachu.jpgPikachu Slowbro.jpgSlowbro Sylveon.jpgSylveon
Venusaur.jpgVenusaur Wigglytuff.jpgWigglytuff

Slick Spoon works great with Sp. Atk. damage dealers like Pikachu and Gardevoir. The item's Sp. Def. penetration allows these Pokemon to ignore a percentage of their target's Sp. Def., dealing more damage as a result. It's especially effective against high-durability Pokemon like Snorlax.

All Builds for Slick Spoon

Builds that Use this Held Item
Alolan Ninetales Image Alolan Ninetales
Boosted Attack Build
Alolan Ninetales Image Alolan Ninetales
Freeze-Burst Build
Blastoise Image Blastoise
Disruptor Build
Chandelure Image Chandelure
Flamethrower Build
Chandelure Image Chandelure
Overheat Build
Clefable Image Clefable
Draining Kiss Build
Comfey Image Comfey
Disabler Build
Cramorant Image Cramorant
High-Burst Build
Delphox Image Delphox
Flame Charge Build
Delphox Image Delphox
Double Fire Build
Espeon Image Espeon
Psy-Shooter Build
Espeon Image Espeon
Future Sight Build
Gardevoir Image Gardevoir
Future Sight Build
Gardevoir Image Gardevoir
Psyshock Build
Gengar Image Gengar
Sludge-Hex Build
Gengar Image Gengar
Dream Eater Build
Glaceon Image Glaceon
Icicle Spear Build
Glaceon Image Glaceon
Icy Wind Build
Goodra Image Goodra
Muddy Water Build
Goodra Image Goodra
Dragon Pulse Build
Inteleon Image Inteleon
Liquidation Build
Inteleon Image Inteleon
Snipe Shot Build
Lapras Image Lapras
Perish Song Build
Lapras Image Lapras
Water Pulse Build
Lapras Image Lapras
Boosted Attack Build
Mega Mewtwo Y Image Mega Mewtwo Y
Psystrike Build
Mega Mewtwo Y Image Mega Mewtwo Y
Future Sight Build
Mew Image Mew
Support-Focused Build
Mew Image Mew
Offense-Focused Build
Mr. Mime Image Mr. Mime
Blocker Build
Mr. Mime Image Mr. Mime
Full Offense Build
Mr. Mime Image Mr. Mime
Support Build
Pikachu Image Pikachu
AOE Build
Pikachu Image Pikachu
Single-Target Build
Slowbro Image Slowbro
Scald Soaker Build
Sylveon Image Sylveon
Hyper Voice Build
Venusaur Image Venusaur
Petal Dance Build
Venusaur Image Venusaur
Solar Beam Build
Wigglytuff Image Wigglytuff
Initiator Build
Wigglytuff Image Wigglytuff
Damage Dealer Build

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