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Auroma Park Map and Rules

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This is a guide for Auroma Park in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to learn unique map features of Auroma Park, Auroma Park rules, all wild Pokemon found in Auroma Park, and events related to this map.

Auroma Park Latest Map Changes

February 24 Patch Notes Ver. (03/24/2022)

February 24 Update Patch Notes

Auroma Park Map Changes (February 24)
Wild Pokemon Changes Abra: Aeos Energy provided when defeated increased. Time before the Pokemon reappears shortened. Stat Decreased.
Aeos Energy Changes • Amount of Aeos Energy dropped by opposing Pokemon when knocked out adjusted.
EXP. Gain Changes • Exp. Points gained by Pokemon that are very far behind in level adjusted.

Auroma Park Map Layout

Auroma Park Minimap Clean

Auroma Park is a relatively small, square map in Pokemon UNITE.

The two Goal Zones are further away from each base compared to other Quick Battle maps, but this is because of their unique properties!

Be mindful that you cannot teleport back to base on this map. Be sure to pick up one of the many Yellow Berries scattered throughout the map to keep your health up and stay in the fight!

Auroma Park Rules

Game Mode

Match Type

Number of Players 3v3
Match Type Quick Battle

Auroma Park is one of the available maps for the Quick Battle mode in Pokemon UNITE. Trainers will go head to head in teams of 3 players each.

Match Time

Match Length 5 Minutes
Wild Pokemon Evolution 1 Minute Left

Aligning with the Quick Battle mode, the total match time will only be 5 minutes.

Trainers can expect Wild Pokemon to start evolving after 4 minutes into the game.

Map Mechanics

Goal Zones

Neutral Goal Zone
Neutral Goal Zone

There are 2 Goal Zones in Auroma Park. Each team will need to fight over these Goal Zones to score points. These goal zones will not get destroyed after scoring points.

x2 Goal Zones
Purple x2 Goal Zone Orange x2 Goal Zone

If you or an ally scores a goal, the Goal Zone will turn into a x2 Goal Zone. This means that all goals scored by you and your team for the next 15 seconds on that goal will multiply the points by 2. As long as you or a teammate keeps scoring on a x2 Goal Zone, the 15-second timer will keep refreshing.

The Goal Zone x2 buff will end early if an enemy Pokemon scores a goal in that Goal Zone.

You can also heal your Pokemon by scoring a goal, regardless if it's a x2 Goal zone or not.

Minimap Notification
Minimap x2Goal Zone Notification

If a x2 Goal Zone is active, it will appear on your minimap as a countdown timer, giving you a chance to either score double the points on your own Goal Zone or stop the enemy team from scoring!

Berries Location

Yellow Berry Auroma ParkYellow Berry Spawn Locations
Spawn 4:30
Respawn 30 seconds
Effect Heals Pokemon for 1500 HP

The Yellow Berries in Auroma Park will be critical to keeping your health up throughout the match.

You cannot teleport back to base and you will not regenerate HP while staying under a Goal Zone; so your only options are to either score points or get Yellow Berries.

Green Berry Auroma Park.pngGreen Berry Spawn Locations
Spawn 4:00
Respawn 30 seconds
Effect Gives Pokemon a speed boost

Green Berries grant a brief boost to your movement speed, allowing you to roam the map faster. They're also conveniently placed near converyor belts, so use the berries and the conveyor belts in tandem to get to where you want to be in the blink of an eye!

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belt Speed Buff
Conveyor Belt Speed Buff

Unique to Auroma Park, these conveyor belts will push your Pokemon in the direction where the arrows are facing.

After getting pushed, Pokemons will gain a buff that will increase movement speed, similar to a Green Berry, for a short duration.

Pokemon cannot run in the opposite direction of where the conveyor belt is going. Experience trainers can take advantage of this to force opponents onto the conveyor belt and trap them.

Base Protection

Auroma Park Base

Your base will have a conveyor belt going towards the center of the map. Since a conveyor belt is the only way to go to the map from your base, you will not be able to walk back into your base.

Since there is no teleport to base function on the map, Trainers will have to rely on the Yellow Berries scattered around the map to heal up.

Certain Pokemon with high mobility can go back to base, and even the enemy base! We'll talk more about this later on.

Auroma Park Wild Pokemon


Spawn Time Start of the match.
Respawn Time Nothing set.
Points Earned 20-23
Effect Provides points for the team that defeats it.

Abra Location

An Abra teleporting and an Abra
Abras spawn randomly all over the map. Trainers may often find them near the center arena and on the inner conveyor belts that go around the map.

Abra Moves

Pokemon UNITE Abra 03.png

When Pokemon get close, Abra will start channeling for a short while before teleporting away to a random location on the map. Players will not be able to see where they will teleport to.

Abras cannot be stopped once they start channeling. However, they do not regenerate HP even when out of combat. Keep this in mind when trying to defeat them!

How to Beat Abra


Spawn Time 2 Minutes into the match.
Respawn Time 2 Minutes
Points Earned 40-50
Effect Provides Aeos Energy for the team that defeats it.

Regigigas is a Legendary Pokemon that spawns 2 minutes into the match at the center of the map.

Regigigas can respawn throughout the game, so it's a good source of Aeos Energy for a team who wants to get ahead or make a comeback!

Regigigas Location

Regigas Aurora Park
Regigigas is found at the center of the map, surrounded by a conveyor belt.

Regigigas Buffs

Regigigas has no special moves nor buffs of note. it can be safely be ignored throughout the match since it only provide Aeos Energy to the team that defeats it.

Regigigas Buff and Spawn Time

Related Events

Quick Battle Challenges: Auroma Park

Rewards Mission
Logo T-Shirt (White)Logo T-Shirt (White) In Auroma Park, defeat Abra a total of 10 times.
Aeos Ticket.png 90 Aeos Tickets In Auroma Park, use conveyor lanes for a total of 120 seconds.
Aeos Ticket.png 90 Aeos Tickets In Auroma Park, score a total of 150 points.
Canvas Shoes (White)Canvas Shoes (White) In Auroma Park, score a total of 20 goals.

This event partly centers around the exploration of Auroma Park. It took us about two to three runs to complete this event since finding Abras to defeat was the biggest challenge.

Auroma Park Quick Battle Challenges

Auroma Park Tips

Use Pokemon With High Mobility

Talonflame in the Orange Base
Talonflame in the Orange Base

It is possible for certain Pokemon with moves that let them travel freely like Talonflame's Fly to enter bases, including the enemy's base. It's also possible to move in the opposite direction of conveyor belts with the previously mentioned moves.

Guard Goal Zones with the Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Cycle

The conveyor belts found on the inner area of the map are set up in a way that can let you do quick rotations around the 2 Goal Zones on the map.

Trainers can use this by both stopping enemies from scoring in x2 Goal Zones or keep their own teams x2 Goal Zone buff going!

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