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How to Fix Network Errors Banner.png
This page is a guide on fixing connection errors. Read on to learn the common causes of connection errors and what to do when they occur.

What are Network Errors?

What are Network Errors.png
Network errors are errors that impede the connection between a person's device and the internet. In online games like Pokemon UNITE, a connection error means something is preventing the device from connecting to the game servers.

What Causes Network Errors?

Bad Internet Network

No Internet.png
The most common cause of connection errors is a bad internet connection or no internet connection at all. In this case, restarting the internet terminal (or Wi-fi) fixes the connection error. If the problem persists, try checking for loose cables and attaching them properly.

Server is Down

If the internet is not the problem, the next plausible cause is the servers. Servers are computers that receive requests from clients (other computers/devices) which then send the appropriate response. When servers are down, the devices trying to request something from the servers can't receive a response. At this point, there is nothing people can do about it other than to wait for the servers to come back up.

Quick Fixes to Network Errors

Quick Fixes
Check Restart App or Device
Check Check Internet Network
Check Turn Off Airplane Mode
Check Check for Updates
Check Check for Server Status

Restart App or Device

Nintendo Switch Power Button.png
A simple fix to a connection error is to restart either the app or the device itself. If there is something wrong with the app, reinstalling it usually does the trick.

How to Restart Nintendo Switch
1 Press and hold the power button for at least three seconds. The Power Menu will appear.Nintendo Switch Power Button.png
2 Select Power Options then choose Restart.

Check Internet Network

No Internet.png
Pokemon UNITE is an online game, which means it always has to be connected to the internet. Check first if the device has a connection to the internet. If there is a connection but is weak, try moving closer to the source.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

Close or turn off applications or settings, like Airplane Mode, preventing the device from connecting to the internet.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode for Nintendo Switch
1 Go to System Settings in the Home Screen.Select System Settings.png
2 Select Airplane Mode.Select Airplane Mode.png
3 Turn off Airplane Mode.Turn Off Airplane Mode.png

Check for Updates

System Update Nintendo Switch.png
Apps and devices are usually updated frequently. Updates can include new features for the app, fixes to bugs or glitches, and a boost to the app's or device's overall performance. Check if the device software and the app is updated to the latest version. In the case for Nintendo Switch, both the device software and the app/game version should be updated.

How to Check and Update App Software Version in Nintendo Switch
1 Place the cursor on the icon app in the home screen without starting it.Home Screen Nintendo Switch.png
2 Press the + button.
3 Select Software Update followed by Via the Internet. (Make sure there is internet connection)Software Update Nintendo Switch.png
4 Select Ok if the app is already updated.
How to Check and Update Software Version of Nintendo Switch
1 Select System Settings in the home screen.System Update Home Screen Nintendo Switch.png
2 Select System in the menu.
3 Select System Update to start the process.System Update Nintendo Switch.png
4 Select Ok if the system is already updated.

Check for Server Status

If the servers are down or are under maintenance, there is nothing people can do but wait for them to come back up. Always check for server status.

Although there is currently no official source to confirm the server status of Pokemon UNITE, a quick search will often yield other users who are having the same problem. When multiple users encounter connection issues, it's usually a problem on the server end.

Network Bug in Beta Version

Network Bug.png
There is a bug found in the beta version of Pokemon UNITE that occurs when starting a match. The bug prevents players from connecting to the game even after the timer goes to 0.
Players can reconnect, but in this case, it is best to restart Pokemon UNITE and join another match.

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