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Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash Revealed Banner

Wanna know when Aegislash dropped in Pokemon Unite for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS? Read on to learn when Aegislash released, and the release date and time!

Aegislash Pokemon Pages
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Aegislash Release Date and Time

Released on February 11, 2022 12:00AM UTC!

Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash Release Date Banner

Aegislash is confirmed to be releasing on February 11, 2022 UTC!

Released at 12:00AM UTC / 4:00PM PST (Previous Day)

Aegislash released at 12:00AM UTC / 4:00PM Pacific (prev. day), just like how some of the older Pokemon has released. The chart below shows what time this will correspond to in a variety of regions:

Region Local Time /
US West Coast
February 10, 2022
February 11, 2022
US East Coast
February 10, 2022
February 11, 2022
February 11, 2022
February 11, 2022
February 11, 2022
February 11, 2022

Follow Twitter Accounts for Release Details

It's best to keep a sharp eye on both the English and Japanese Twitter accounts for Pokemon UNITE. There might be more news that follow!

▶︎Pokemon UNITE English Twitter
▶︎Pokemon UNITE Japanese Twitter

Aegislash Basic Information

Confirmed to be an All-Rounder

According to the official reveal trailer, Aegislash is confirmed to be an All-Rounder Pokemon! It sports a sword and shield theme, which we believe will have unique features that will make it unique from other All-Rounders.

Aegislash Builds

Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash Builds Banner

The new All-Rounder Aegislash swings into Aeos Island! You can check out the best builds and Moves in the link below!

Aegislash Guide: Builds and Best Items

Aegislash Pre-Release Showcase

Japanese UNITE Youtube Aegislash Showcase!

A new Aegislash showcase was released from the official Japanese UNITE Youtube Channel. We have summarized some important points below!

Does Not Generate Boosted Attacks Normally

Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash does not Generate Boosted Attack

As shown in the preview, attacking with Standard attacks does not build up Aegislash's Boosted Attack meter. Instead, it relies on hitting enemies with blade moves or countering attacks with shield moves to fill up the meter.

Boosted Attack Benefits Depend on Form

Using a blade move will make Aegislash use its sword, which deals increased damage. On the other hand, using a shield move will make Aegislash use its shield, which deals significantly less damage but will heal Aegislash.

Form Description

Shield Form
Does low damage,
but heals Aegislash

Sword Form
Does high damage,
but does not heal Aegislash

Once Aegislash has accumulated enough Boosted attacks, its effect will be different depending on what move you activate before using a standard attack.

Jungler Role is Recommended

Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash Recommended Lane is Jungle

When picking a lane for Aegislash, we can see that the Central area, best known as the Jungle, is the recommended lane. This makes Aegislash the first All-rounder in the game to have the center as its default lane. However, recommended lanes in the battle-prep are just an in-game suggestion and do fully not represent a Pokemon's capabilities. Rest assured that we will evaluate Aegislash's effectiveness in the lanes when it releases!

Confirmed to have an Attack Stat

Aegislash Has an Attack Stat

Pokemon UNITE - Confirmed to Be Attack Type!.png

The preview also revealed that Aegislash is a melee Pokemon that has the Attack stat.

Recommended Held Items Also Shown

Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash Sample Held Items

For its held items, the presenter chooses a Muscle Band, a Razor Claw, and a Focus Band, which is typical for an offensive bruiser playstyle. Given how Aegislash is quite flexible based on its moves, we are excited to see what other combination of items enhances its effectiveness in battle!

Aegislash Stats

Balanced Stats

Since Aegislash is an All-Rounder Pokemon, we can expect that it will have a mix of offensive and defensive stats like other All-Rounders in the roster. Moreover, Aegislash seems to have Duelist abilities in its moveset like that of Lucario and Tsareena.

All Pokemon Stats and Effects of Each Stat

Aegislash Moves and Ability

Shadow Claw

Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash Move Preview 0

The first move shown in the trailer has Aegislash slice its target in one fell swoop! This move is confirmed to be Shadow Claw, which is one of Aegislash's core moves from the main Pokemon games!

Wide Guard

Aegislash move preview 1

The next move in the reveal footage shows Aegislash absorbing an attack from Pikachu. It then spits back the energy for a counter attack!

Sacred Sword

Aegislash move preview 2

Another move shown in the trailer has Aegislash swooping down on Pikachu with its sword, which leaves it stunned. This is confirmed to be Sacred Sword, which is one of Aegislash's signature moves in other Pokemon games!

Unite Move: Coup de Grace

Aegislash move preview 3

The last move in the preview shows Aegislash hit its opponent with a giant sword, causing a fissure to ascend from the ground! Like other Pokemon showcases before, this appears to be Aegislash's Unite Move!

Japanese Name Confirmed!

In the offiicial Japanese Pokemon UNITE Twitter account, it is mentioned that Aegislash's UNITE move is called Todome no Hitofuri, which directly translates to Final Strike. It's meaning is closely related to the confirmed English name for it's UNITE move, Coup de Grace!

Aegislash Evolutions

1st Evolution 2nd Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 5)
(Lv. 7)

All Pokemon Evolutions

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Updates and Patch Notes

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Maintenance Schedules and End Times

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