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Attacker Guide: How to Play Attackers

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This is a guide on how to play the Attacker Role in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to play Attackers, their strengths and weaknesses, the best lanes, as well as the best Attacker Pokemon!

How to Play Attacker

Stick with Allies

Pokemon UNITE - Attacker Providing Offense

Always stay close to your teammates and avoid one on one fights as much as possible. Attackers are usually paired with a Defender or All-Rounder who will absorb the bulk of the damage while you rain down attacks from afar, complimenting each role's strengths. Since experience is shared among teammates within range, having high offense means you can take down Pokemon faster and in turn help your allies farm faster.

Maintain Your Distance from Opponents

Attackers should keep their distance from a clash - far enough to be out of harm's reach, but close enough to effectively bombard opponents with ranged attacks and moves. Since Attackers have low endurance and slow mobility, only retreat when needed or after a clash.

Stay Behind Defenders or Beside Supporters

Since Attackers have low durability and no means of healing themselves, it's best to either stay behind Defenders and let them soak damage or go beside Supporters to heal up when needed. This way, Attackers can cover their weaknesses through their allies and have more space to continuously deal damage during fights.

Fight Inside Allied Goal Zones

Staying inside a goal gives bonus shields and gradual healing. This makes Attackers harder to take down. Not only does this help defend goals, but also lets you deal massive damage and, eventually, knock down opponents who are within your attack range for too long.

Deal the Last Hit to Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Crustle Farming Wild Pokemon.png

When you see your opponent fighting wild Pokemon, it is a good strategy to utilize your ranged attack to steal their points and experience by dealing the final hit. This not only gives you the experience, but also the Aeos Energy.

List of Wild Pokemon and Spawn Times

Watch Out for High-Mobility Pokemon

Attackers' biggest weakness are Speedster that can quickly get to their position and force them to retreat or burst them down. Always watch out for high-mobility Pokemon like Talonflame, making sure to dodge their attempts of bursting you down.

Use Eject Button or X Speed

You can use Eject Button or X Speed to quickly get away from pursuing enemies or dodge their attempts entirely.

Kite Melee Pokemon

When fighting against melee Pokemon, kite them and chip away their HP using your long-ranged attacks and moves. Once their HP is low enough or they retreat, get aggressive and finish them off.

Use the Orange Buff

How to Win - Hunt Enemies with Red Buff.png

Getting the Orange Buff from Escavalier makes kiting easier for Attackers since their attacks slow a target's movement speed. This is especially true for Pokemon like Cinderace.

Note: Only take the orange buff when nobody else is taking it. Attackers may also take the purple buff if it is a caster-type attacker like Delphox, Glaceon, etc. since it provides 10% move cooldown reduction!

Escavalier Buff and Spawn Time

Be Flexible

Flexible Attackers
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Cramorant ImageCramorant Delphox ImageDelphox Espeon ImageEspeon
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Pikachu ImagePikachu Sylveon ImageSylveon -

Attackers are not confined to only being ranged damage dealers, they can also fit the support role if it's necessary. Try to be flexible when playing Attackers, adjusting your playstyle and build based on what your team needs.

However, this is only applicable for some Attackers, Pokemon like Cinderace and Greninja are most effective if they stick to the traditional damage dealer role.

Prioritize Damage Items

Damage Items
Attack Pokemon
Sp. Atk. Pokemon

If you're new to the game and want to focus playing Attackers, prioritize acquiring damage items first since most Attacker builds have at least 2 damage items.

List of All Held Items

Best Attackers

Attacker Pokemon Tier List


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Pikachu ImagePikachu S Rank Icon Top / Jungle
Pikachu is all about dealing massive amounts of damage while stunning them in the process. It can use Electroweb to immobilize enemies and easily snipe them down when they are not careful. In addition, moves like Electro Ball and Thunderbolt are effective at dealing AoE damage to clustered opponents.

Pikachu Guide: Builds and Best Items

Alolan Ninetales

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales B Rank Icon Top
Alolan Ninetails is an attacker that can provide an ample amount of support when the situation calls for it. With its Freeze Build moveset Blizzard and Avalanche, it can stun foes and allow your teammates to either gank on an enemy or escape. Time these moves perfectly with its Unite Move Snow Globe, Alolan Ninetales is ensured to dominate a clash.

Alolan Ninetails Guide: Builds and Best Items


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Greninja ImageGreninja S Rank Icon Jungle
Greninja is a cunning Pokemon capable of tricking enemies while dealing heavy blows thanks to its moves. It can ambush enemies or sneak past opponents unseen and score points thanks to Smokescreen. It can also confuse enemies by creating illusions that mimics its actions using Double Team. But its most notable asset as an attacker is the damage from Water Shuriken and Waterburst Shuriken.

Greninja Guide: Builds and Best Items


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Cinderace ImageCinderace S Rank Icon Top
Cinderace is one of the most powerful late-game carry Pokemon in the game thanks to its insane attack speed and damage. It can deal a guaranteed critical-hit and reposition to a better location simultaneously using Blaze Kick, keeping enemies at striking distance. Its Unite Move, Blazing Bicycle Kick, deals massive area damage with a long range, making it perfect for finishing off fleeing targets, or stealing boss Pokemon like Zapdos. Although it takes quite some time before it reaches its maximum potential, it can shred through enemies easily once it does, especially when it can freely hit targets.

Cinderace Guide: Builds and Best Items

Attacker Best Lanes

Top Lane

Top Lane attackers should put pressure on the opponent's health to open goals for scoring. It is advised to pair up with a high Endurance Pokemon to have that extra protection while you open fire at your opponents.
Top Lane Guide


Attackers like Greninja and Cinderace can take the mantle of a jungler since they benefit from the solo exp. they can get from clearing the jungle camps, gaining an early level advantage and power spike. The earlier they can reach their power spike, the better it is for their team since they can dominate the game easily.

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Bottom Lane

Attackers will help ward off opponents from scoring goals while also providing offensive moves to score goals. Since the Bottom Lane has slightly more wild pokemon to defeat, attackers can help their lane partner to level up fast.

Bottom Lane Guide

Attacker Role Strengths

High Damage Output

Pokemon UNITE - Attackers High DPS

Attackers have the highest offense rating compared to other Pokemon roles in the game. They can quickly reduce the opponents' HP with their powerful basic attacks or strong moves that deal Area of Effect damage.

Farm Exp. Efficiently

Pokemon UNITE - Attacker Farming Through Walls

Attackers can take advantage of their ranged attacks and moves by defeating melee wild Pokemon before they can deal damage to them. They can also attack wild Pokemon behind walls, allowing them to maintain their position while farming.

Long-Ranged Attacks and Moves

Pokemon UNITE - Gardevoir Fighting Drednaw at a Safe Distance

Attackers excel in dealing damage from a long range using their attacks and moves, making them quite effective against melee Pokemon.

Attacker Role Weaknesses

Low Endurance

While Attacker Pokemon are excellent at dealing damage, they're not very good at taking damage. Having low HP means they are easy to take down and are often easy targets to overpower with moves.

Low Mobility

On top of having low endurance, Attackers have little to no means of escaping incoming enemies, which is why they always stay at the backlines. They can easily fall against more mobile Pokemon like Lucario or Talonflame.

Pokemon Unite Attacker Role

What are Attackers?

Pokemon UNITE - Attacker Full Roster
Attackers are the top contributor to the overall offense of the team. They focus on dealing massive damage from ranged attacks and moves.

List of All Attacker Pokemon

Why Should You Play Attacker?

The Attacker role is for players who want to deal massive damage to opponents without worrying too much about their defensive capabilities. MOBA players who are fond of micro-managing attacks and positions for high efficiency can feel right at home with this role. Moreover, it is generally straightforward to play and easy for anyone to pick up.

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