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This is a guide on the Super Item Enhancer in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to get Super Item Enhancers, how to use them, and more!

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How to Get Super Item Enhancers

Obtain as Event Reward

Super Held Item Event.png

Currently, Super Item Enhancers are only available through the Super Held Item Enhancement Missions event, making them very rare. Should a new method of obtaining this item be made known to us, we'll be sure to let you know!

Super Held Item Enhancement Missions

How to Use Super Item Enhancers

How to Use Super Item Enhancers
1 Open up the Menu, then select Item Box.
Super Item Enhancer Menu.png
2 Go to Consumable Items tab, then select the Super Item Enhancer and choose Use.
Super Item Enhancer Select.png
3 Choose the Held Item you wish to upgrade.
Super Item Enhancer Scope Lens.png
4 Confirm your choice. A prompt will appear saying that any previous Item Enhancers spent on the Item will be refunded.
Super Item Enhancer Confirm.png

Tips on Using Super Item Enhancers

Refunds Item Enhancers on Levelled Items

Super Item Enhancer Refund.png

If you use a Super Item Enhancer on a Held Item that has been previously levelled up already, you will receive a full refund of all Item Enhancers used to upgrade the Held Item. The amount of Item Enhancers to be refunded will be indicated in the confirmation before you use the Super Item Enhancer. You can use the refunded Item Enhancers to level up your other Held Items.

Do note that the Super Item Enhancer cannot be used on items that are already at maximum level.

How to Upgrade Held Items

Choose Your Held Item Carefully

Super Item Enhancers are a very rare and precious resource, so you'll need to think hard about which Held Item you want to invest into. Since you can only get 3 at most, it is best that you use it on the items that will enhance your Pokemon's build.

If you're having trouble deciding where to use the Super Item Enhancer on, you can always check out our guide on the best Held Item to upgrade!

Held Item Tier List

What Are Super Item Enhancers?

Super Item Enhancers.png

Introduced in Version, Super Item Enhancers are new items that function similarly to regular Item Enhancers, but are far more powerful. A single Super Item Enhancer can instantly level up a Held Item to Level 30, regardless of level.

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