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Figuring out the best team comp for Pokemon UNITE? Learn the basics of building a team, best team comp for the current meta as of September 26, 2022, and how to build a viable team composition!

Current Meta and Team Comp Basics

Current Meta: Mew and Mr. Mime Offense

Top IconTop Lane Jungle IconJungle Bot IconBottom Lane
Mew ImageMew
Jungler Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime
Damage Dealer

Mew and Mr. Mime for Offense

The combination of Mew and Mr. Mime provides huge damage potential from start to finish. Mew's ability to change its moveset gives the team versitility and utility. Meanwhile, Mr. Mime's tank-like durability and high burst damage makes it an effective frontliner in teamfights. The amount of pressure both Pokemon provide leads to a high chance of early domination in terms of level and score advantage.

Max 2 Late-Game Pokemon

Late-Game Pokemon
Charizard ImageCharizard Cinderace ImageCinderace Garchomp ImageGarchomp

Pokemon which have three evolution stages tend to take longer than others to reach their full potential. When three or more of these Pokemon are on a team, it can be difficult for the team to gain traction in the early game. Watch what Pokemon your teammates have picked and avoid stacking too many late bloomers on a team.

Evolution: How to Evolve and Timing

Avoid a Melee-Only Team

Melee Pokemon
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine Zeraora ImageZeraora Tsareena ImageTsareena

It's difficult to maintain a consistent source of damage when your team can only attack up close and personal. Try to make a team with at least one Pokemon who can deal reliable damage from a ranged distance.

Mix Physical and Speical Pokemon

Attack Types
Pokemon UNITE - Physical Type Partial BannerPhysical Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Special Type Partial BannerSpecial Pokemon

It's best to have a good mix of Attack-type and Sp. Atk.-type Pokemon on your team since some Pokemon have different values for Sp. Def and Defense, making them vulnerable against certain Pokemon types.

Best Team Comp (September 26, 2022)

Mew and Mime Team Comp

Lane Pokemon How to Use
Top IconTop Mew ImageMew Versitile Laner
・Secure wild Pokemon to reach level 5 as fast as possible.
・Switch movesets to adapt to situations.
・If possible, destroy the enemy's top goal zone before taking Regieleki to apply pressure.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Tank and Goal Defense
・Utilize Tackle and Boosted Attacks to secure wild Pokemon and to apply early game pressure.
・Guard goal zones using Heavy Slam and Block, prioritizing the top outer goal zone.
・Tank damage for your team during teamfights, use Power Nap for prolonged engagements.
・Help secure Regieleki and/or Rayquaza by zoning out enemies.
Jungle IconJungle Aegislash ImageAegislash Assassin
・Help lanes after clearing jungle camps
・Reach level 7 to get both moveset as fast as possible.
・Rotate to lanes to apply or relieve pressure.
・Rotate to top lane when Regieleki spawns and secure it.
・Keep hunting targets to cripple the enemy.
Bot IconBot Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Lane Security
・Apply early game pressure once you have Psychic
・Get to level 6 as fast as possible to crank up the offense with Power Swap
・Rotate to top lane once Regieleki spawns and help secure it.
・Stick with your allies and roam the map for objectives.
Glaceon ImageGlaceon Ranged Damage Dealer
・Get to level 4 quickly to get Icicle Spear or Icy Wind.
・Get Accelgor's buff as often as you can for faster cooldowns
・Stick with Mr. Mime and set the tempo for the game.

This is a high-offense team comp centered on Mew and Mr. Mime. This Pokemon duo provides huge damage potential throughout the game. Mew's ability to change its moveset gives the team versitility and utility. Meanwhile, Mr. Mime's tank-like durability and high burst damage makes it an effective frontliner in teamfights. The amount of pressure both Pokemon provide leads to a high chance of early domination in terms of level and score advantage.

Mew and Snorlax Top Lane

Snorlax will accompany Mew in the top lane, helping it apply pressure by tanking damage and setting up kills. Snorlax will try to defend the top allied goal for as long as possible while Mew can rotate lanes to provide more offense.

Aegislash as the Jungler

Aegislash will be the team's jungler. Its objective is to reach level 7 as fast as possible to get both of its primary moveset and hunt down targets. It should also help in securing Regieleki and/or Rayquaza, using Coup De Grace if needed.

Mr. Mime and Glaceon Bot Lane

Mr. Mime will go bot with Glaceon. They will utilize their early power spike to apply pressure to the bottom lane. Once the late-game starts, these two will provide majority of the team's offense to win teamfights and carry the team.

Alternative Picks

Role Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Top 1 Trevenant ImageTrevenant Crustle ImageCrustle Blastoise ImageBlastoise
Top 2 Mew is a core Pokemon
Jungler Dragonite ImageDragonite Greninja ImageGreninja Tsareena ImageTsareena
Bot 1 Pikachu ImagePikachu Sylveon ImageSylveon Espeon ImageEspeon
Bot 2 Mr. Mime is a core Pokemon

For the Top Lane, Pokemon that can equip stackable items like Attack Weight and/or Aeos Cookie are good alternative picks.

For the team's Jungler, picks include Pokemon that can take advantage of the extra EXP from clearing Wild Pokemon spawns located in the central area. Dragonite and Greninja are viable alternatives that can become the team's dedicated carry when they are left unchecked.

For the Bottom Lane, Pokemon that have high offense and early power spike like Pikachu and Sylveon are great alternatives. They can apply more early game pressure along with Mr. Mime while also having a reliable teamfight moves.

How to Build a Team

In general, when putting together a team composition of your own, it's good to have the following team balance in mind.

  • One Tank
  • Two Damage Dealers
  • One Support
  • One Jungler


Pokemon UNITE - Defenders.png

The Tank will be the one that soaks up the damage. They should have high defense so that they can survive being attacked by enemies, and they should have skills that hinder or disable enemies, while not as much as the support, it would still be useful in team fights.

Another good thing they should have is the ability to initiate as they'll be the ones taking most of the skills when they initiate. This isn't a hard requirement but it's nice to have.

Defender Pokemon play this role well, but some All-Rounders can be built as tanks.

Damage Dealers

Pokemon UNITE - Damage Dealers.png

Damage dealers need to be able to deal a burst of damage, able to take out enemies quickly. They will be your primary source of stopping power, which is why you can have two of them.

They don't need to be tanky (although depending on the character, they could be), and they don't need a lot of stun because that's the support's job, so they should have primarily damage dealing skills.

In the laning phase, they'll be split up, one on top and one on the bottom, so the other two roles can each look out for them and help them achieve their kills.

Attackers fill this role nicely, but the role could reasonably be filled by All-Rounders or Speedsters.


Pokemon UNITE - Supporter.png

Support characters should have disabling skills, debuffs for the enemy, for buffs for the team to be effective.

Their job is to be with others and make sure they have the openings to take out Pokemon from the enemy team. Supporters are rarely useful on their own, and they should focus on disabling the damage dealers from the other team.

The best characters for this class are the Support Pokemon.


Pokemon UNITE - Jungler.png

The Jungler is a unique role that can make or break the game. They don't follow the lanes unlike the other four, rather they head into the central part of the map, which we'll call the Jungle.

They gain the most experience due to not having to share with another player, and because of their unique position, they can affect both lanes by ganking, which is the term for sneaking into a lane and attacking the enemy. This dictates the pace of the lane and determines when objectives can be taken. This is why having high movement speed can help so that you can travel between lanes and clear the jungle quickly.

They also manage to get buffs from defeating Ludicolo and Bouffalant from their respective sides of the jungle.

Speedsters make great junglers, more often than not. Some All-Rounders can be Junglers as well if they're mobile.
Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

What Makes A Good Team Comp?

An example of good team composition is well-balanced, meaning everyone's roles cover for each other's weaknesses.

Their skills must complement each other and make them more effective as a whole rather than acting as five individual units.

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