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This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Rotom in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know when Rotom appear, how and when to beat Rotom, what moves Rotom has, what rewards Rotom gives, and more!

When Does Rotom Appear?

Time Remaining Location

Rotom will spawn in the 7-minute mark of the match. It will appear at the center part of the Top Lane.

Rotom Respawn Time

Respawn Time
120 seconds (in-game time)

Rotom will respawn in exactly 120 seconds (2 minutes) after it is defeated. It will eventually stop respawning when the battle time reaches the last 2:00 minutes of the match.

How to Beat Rotom

Rotom In-game.png

Difficulty Medium

Be Vigilant

Being located along the lane means that Rotom can easily be contested by both teams. Since Rotom has lower HP and damage output compared to Drednaw at the Bottom Lane, it is relatively easy to defeat it by spamming powerful moves. Be sure to keep your opponents in check so your team can get the final hit to Rotom when it is being contested, or prevent potential ganks from your enemies.

Best Roles to Beat Rotom

Role Rating
Attacker ★★★★★
Speedster ★★★★☆
All-Rounder ★★★★★
Defender ★★★★☆
Supporter ★★★☆☆

An All-Rounder will be enough to hold it at bay while it dishes out hard hitting moves. It is important that you keep Rotom focused on the melee Pokemon while the Supporter or Attacker help at dealing ranged damage. Additionally, a Speedster can provide aditional quick attacks while surveying the area for any potential ganks.

Once captured, a Defender can help by safely escorting Rotom to the enemy goal to get the charge bonus from Rotom.

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When to Beat Rotom

Early in the Match

Rotom Goal Effect.png

Rotom is a high priority target as soon as it spawns. Once defeated, Rotom will head towards the nearest enemy goal zone to charge it for easy scoring. This could easily lead to an early point advantage for the team that captures Rotom!

When it is Captured by the Enemy

If your team fails to capture Rotom in the first fight, it is advised to quickly defend the lane before Rotom reaches a goal zone. When it comes across your allies, Rotom will stop to attack them. It is advised to focus on clearing out the enemy Pokemon first as they deal much more damage, then focus on Rotom.

When Not to Go to Rotom

First Goal Zone is Destroyed

When your first Goal Zone in the Top Lane is destroyed, capturing Rotom will be a bit of a stretch since the second will be left undefended. If you still want to pursue Rotom, only do it when the the area is perfectly clear of enemies, and a someone defend the second Goal Zone to prevent any back door scoring.

Rotom Moves

Normal Attack

Rotom has fast, melee attacks that can hit multiple Pokemon in quick succession. It is best not to sorround it with melee Pokemon.

Ranged Attack

Rotom Ranged Attack.png
When you are away from melee range, Rotom can shoot balls of electricity at you for as long as you are within its sight. Though it may be not have high damage, the attacks could get your HP low enough and leave you vulnerable.

Rotom Rewards and Effects

Aeos Energy 20
Bonus Effect Fights for your team until it reaches an enemy goal, then charges it for 14 seconds

When Rotom charges a goal, the time it will take for you to score will be instantaneous. So, it is important to accumulate a lot of Aeos energy, then eventually scoring big with Rotom!

Is Beating Rotom Worth It?

Top Lane Players would usually pursue Rotom as soon as possible, even without much back up. Rotom's effects are powerful enough that it worth capturing it, especially in the early game. So, It is always a good strategy to gank up on the enemy when they are contesting Rotom, and deliver the final hit to steal the points and effect!

It is also important to know that Rotom can can still fall while it advances to an enemy's goal. So, aside from making the effort to defeat it initially, your team should protect Rotom until it reaches the enemy goal to get the most out of its effect.

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