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The best guide on how to play Tsareena in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Check here for the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as the latest nerfs, buffs, counters, matchups, and more!

Tsareena Pokemon Pages
Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Release Date Top Partial.pngTsareena Release Date Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Builds Top Partial.pngTsarena Builds

Tsareena Latest Nerfs & Buffs (03/14)

March 14 Update (Version

Tsareena Changes (March 14)
Standard Attack Image
Standard Attack
• Healing with Enhanced Attacks is increased after Level 7.
Trop Kick Image
Trop Kick
• Damage dealt increased 1009 to 1191 (+18%).
• Move cooldown reduced 10s to 8.5s.
Stomp Image
• Damage dealt increased 1385 to 1442 (+4%).

Tsareena Previous Move Patches

Standard Attack Attack speed increased. Healing with Enhanced Attacks is increased after Level 7.

Triple Axel HP recovery has been reduced. Attack speed buff decreased. Damage reduced from 1851 → 1509 (-18%).

Stomp HP recovery increased. Damage dealt increased 1385 to 1442 (+4%).

Grassy Glide Removed movement speed slow effect. Cooldown increased from 6s → 8s.

Stat Updates Fixed a bug where Tsareena's stats were not scaling properly as it evolves.

Queenly Majesty Bug fixes

Tsareena Basic Info

Tier Rating: SS Rank Icon

Role: All-Rounder
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical
Difficulty: Expert
"Tsareena is ready to glide, kick, and stomp its way to victory."

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Tsareena Best Lanes

Top Icon.pngTop Jungle Icon.pngJungle Bot Icon.pngBottom
4 Stars.png
5 Stars.png
4 Stars.png

Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ Lots of survivability mechanics
✔︎ Early evolutions
✔︎ Strong disabler
✔︎ Versatile
✖︎ Weak against crowd control
✖︎ Not as durable as other All-Rounders

Best Builds for Tsareena


Brawler Build

Brawler Build
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects (at Level 30)
Attack: +15
Defense: +30
Sp. Def: +30
Attack Speed: +7.50%
HP: +450

This is a well-balanced build focusing on diving in fights using Trop Kick and following up with Triple Axel and a barrage of standard attacks. Utilize Triple Axel's attack speed increase and Trop Kick's slow effect to burst down targets. Try to play around Queenly Majesty's cooldown reset and additional effects to your moves to do combos.

Muscle Band gives you enough damage to take out targets and works great with Triple Axel's attack speed increase. However, Weakness Policy is a great alternative and fits well to your gameplay. Focus Band and Buddy Barrier provide durability and survivability, allowing you to stay longer in fights and keep dealing damage.

Eject Button is your default battle item, providing means of escaping enemies and initiating fights. If you feel you lack damage, equip X Attack instead.

Jungle Build

Jungle Build
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects (at Level 30)
Attack: +15
Critical-Hit Rate: +6%
Critical-Hit Damage: +12%
HP: +450

Since Tsareena fully evolves at level 6, putting Tsareena in the jungle is the fastest way to reach Tsareena's power spike. This is a jungle/assassin build focusing on isolating targets using Grassy Glide and bursting them down with Triple Axel and standard attacks or Queen Ascendant. Just like the previous build, utilize the attack speed increase from Triple Axel to take out targets with attacks.

Muscle Band and Scope Lens are your main offensive items, giving you enough damage to clear the jungle camps and burst down targets faster. You can equip Razor Claw as substitute for Scope Lens, giving you similar effects plus a slow and damage bonus on your attacks. Buddy Barrier provides high HP, survivability, and is a great teamfight item.

Slow Smoke gives you an additional crowd control tool and works great with your moveset, enabling you to drastically slow enemies as you dive them with Grassy Glide and making it easier to hit all three kicks from Triple Axel. You can also go all-in on damage by equipping X Attack instead.

High Sustain Build

High Sustain Build
Pokemon UNITE - Best Build Icon
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects (at Level 30)
Attack: +30
Attack Speed: +7.50%
HP: +660

This build is centered on Tsareena's high sustain potential via Trop Kick and Stomp and is a response to Tsareena's buff in the Update. Proper management of Trop Kick's shielding and Stomp's healing is key to maximize this build.

Muscle Band is your main damage item, giving you a decent boost in damage via Attack stat, attack modification, and attack speed. Weakness Policy works great with the shielding and healing you get when using Trop Kick and Stomp, increasing your damage output as you spam your moves. Buddy Barrier gives you durability via HP and survivability when using your Unite Move.

Full Heal is your default battle item, giving you immunity from disables for a duration. However, you can also equip Eject Button for more mobility, X Attack for more damage, or Potion for more sustain.

Tsareena Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

Item Explanation
Buddy Barrier.pngBuddy Barrier Buddy Barrier gives Tasreena extra Shields after activating its unite move. This allows it to continue fighting after grabbing an opponent.
Focus Band.pngFocus Band Focus Band provides extra defenses for Tsareena. On top of that, the extra HP recovery provides more sustain opportunities.
Scope Lens.pngScope Lens Scope Lens increases Tsareena's critical hit chance and damage. Getting at least one critical hit with this item will likely leave the target with low HP.
Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band Muscle Band increases the amount of damage Tsareena can make with its Standard Attacks.
Razor Claw.pngRazor Claw Razor Claw provides a slow debuff which allows Tsareena to maintain hits so that it can fill up its Queenly Majesty meter.
Weakness Policy.pngWeakness Policy Since Tsareena will be engaging in fights a lot, Weakness Policy ensures that there is a pay off for the damage Tsareena receives.

List of Held Items

Best Battle Items

Item Explanation
Slow Smoke.pngSlow Smoke Slow Smoke gives Tsareena the crow control it needs to stop enemies in place so it can hit them with devastating combos.
Eject Button.pngEject Button Eject Button provides extra mobility for Tsareena so it can reach its targets.
X Attack.pngX Attack X Attacks further gives a burst of damage increase so Tsareena can finish off targets easily.

List of Battle Items

Best Moveset

Move Explanation
Trop Kick ImageTrop Kick Trop Kick is a great dash move that offers utility. The move's long reach combined with its slow effect means that fleeing target wont be able to escape.
Stomp ImageStomp Stomp is a straightforward move that can potentially deal massive damage with Queenly Majesty while being able to sustain Tsareena with HP recovery.

The shielding from Trop Kick coupled with the healing from Stomp allow Tsareena to soak damage and stay in the frontlines longer while dealing significant damage to enemies around it. If you range a wider range of attacks, learn Triple Axel instead. The move is especially useful against highly mobile Pokemon. Additionally, you can learn Grassy Glide if you want your dash move to have a more straightforward disable.

Which Moveset Do You Think is Best for Tsareena?

Let us know why in the comments!

Previous Poll Result

How to Play Tsareena

Play Defensively During the Early Game

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Farming with Duraludon

Since Tsareena won't get Queenly Majesty and have access to her primary moveset until level 6, it's best to avoid fights during the early game, focusing instead on leveling up as fast as possible. Once you reach level 6, you can now start to get aggressive and initiate fights when you can. Tsareena's becomes even more of a threat once you reach level 9 and learn Queen Ascendant. Putting Tsareena in jungle is the fastest way to reach Tsareena's power spike.

Steal Wild Pokemon from the Enemy

To get ahead in EXP, it is advised to use your early game kit to focus on farming Wild Pokemon. It is Razor Leaf's range is decent enough to extend Tsareena's range. Moreover, the move's ability to crit makes securing the last hit to Wild Pokemon easier. On the other hand, Rapid Spin gives Tsareena a great early Dash move to get around the enemy.

Pick Your Move Upgrade Carefully

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Reaching Level 5

Reaching level 5 will give Tsareena access to its damaging move upgrades. Although Tsareena's kit is straightforward enough, it is important to know which move is better suited for specific situations to get most of Queenly Majesty activation. This is especially important for countering the opposing team's composition.

Use Stomp for Squishy and Slippery Targets

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Using Stomp on Eldegoss and Lucario.gif

Stomp activates much faster compared to Triple Axel, which makes it a bit better to chain multiple Queenly Majesty activations. However, it has a small radius, so be sure to get close enough to enemies before you activate the move. Stomp is great for bursting down low HP enemies, as well as opponents with Dash, moves so you can hit them faster. It is best to pair the move with a Trop Kick to take advantage of its slow effect to ensure that the stomps hit.

Stomp: Tsareena Move Effect and Cooldown

Use Triple Axel for Sturdy Targets

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Using Triple Axel on Drednaw

Unlike Stomp, Triple Axel needs to be maneuvered properly to get the full damage output. However, its healing potential is better since Queenly Majesty effects activate per hit. Triple Axel is great for handling Defenders and their disabling moves. It is also effective for stationary targets. It is best to pair the move with a Grassy Glide, which allows you to reposition the target close enough to you to get the most hits.

Triple Axel: Tsareena Move Effect and Cooldown

Manage Queenly Majesty Effects

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Queenly Majesty Gauge

Tsareena's gameplay revolves around the cooldown reduction and bonus effects of moves from Queenly Majesty. It's crucial to understand what triggers these effects when performing your combos. Using your moves (excluding Unite Move) and performing boosted attacks fill up the blue gauge you see above Tsareena which maxes out at 3. once the gauge is full, your moves will gain an extra activation, which lasts around 3 seconds.

You can get creative on how you combo your moves and attacks, just know what you need in each situation.

Sustain Yourself with Queenly Majesty Heals

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Queenly Majesty Extra Activation

Each hit you deal with a move while Queenly Majesty is active will heal Tsareena. This means that you can effectively sustain yourself just by chaining together boosted attacks and your moves until you knock down an opponent! Note that the heal bonus also activates when hitting Wild Pokemon. You can farm a group of Vespiquen and Combees to instantly heal.

Cancel Triple Axel with Trop Kick, Grassy Glide, or Queen Ascendant

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Canceling Triple Axel Using Queen Ascendant

You can cancel Triple Axel using any of your other moves while spinning. This can be useful in situations where you need a quick escape using Trop Kick or Grassy Glide or finish off targets with Queen Ascendant.

Tsareena Combos

Sustained Damage Combo

Sustained Damage Combo
3x Standard Attack IconGrassy Glide IconTriple Axel IconGrassy Glide Icon or Triple Axel Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Sustained Damage Combo
Start with building up your Queenly Majesty gauge to have at least one bar after hitting your Boosted Attack. Activate Grassy Glide to knock back the target, then immediately follow it up with a Triple Axel for a burst combo. At this point, both of your moves will reset:
• Use Triple Axel if the enemy stays in the area.
• Use Grassy Glide if the enemy tries to retreat

Initiator Combo

Initiator Combo
Trop Kick Icon or Grassy Glide Icon ►3x Standard Attack IconTriple Axel Icon or Stomp Icon ►3x Standard Attack Icon ► Repeat
Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Initiator Combo.gif
Initiate the fight using either Grassy Glide or Trop Kick. Build up your Queenly Majesty with at least 3 Standard attacks. After that, you can then burst down the target with a Triple Axel, or disable them with a Stomp. Successfully hitting the target will allow you to repeat the combo!

Ultimate Combo

Ultimate Combo
Trop Kick Icon or Grassy Glide IconQueen Ascendant Icon ►2x Stomp Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena Ultimate Combo.gif
Get close to the target by using either Grassy Glide or Trop Kick. Upon hit, activate your Unite move, Queen Ascendant. Depending on how much stack your Queenly Majesty has, you can then activate Stomp up to two times!

Matchups & Counters for Tsareena

Tsareena Matchups

Hard Counter
CinderaceGengarMachampMamoswineMr. MimeSlowbroSnorlaxVenusaurWigglytuff
Fair Matchup
Good Matchup
Alolan NinetalesAzumarillBlisseyCharizardCramorantDecidueyeDuraludonEldegossEspeonGarchompGardevoirHoopaMamoswinePikachuSylveonTrevenant
Matchup Notes
Hard CounterHard Counter Even MatchupEven Matchup Easy MatchupEasy Matchup
1. The chart is based on our own experience playing Tsareena.
2. Pokemon within each tier are unordered
3. Any Pokemon not shown here are still under investigation.

Hard Counters With Disables and Dash Moves

Tsareena's ability combo off with Queenly Majesty makes it a threat to any Pokemon its pitted against. Use Pokemon that can disrupt Tsareena from chaining together its moves, as well as outmanuevring it with dash moves.

Best Counters

Pokemon Explanation
Venusaur ImageVenusaur Rating: ★★★★★
The Petal Dance and Giga Drain combo remains to be a bane for melee Pokemon, especially for an initiator like Tsareena. While fighting Venusaur is difficult enough, it's ranged attacks can kite Tsareena before it even gets close.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Rating: ★★★★★
Snorlax's sturdiness and ability to disable Tsareena with a Heavy Slam can drag out the fight for too long. Additionally, a Flail-weilding Snorlax can easily fight back when Tsareena goes off with its combos.
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff Rating: ★★★★
Wigglytuff can dish out high amounts of damage out of nowhere with its Double Slap or Dazzling Gleam. It can also prevent Tsareena from chaining together moves with Sing.
Gengar ImageGengar Rating: ★★★★
Gengar has dash moves that can outmaneuver Tsareena while also packing a punch. It can also disrupt Tsareena with a Dream Eater, and debilitating it with a long-ranged Sahow Ball.

Even Matchups for Tsareena

Even matchups are always a matter of skill, luck and timing. Here are some tips to help push Tsareena ahead against other Pokemon on equal footing.

Going Toe to Toe

Equal Offense and Opportunity
Absol Image Greninja Image Lucario Image Talonflame Image

These Pokemon not only have enough damage to go pound for pound against Tsareena, they also have the mobility to match her rhythm in battle. Guaranteeing an epic anime-style fight when these Pokemon meet.

Can Handle a Beating

Pokemon with Slippery Defense
Greedent Image Crustle Image

These Pokemon are offensive Defender types that can face off against Tsareena or escape with a huge chunk of their health left. Plus, they have good skills for running away.

Easy Matchups for Tsareena

Tsareena can instantly delete these Pokemon when it gets close enough. It's barrage of moves will be too much for these Pokemon to handle.

Easy Targets

Pokemon with Low HP
Alolan Ninetales Image Cramorant Image Decidueye Image Gardevoir Image Pikachu Image Duraludon Image Sylveon Image

These Pokemon can easily be overwhelmed by Tsareena's chain of moves. Close that gap a Trop Kick or a Grassy Glide then continue building up you Queenly Majesty to instantly burst down these Pokemon.

Weak Early Game

Bad Early Game
Mamoswine Image Charizard Image Garchomp Image Dragonite Image

These Pokemon require a bit more time to get to their full potential. Tsareena can easily take advantage of this and pressure them throughout the game before they can get traction.

Little to No Offense

Pokemon that Have Low Offense
Blissey Image Eldegoss Image Hoopa Image

These Pokemon do not have an effective way to fight back against Tsareena. Though they can dish out a bit of crowd control, Tsareena can easily catch up to them when they retreat.


Gets Outmatched
Azumarill Image

Tsareena outmatches Azumarill in everyway; it has better damage, better sustain, better mobility, and better durability. Although Tsareena is fairly weak against Azumarill in the early game, it will eventually overpower Azumarill once it reaches its power spike.

Best Teammates for Tsareena

Pokemon Explanation
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss
Blissey ImageBlissey
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff
Increases Survivability
Pokemon that provide healing and shielding pair well with Tsareena, allowing her to survive longer in fights and keep dealing damage.
Lucario ImageLucario Dynamic Duo
Lucario and Tsareena can deal huge amounts of damage and provide crowd control simultaneously, making them a fierce duo. They can cause chaos in fights with their endless moves and burst down targets quickly.

Looking for teammates to synergize with you? Head over to our Friend Request Board to find other trainers to join you in your grind or just to hang out with!

Friend Request Board

Tsareena Moves

Move Slot 1 (R)

Razor Leaf ImageRazor Leaf
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Range
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: (Lv. 3) / 699 (Lv. 15)
Pelts leaves in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. The critical-hit rate for Razor Leaf is higher than that of basic attacks.
Stomp ImageStomp
(Lv. 5)
Move Type: Area
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 6s
Total Damage: 631 (Lv. 5) / 1385 (Lv. 15)
Has the user jump up high and attack opposing Pokemon with its feet. When this move hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokemon and leaves them unable to act for a short time.
Queenly Majesty Effect: Restores HP when this move hits.
Upgrade: Increases damage dealt.
Triple Axel ImageTriple Axel
(Lv. 5)
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 7s
Total Damage: 678 (Lv. 5) / 1509 (Lv. 15)
Has the user spin-kick three times in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon. The damage dealt increases each time a kick hits, and basic attack speed is increased for a short time after this move ends by an amount based on the number of landed kicks.
Queenly Majesty Effect: Restores HP each time a kick hits.
Upgrade: Increases damage dealt by this move.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Rapid Spin ImageRapid Spin
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 8s
Total Damage: (Lv. 3) / 457 (Lv. 15)
Has the user spin in the designated direction, dealing damage to any opposing Pokemon it hits. When this move hits, it raises the user's movement speed for a short time.
Grassy Glide ImageGrassy Glide
(Lv. 6)
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 8s
Total Damage: 466 (Lv. 6) / 988 (Lv. 15)
Has the user slide in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and decreasing their movement speed for a short time. This is followed by an attack in the opposite direction, which deals damage to and shoves opposing Pokemon.
Queenly Majesty Effect: Grants the user a shield when this move is used.
Upgrade: Increases damage dealt by this move.
Trop Kick ImageTrop Kick
(Lv. 6)
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 10s
Total Damage: 487 (Lv. 6) / 1009 (Lv. 15)
Has the user peform a flying kick in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and decreasing their Attack for a short time. Opposing Pokemon that make contact with the flying kick's wake receive damage and have their movement speed decreased for a short time.
Queenly Majesty Effect: Grants the user a shield when this move is used.
Upgrade: Increases the damage dealt by this move.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Queen Ascendant ImageQueen Ascendant
(Lv. 9)
Move Type: Sure Hit
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 112s
Total Damage: 2681 (Lv. 9) / 3889 (Lv. 15)
Has the user leap toward a Pokemon from the opposing team and kick it high into the air before showering it with a series of kicks while airborne and dealing damage. The moment the user lands on the ground, it recovers HP. While airborne, the opposing Pokemon that is being kicked and Tsareena are not affected by other moves,

Standard Attack

Standard Attack Image Standard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, lunging at an opposing Pokémon, dealing damage, and lowering its Defense for a short time.

Ability (Passive)

Oblivious ImageOblivious
Bounsweet / Steenee IconBounsweet / Steenee

When a hindrance is inflicted on the Pokemon, decreases the duration of its effects.
Queenly Majesty ImageQueenly Majesty
Tsareena IconTsareena

When a hindrance is inflicted on the Pokemon, decreases the durection of its effects. After using any combination of three boosted basic attacks or moves, the next boosted basic attack or move used will apply the Queenly Majesty buff effect to the Pokemon (not including UNITE moves).

Tsareena Stats & Evolutions

Tsareena Evolutions

1st Evolution 2nd Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 4)
(Lv. 6)

Tsareena Stats

Level HP Defense Special Defense Attack Damage
1 3100 80 65 152
2 3160 85 69 156
3 3232 90 73 161
4 3529 113 91 181
5 3633 121 97 188
6 4178 163 131 226
7 4328 174 140 236
8 4508 188 151 248
9 4724 204 164 263
10 4983 224 180 281
11 5294 248 199 302
12 5667 276 222 328
13 6115 310 250 359
14 6653 351 283 396
15 7298 400 323 440

Attack Damage is the damage of the Basic Attack as tested against the Training Dummy.

Tsareena In-Game Stat Listings

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
3.5 Stars.png 3 Stars.png 3 Stars.png 1.5 Stars.png 0.5 Stars.png

Tsareena Skins (Holowear)

TsareenaConcert StyleConcert Style
TsareenaFrontier StyleFrontier Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 1050

All Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

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