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Critical Hit.png
This is a guide on critical hits dealt by Pokemon attacks in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn what critical hits are, how to increase your Pokemon's Critical hit Rate, and more!

What are Critical Hits?

Critical Damage

Critical Hit Absol (2).gif
Critical Damage is the bonus damage that is added to your attack when you land a critical hit. When you land a critical hit, the damage dealt will be doubled.

Critical Damage Indicator

Critical Hit Indicator.png

Whenever you land a critical hit, the damage counter will increase in size and will have an additional Critical Hit Icon.png icon attached to it. Constantly seeing this happen means that your Pokemon is landing powerful critical hits!

Critical Hit Rate

Critical Hit Rate is the likelihood that a critical hit will land. The higher your Pokemon's Critical Hit Rate, the more you will constantly land critical hits.

How to Increase Criticial Hit Rate

Increase Critical Hit Chance
Check Equip Scope Lens
Check Increase your Pokemon's Level
Check Use Specific Moves

Equip Scope Lens

Item Effect
Scope Lens ImageScope Lens Critical Hit Rate +6%
Critical Hit Damage +12%
Increases damage dealt by basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon's Attack, the more the damage increases.

The Scope Lens is the only Held Item that increases you Critical Hit Rate and Damage during Matches. Equip this on a Pokemon with a high attack stat like Absol to take advantage of the bonus damage this item gives or fast attackers like Cinderace to constantly deal critical damage.

Scope Lens Effect and How to Get

Upgrade for Higher Critical Rate and Damage

Upgrade Scope Lens.png
Upgrading the Scope Lens will raise both Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage. The higher the item's level grade, the more effective it will be in allowing you to deal critical attacks. You can upgrade it by using Item Enhancers, which can be bought from the store.

How to Upgrade Items

Increase your Pokemon's Level

Score Goal.png
Increasing you Pokemon's level will also increase its critical rate and damage. Make sure to capture Wild Pokemon and score goals consistently to level up your Pokemon!

How to Level Up Fast

Use Specific Moves

Critical Hit Cinderace.png
Using certain Pokemon moves can give you an additional buff that increases your critical rate. Moves like Night Slash or Cross Chop not only deals damage to the opponent, but will also temporarily boost your Pokemon's critical rate for a short amount of time. Aditionally, Some Pokemon have Passive Abilities that can raise their Critical Hit Rate when they meet specific conditions.

Moves that Increase Critical Rate

Pokemon Move
Absol ImageAbsol
Machamp ImageMachamp
Cinderace ImageCinderace

Passive Abilities that Increase Critical Rate

Pokemon Passive Ability
Absol ImageAbsol
Passive Ability gives Absol high Critical Hit Rate.
Cinderace ImageCinderace
When the Pokemon is at half HP or less, its Critical Hit Rate and basic attack speed is increased.
Charizard ImageCharizard
When the Pokemon is at half HP or less, its Critical Hit Rate is increased.

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