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Pokemon UNITE - Standard Battle Guide and Rules

This guide will teach players about the basic rules and mechanics of the Standard Battle feature of the game. Read on to learn more on how to play Pokemon UNITE and understand the rules of the trade!

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Standard Basic Rules

5v5 Team Battle

Pokemon UNITE - Standard Battle Game Start Up

Unite Battles take place in Remoat Stadium. Matches consist of 2 teams with 5 players each. The game is won by the team who scores higher at the end of the match.

Team Positions and Color

Pokemon UNITE - Erbie Explains the Ally Area and Opponent Area
You and your allies will always be on the left side while your enemies will always be on the right side. Your team's Home Base and Goal Zones will be colored Purple while the enemies' Home Base and Goal Zones will be colored Orange.

Map Routes

Pokemon UNITE - Choosing a Lane Before the Game Starts
There are 3 routes to choose in Unite Battles - the Top Lane, Central Area, and the Bottom Lane. Each of the two lanes has 3 Goal Zones each. This is where most of the attacking and defending goals happen.

The Central Area, on the other hand, is akin to Jungle in other MOBA games. Here, there are no Goal Zones, but there are special Pokemon that you can defeat to gain useful buffs!

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Defeating Wild Pokemon for Exp
Defeating Wild Pokemon is the main way to get EXP and Aeos Energy. Doing this will let you learn new moves while accumulating points for you to score at enemy Goal Zones. Note that Wild Pokemon spawns are mirrored for each side of the map, except the Boss Pokemon that appear at a specific time.

Score Points to Win

Pokemon UNITE - Scoring a Goal after Zapdos

Button to Score X Button Switch(Hold or Press)

When you have collected some Aeos Energy, you need to go to the enemy's Goal Zone and deposit that Aeos Energy and score points.

The team that scores the most points at the end of the match (ten minutes for a standard match) will be the winner. In a draw, the team that reached the tied score first wins.

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Standard Battle Guide

Standing in Goal Zones Buffs Allies

Pokemon UNITE - Shielding Under the Goal

When players pass through allied Goal Zones, they gain a shield and will slowly regain health over time. This is a good mechanic to remember especially when in team fights.

Flux Zones Boost Movement Speed

Pokemon UNITE - Speed Boost from Walking in Allied Lanes

Flux Zones appear in areas of the lane between 2 active Goal Zones. Players passing through allied Flux Zones gain a movement speed bonus. On the other hand, players passing through an enemy's Flux Zone will give them a powerful movement speed debuff.

Destroy Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Goal Zone Limit

Goal Zone Limit
Front 80
Middle 100
Base No Limit

A Goal Zone will be destroyed when the number of points scored on it exceed the Goal Zone's point limit. The first set of Goal Zones will disappear after taking in 80 points, the second set of Goal Zones with 100 points, and the final Goal Zone near a team's base can take in an infinite number of points.

Double Points Scored for the Last 2 Minutes

Pokemon UNITE - Last 2 Minutes Huge Lead

When your game reaches the final 2 minutes of a match, all Aeos Energy deposited in this time is doubled. You can use this mechanic to catch up in case you are behind or to snowball further in the game.

Collect Dropped Aeos Energy

Pokemon UNITE - Collect Dropped Aeos energy

If a player gets taken out, the Aeos Energy they are carrying will be dropped on the ground and any other players can freely pick up the dropped Aeos Energy. Be sure to pick up any Aeos Energy dropped by your teammates so your opponents won't get them.

Defeat Boss Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Killing the Dreadnaw

There are 3 Boss Pokemon in Remoat Stadium which have their own unique effects when defeated. Rotom and Drednaw are the first to spawn at the 7-minute mark and Zapdos spawns during the final 2 minutes of the game.

These special Pokemon add depth and strategy to every match. Defeating them will be key in getting the upper hand on your opponents!

Objectives Guide: When to Target Bosses

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