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Scoring Guide: How and When to Score Goals

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Are you having trouble scoring goals? Don't understand the scoring mechanic? This guide explains how the scoring mechanic works in Pokemon UNITE and gives some tips on how to score efficiently.

Tutorial Video

This is a tutorial video on scoring points in Pokemon UNITE.

How to Score Goals

Hold or Press the X Button

Pokemon UNITE - What a Goal

Nintendo Switch X Button Switch(Hold or Press)
Mobile Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Energy Button.png (Hold or Press)

After collecting energy, head towards any of the enemy goal zones located at both top and bottom areas of the map. Only goal zones that are near allied zones can be taken. While scoring a goal, players can't move or attack until the goal has been scored or they are interrupted.

Change Scoring Controls for Preference

Pokemon UNITE - Scoring Setting

You can change the scoring control in the settings to your preferred method. However, we highly recommend setting it to Press Button, allowing you to press the button only once without the need to hold it down while scoring.

List of Settings and Best Settings to Use

Opponents Can Interrupt Scoring

Pokemon UNITE - Scoring Interrupt

When an opponent hits a player while scoring a goal, it interrupts them and stops their attempt, resetting their scoring gauge.

Successful Goals Grant the Invincible Status

Pokemon UNITE - Invincible Status After Scoring

Successfully scoring goals trigger a Pokemon's scoring animation. During this animation, the Pokemon receives the invincible status effect, becoming invulnerable to all damage. With proper timing, players can exploit this mechanic to avoid damage from moves and attacks.

Having Allies in Goal Zones Speeds Up Scoring

Pokemon UNITE - Scoring Gauge Speed Up

Scoring goals becomes faster when there are allies inside goal zones. The more allies there are, the faster the scoring gauge fills up. This mechanic is most effective when players have huge points like 30, 40, or 50 points and during the last minutes of the game.

Scoring Speed Per Ally Present
No. of Teammates Scoring Speed Increase
1 teammate 30%
2 teammates 35%
3 teammates 40%
4 teammates 60%

Subtle Indicator

Pokemon UNITE - Normal Scoring GaugeNormal Gauge
Pokemon UNITE - Sped Up Scoring GaugeBuffed Gauge
Pokemon UNITE - Ally Scoring Gauge Sped UpAlly Buffed Gauge

There is a subtle indicator found in the scoring gauge showing that it's sped up when there are allies inside the goal zone. In the Buffed Gauge, there are tiny arrow-like symbols around the gauge unlike in the Normal Gauge, indicating that it's sped up. Players can also see the same indicators when their allies are scoring.

Having Rayquaza's Shield Speeds Up Scoring

Pokemon UNITE - Faster Scoring with Rayquaza Buff.png

In the Theia Sky Ruins map, defeating Rayquaza grants the team shields that negates damage, protects the Pokemon from getting interrupted when scoring, and reduces the charge time by half.

Rayquaza Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

Goal Zone Limit

Pokemon UNITE - Goal Zone Limit

Goal Zone Limit
Front 80
Middle 100
Base Infinite

Goal Zones have a limit as to how many points they can take before they are destroyed. The first Goal Zones at the end of the lanes get destroyed after taking in 80 points, the second Goal Zones in the middle can take 100 points, and the final Goal Zone near a team's base can take an infinite number of points.

Excess Points Still Count

Note that the excess points you scored when destroying a Goal Zone will still be counted in the final tally. This means that even when you score 50 Aeos Energy at a Goal Zone that only needs 1 to be destroyed, the game will count the full 50 points!

Goal Zones Must be Destroyed in Order

Pokemon UNITE - Unavailable Goal Zones

The first Goal Zone in a lane must be destroyed first before you can score points at the second and last Goal Zone. This prevents teams from performing Backdoor plays.

Goal Zones you can score are highlighted with their respective color, while the ones that cannot be scored yet are greyed out on the minimap.

Maximum Number Aeos Energy Per Level

Level Max Aeos Energy
4-8 30
9-11 40
12-15 50

The maximum amount of Aeos Energy you can collect will depend on your Pokemon's current level. The higher your Pokemon's level, the more Aeos Energy you can collect.

Full Aeos Energy Indicator

Pokemon UNITE - Score Max Aeos Energy

When you reach the maximum number of points you can hold, the Aeos Energy Icon will glow. This tells you that you can no longer get additional Aeos Energy. You can either level up to increase its maximum or simply deposit it in the nearest enemy goal!

More Points Takes Longer

Pokemon UNITE - Scoring Time

Aeos Energy Score Time
10 1.5 Seconds
30 3 Seconds
50 6 Seconds

The more points the player is attempting to score with, the longer it will take to score a goal. Be careful when attempting to score a large number of points, as you're vulnerable to enemy attacks, and getting knocked down means losing a large number of accumulated points.

Points are Doubled During the Last Two Minutes

Scoring during the last two minutes of the game doubles the amount of points players have, increasing the maximum number of possible points scored to 100.

When to Score Goals

No Enemies Present

Pokemon UNITE - Zeraora Looking to Score a Goal While No Enemies Present

It is best to score points when all enemies in the area are either eliminated or at another area. Getting attacked by the enemy team while attempting to score a goal cancels it, and you may lose some Aeos Energy when you get knocked down. Always be mindful of the enemy Pokemon movement on the map.

When the Team is Pushing

Pokemon UNITE - Bottom Lane Pushing to Score a Goal

When going for goal zones, communicate with the team and plan a strategy. This is crucial, especially when going solo. Players never want to be in a position where the team is fighting the enemy on one side of the map while one player is soloing Goal Zones far from the team. This often leads to frustration and can cause the team to lose the game.

When Stacking Items

Aeos CookieAeos Cookie Attack WeightAttack Weight Sp. Atk. SpecsSp. Atk. Specs

If you have stackable items like Attack Weight or Sp. Atk. Specs equipped, you need to score goals to gain the item's full benefit. It's best to fully stack the item as early as you can, so you can have some advantage over your enemy. The best way to achieve this is by scoring small points consecutively in the early game, preferably 1 to 5 points since you can score fast enough without getting interrupted by attacks.

When Boss Pokemon are Defeated

How to Win - Defeat Rotom to Pressure Lane

Boss Pokemon like Rotom, Zapdos, and Regieleki will give you and your teammates additional Aeos Energy when they are defeated. They will also charge up enemy Goal Zones, allowing your team to score goals without waiting for the score meter to go full.

You do need to be careful when fighting boss Pokemon, it requires teamwork and proper coordination. They may be tough to beat, but the rewards they give when defeated can give your team an edge in battle!

Objectives Guide: When to Target Bosses

When You have Rayquaza's Shield

In the Theia Sky Ruins map, defeating Rayquaza grants the team shields that negates damage, protects the Pokemon from getting interrupted when scoring, and reduces the charge time by half. If you have the shield, it's best to try to score goals since it makes scoring a lot easier. Moreover, keep scoring points as long as you have the shield to maximize it and to have a higher chance of a score advantage when the game ends.

Rayquaza Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

Items Which Affect Scoring

Certain items can be used to help make scoring more efficient, allowing players to score goals more safely. Consider these items if you want to score goals with fewer interruptions.

Held Items

Score Shield

Item Effect
Score Shield.pngScore Shield While the Pokemon is attempting to score a goal, it is granted a shield equal to (5/7.5/10)% of its max HP and its goals cannot be interrupted while it is shielded.

The Score Shield is a Held Item that protects a player who is in the middle of scoring a goal. This will also allow them to score goals without being interrupted, making it possible to score even while enemies are attempting to disrupt.

Aeos Cookie

Item Effect
Aeos Cookie.pngAeos Cookie When the Pokemon scores a goal, its max HP increases by (100/150/200).

Aeos Cookie is another Held Item that is ideal for scoring. Though it doesn't enhance your scoring capabilities, it incentivizes players by increasing their maximum HP every time they score goals!

Attack Weight

Item Effect
Attack Weight.pngAttack Weight When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Attack increases by (6/9/12).

Attack Weight is a Held Item much like Aeos Cookie in that it does not affect a Pokemon's scoring capabilities. However, it does incentivize scoring by increasing a Pokemon's attack damage.

Sp. Atk. Specs

Item Effect
Sp. Atk. Specs.pngSp. Atk. Specs When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Sp. Attack increases by (8/12/16).

The Sp. Atk. Specs is a Battle Item that can give you additional benefits when scoring. Like, the Aeos Cookie, this item raises your Pokemon's Sp. Attack every time you score a goal.

Want to learn more about the difference between Attack and Special Attack? Check out our guide!

Attack Vs. Special Attack

Battle Items


Item Effect
Goal-Getter.pngGoal-Getter Boosts your goal scoring speed by 2 for a short period of time.

The Goal-Getter is a Battle Item which significantly increases the speed of scoring. This allows the player to score large goals fast but has the drawback of a long 120s cooldown.

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