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This is a guide on how to score and the best times to score goals in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to see tips and tricks on how to efficiently score points for your team!

How to Score

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After collecting Aeos Energy, head towards any of the enemy goal zones located at both top and bottom areas of the map. Only goal zones that are near allied zones can be taken. Once there, press and hold X until the goal is scored. While scoring a goal, players can't move or attack until the goal has been scored or they are interrupted.

Opponents Can Interrupt Scoring

When an opponent hits a player in the middle of scoring a goal, they will be interrupted and have to start the attempt from the beginning while also taking damage. Take care that no enemies are around when attempting to score a goal.

More Points Takes Longer

The more points the player is attempting to score with, the longer it will take to score a goal. Be careful when attempting to score a large number of points, as you're vulnerable to enemy attacks, and a KO means losing a large number of accumulated points.

When to Score Goals

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Follow these tips below for the most effective strategy for scoring goals.

Be Sneaky

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Only go for goal zone that have no enemy Pokemon nearby. Getting attacked by the enemy team while attempting to score a goal cancels it. Always be mindful of enemy Pokemon movement in the map.

Communicate With Teammates

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When going for goal zones, communicate with the team and plan a strategy. This is crucial especially when going solo. Players never want to be in a position where the team is fighting the enemy on one side of the map while one player is soloing goal zones far from the team. This often leads to frustration, and can cause the team to lose the game.

Defeat Rotom

Best Goal Timing Defeating Zapdos.png
Rotom is a wild Pokemon that spawns at the tip of the top lane. Defeating Rotom causes it to head towards an enemy goal zone to aid the allied team in taking the goal. Rotom enables the team to take goals faster than normal.

Rotom: How to Beat and Rewards

Defeat Zapdos

Best Goal Timing Defeating Zapdos.png
Zapdos is a legendary Pokemon that shows up once in every map. Defeating it gives +20 points to the team that defeats it. It also makes capturing goal zones faster for the first deposit. Zapdos is not an easy Pokemon to beat, so make sure that the whole team is involved.
Zapdos Guide

Items Which Affect Scoring

Certain Items can be used to help make scoring more efficient, allowing players to score goals more safely. Consider these items if you want to score goals with less interruptions.

Score Shield

Item Effect
Score Shield.pngScore Shield Receive a shield worth (5/7.5/10)% of your max HP when scoring a goal. When scoring goals you will be uninterruptable.

The Score Shield is a Held Item which protect a player who is in the middle of scoring a goal. This will also allow them to score goals without being interrupted, making it possible to score even while enemies are attempting to disrupt.


Item Effect
Goal-Getter.pngGoal-Getter Boosts your goal scoring speed by 2 for a short period of time.

The Goal-Getter is a Battle Item which significantly increases the speed of scoring. This allows the player to score large goals fast, but has the drawback of a long 120s cooldown.

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